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Orksvent Day 23 - Da Grim Foe of Xorn IV

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Da Grim Foe of Xorn IV

Battlefield Role: Lord of War

Points: 5000

Unit type: Vehicle (Superheavy Walker)

Strength D, Weapon Skill 4, Ballistic Skill 2, Initiative 2, Attacks 2

AV: 14/13/12    

HP: 50

Transport Capacity: 300.  When Da Grim Foe is destroyed, all units riding inside are completely annihilated by the explosion.  Any rules which would allow these units to return to play are ignored.

Special Rules:

Way Too Red: Da Grim Foe moves an additional 1". Before you move, roll a die. On a 1, the Grim Foe lurches forward 24", crushing friend and foe alike.

Terrain: Da Grim Foe counts as terrain for the purposes of model placement. Any models placed on the arms can be instantly destroyed by Da Grim Foe if the controlling player chooses to forego shooting either of the Hurricane Battle Cannons.  When Da Grim Foe is destroyed, all units riding aboard are completely annihilated by the explosion.  Any rules which would allow these units to return to play are ignored.

Wrecking Ball: Da Grim Foe destroys any terrain it trods upon, replacing it with craters. Da Grim Foe does not make difficult or dangerous terrain tests.

Unhindered by Sympathy: Da Grim Foe may move over friendly or enemy models. Each unit moved over takes 2d6 str 10 ap 1 hits allocated by the controlling player. Any surviving models are displaced around Da Grim Foe's feet.

Giga Force Field: Da Grim Foe boasts 10 Void Shields. Whenever one of these Void Shields is damaged, roll a die; on a 4+, it cannot be recharged. When a Void shield recharges, roll a die; on a 4+ a random nearby unit is automatically hit with a Zzapgun shot as the Giga Force Field dissipates excess energy.

Vehicle Transport: May carry vehicles at a rate of 1 Battlewagon per 30 Boyz, 1 Looted Wagon or Deff Dread per 20 Boyz, 1 Trukk per 15 boyz, 1 killa kan per 5 boyz, and 1 Buggy per 5 boyz. Of course, troops may also be loaded on vehicles with transport capacity. Da Grim Foe may also transport Bikes and Jetbikes. Only 1 vehicle or vehicle skwadron may disembark from each of the front boarding ramps per turn. Otherwise, infantry squads may disembark from any point on Da Grim Foe's hull, even on the top or the head.

Flight Deck: Da Grim Foe has a flight deck and may hold up to four regular Ork flyers. Only one flyer may be launched per turn from the front door of the flight deck. Alternatively, Da Grim Foe's flight deck may be home to 5 jetbikes per flyer and may launch only one skwadron per turn. Whenever you launch a flyer, roll a dice. On a 1, the pilot of the flyer gets overeager and launches too soon; it clips the hangar door taking d3 hull points of damage. If it is destroyed, it scatters 10d6" and explodes as if it suffered a Crash and Burn result.

Burns Ammo Fast: Some weapons on Da Grim Foe eat ammo very quickly and have a limited use on the battlefield.

Da Unflinchin Gaze of Mork:  When Da Grim Foe is destroyed, the head detaches and becomes a Superheavy Flyer with 6 Hull Points, the same stats and Armor Value as Da Grim Foe, and the Gaze of Mork.   It enters play Zooming above the remains of Da Grim Foe.


2x Supa Kannon: Imperial Armor 8.

2x Kustom Mega Kannons: Codex: Orks

The Gaze of Mork: Codex: Orks

Twin-Linked Deffshootas: These huge and quite numerous rapid-fire weapons are mounted in the arms of Da Grim Foe and take up the majority of those limbs.  They have the following profile: Str 8 AP 4 Heavy 20 Twin-linked, or the following profile Str 5 AP 4 Heavy 5 Large Blast Twin Linked.  Every time the Twin-Linked Deffshootas fire, put an ammo token on Da Grim Foe.  For each Ammo Token Da Grim Foe has on it, this weapon fires 1 less shot (to a minimum of 5).

Cloud of Dakka: Da Grim Foe is festooned with an array of rokkits and shootaz of all variety. Instead of attempting to sort out what this means, specifically, this is represented by a general burst of firepower. Each facing of Da Grim Foe is considered to have a weapon with the following profile: Range 36", Str 6, AP 5, Heavy 30+5d6. After rolling the number of shots, you are free to split the shots across as many targets as you desire.  Every time the Cloud of Dakka fires, put an ammo token on Da Grim Foe.   For each Ammo Token Da Grim Foe has on it, this weapon fires 1 less shot (to a minimum of 5d6).

Aporkalypse Kannon: The lower-front of Da Grim Foe mounts a colossal pair of cannon with the following profile: Range 120", Str D, AP 1, Apocalyptic Blast 1, Ordnance, Barrage, Twin-Linked, Ignores Cover. When the Aporkalypse Kannon is fired, move the Grim Foe back 6", destroying any terrain or other unit it comes in contact with. Any unit riding on top of Da Grim Foe when the Aporkalypse Kannon fires acts as if Shaken on their next shooting phase even if the unit is immune to shaken results or can negate them. Every time the Aporkalypse Kannon fires, put an ammo token on Da Grim Foe.   After the Aporkalypse Kannon fires, roll 2 dice.  If the sum of both dice is equal to or less than the number of Ammo Tokens on Da Grim Foe, then the Aporkalypse Kannon is out of ammo and cannot fired for the rest of the game. This cannot be repaired.

Note:   These rules are experimental. Please report any possible issues including abusive applications to adam.fasoldt@gmail.com.  This is a work for the purpose of fan enjoyment and is not intended to make money or to infringe on Games Workshop’s copyrights.  All symbology and terminology is Copyright Games Workshop LLC.  This has been created with Games Workshop’s fair use policy (available on their website) in mind.

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