Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cyboar-Riding Nobz

What little time Mad Doc Drillteef doesn't spend krumpin or counting his teef horde, he spends experimenting with bioniks.  There have been many failed experiments with the myriad species which skitter, gallop, slither, and soar about Ultima Segmentum.  The only species hardy enough for his efforts to succeed besides Orkoids themselves have been the common Terran Boar.  The Boar is second only to the Norway Rat in its invasiveness throughout the galaxy and it has survived millennia among humans and their conquerors alike.  Drillteef's Brainboyz have raised some rather big and nasty varieties which the Doc enhances with some rather crude, yet effective Bioniks.  He only awards his most trusted Nobz with these creations, of course.

I bought the models and bitz for this unit at Adepticon 2011.  I was really excited about building them and the first time they took to the field, the unit lost zero actual models, but was swept off the board by Death Company. I haven't used them since.  However, I really wanted to paint them up.  I really like the models and they were a lot of effort to build, so they deserved it.  I may utilize them in small units or as Nobz for my Warbiker mobs.

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