Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Final Ork Unit for 2013

I lied when I said there would be no more Orks painted in 2013.  I've been kicking the can of an idea around for a while.

My next army is going to be Sisters of Battle.  I have a lot of models ready to go for 2014.  Here's the collection so far...

That's a lot of ladies with Bolters and Immolators.  There are, in fact twelve Immolators.  One of them is a complete disaster area and completely unsalvageable for a nice-looking Adepta Sororitas army.  How is that relevant to this discussion?  I'm sure you can guess, but more on that later.

Now, the impetus for this army is many-fold. I love bolters. I love the Sisters' aesthetic.  I even like how the Mech MSU of Sisters plays because of its nuances and how it ties in a lot of calculated sacrificial gambits.  It's really interesting.

However, the army is expensive and really a pain to paint, so I've been looking for a scapegoat.  I found one in Pez from the Independent Characters forums.  He has a gorgeous Sisters of Battle army for the Hobby Progress Challenge.

Models by Pez, not me...

Model by Pez, not me...

Models by Pez, not me...

It is a gorgeous army that I have been absolutely floored by at every step of the way.  For this reason, I have blamed Pez for my upcoming Adepta Sororitas project.  He is a poop head for getting me wanting to collect, build, and paint such a high-difficulty army.  Pez, you are a poop! Like from a butt!

When I made these claims on the internets, a poster insinuated that I was probably just going to loot the Immolators anyways and fill them with Orks painted in drag.

Challenge accepted.

Mad Doc has gotten a little sick of Sisters of Battle with their Melta and Flamers which are just bad news for Orks, so he has ordered a crack squad of Kommandos to infiltrate the Sisters' inner circles and take care of business!

Not terrible for 9 hours of konversions and painting.  Pretty pleased.

I really love the Looted Immolator's Skorcha.  It is a Flamestorm Cannon with a piece of a Stormraven landing gear glued to the tip.  It's pretty rad.

Sista Bea Arrthur... seems legit!

I hope y'all like these guys.  They were a really quick job I threw together all day today and had great fun doing them.  I'm really glad I was able to sneak in this last Ork unit before I spend the next month or so on commissions.

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