Monday, December 2, 2013

Early Thoughts for Adepticon 2014

I've signed up for both the singles and the team event for Adepticon 2014.  Of course, I owe it to my Orks to bring them and play them in all of my events.

Grand Tournament

This will be an 1850 list with no Forge World allowed. I'm going to try and bring nice-looking models, but I'm not going to let that completely stand in the way of bringing a competitive list.  In fact, I'm going to try and come up with a competitive list ahead of time and then spruce up whichever models would be involved in said list.

For December and January, I'll be bringing various random lists to my weekly games and bi-monthly tournaments.  I'm going to try out some units which I've been neglecting and combinations I haven't tried before.  I like doing this.  It creates softer lists, yet lets me test out specific selections from the Codex.  My choices for the GT will also be heavily dependent on what happens with the Tyranids.  If that Codex suddenly makes the Douchestars and other Psyker-heavy lists cry bitter tears, then I'll have a much bigger selection of units to choose from since I won't have to specialize to try and withstand that nonsense.

At any rate, the actual makeup of this list is going to be highly questionable at this point.  I can say that my goal will be to place higher in the Overall than I did last year (33rd place with a 37 in Appearance and a Battle Record of 20).  I need to make sure I step up my game with the paint on my models, making sure the blending is more seamless than it was last year.  I also need to keep an eye on my secondary objectives, scoring what I can even if I do lose my games.

Fun Day

For Boota Town and my battle with Carl, I'm going to put together a 1500 point list.  I think I'll bring a list similar to the one I brought to Da Boyz GT with all of my coolest models including the new Sistas of Battle and Da Yeller Klaw.  If I can get some Flash Gits painted up using the Goff Rockers models to put inside the Electrork Mayhem, more's the better.

Team Tournament

For the Team Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, I need a 1000 point list with Forge World allowed.   I'm not sure what Ciaran has planned for the Team Tournament, but he's said something like, our theme is to have fun, so I'm probably going to try and bring a mixture of what I bring to the GT and the Fun Day.  I want to be effective, yet also add in some wackiness, so time will really tell what happens here.  I may just bring the Forge World biker Warboss who swings his Power Klaw at initiative and brings Warbikers as troops, then bring in a few of my Nob Boar-Riders.  They aren't amazingly resilient for 28-point and 70-point models respectively on average, but they are super fun and can both shoot and assault like crazy.


At any rate, the main goal is to have as much fun as possible and the way things are going, I'll really have to screw things up in order to not meet it.

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