Thursday, October 9, 2014

Da Boyz GT 2014 - Horde or Bikes?

Da Boyz GT is an annual GT in Western-Central New York in November.  I attended for the first time last year and was easily sold on attending again this year.


I am not too put off by the format as it just creates yet another different way to play the game.  It doesn't help to kvetch about stuff you don't like; it's best to sit back and enjoy the various and sundry ways we can play this intricate game.  Top players still attend Da Boyz as, even with comp, it is a pretty competitive event.  One might argue that comp adds rather than detracts from the competitiveness of the event because it creates more of a challenge to the top players and allows some of the players with less powerful Codices to bring more of a challenge to those top players.


  • Troops are unrestricted so long as you don't take the same kind of unit as a non-troop
  • Dedicated Transports are 0-3 as long as you don't take the same kind of unit as a non-dedicated transport.
  • All other units are 0-2.
  • Named Characters may only be in the Primary Detachment.
  • No Lords of War
  • Various Fortifications allowed, but not the Void Shield Generator
  • One 40k-approved Forge World unit is allowed
  • No more than 3 flyers/flying monstrous creatures

The comp is not terribly painful as it is a bit looser than Highlander.  It is much more forgiving than last year, actually, because the units taken "as Troops" restrictions have been loosened.  This allows you to take cool, themed lists which is nice.

Force Organization Restrictions:

  • Battleforged only
  • Maximum 1 Combined Arms and 1 Allied detachment allowed per army
  • Maximum 2 sources
  • Allies must come from a different faction
  • No "Come the Apocalypse"
  • Dataslates and Formations allowed

The force organization restrictions are a little on the heavy side, particularly when paired with a Comp system, but it isn't insurmountable.  I am not sure if the "Maximum 1 Combined Arms and 1 Allied Detachment allowed" stipulation means that you may not take alternative, codex-specific Detachments.  I am running under the assumption that you may not.

List Quandary

Which list should I take?  I'm genuinely not sure which list will be the most fun to play.  I'm running with two lists in my head; one with a huge number of models and another which is more specialized.

Green Tide

This list is extremely labor-intensive and can be quite powerful as long as I remember everything properly.

1850 Pts – Codex: Orks Roster – Da Boyz 007
“Hands Tide”

Combined Arms Detachment (49#, 860 pts)

  • 1 Big Mek, 74 pts (‘Eavy Armour; Da Finkin’ Kap; Power Klaw; Shoota; Warlord)
  • 1 Painboy, 55 pts (Bosspole)
  • 10 Gretchin, 40 pts
    • 1 Runtherd (Squig Hound x1)
  • 10 Gretchin, 40 pts
    • 1 Runtherd (Squig Hound x1)
  • Meganobz, 240 pts
    • 1 Boss Meganob (Bosspole)
    • 4 Meganobz
    • 1 Trukk (Rokkit Launcha; Reinforced Ram)
  • Meganobz, 200 pts
    • 1 Boss Meganob (Bosspole)
    • 3 Meganobz
    • 1 Trukk (Rokkit Launcha; Reinforced Ram)
  • 11 Tankbustas, 211 pts
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole)
    • 1 Trukk (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram)

Formation: Green Tide (102#, 989 pts)

  • 67 Boyz (Slugga)
  • 27 Boyz (‘Eavy Armour; Slugga)
  • 2 Boss Nob
  • 1 Boss Nob (Power Klaw; Shoota)
  • 3 Boss Nob (‘Eavy Armour; Power Klaw; Shoota)
  • 1 Warboss (‘Eavy Armour; Power Klaw; Shoota; Big Bosspole)

The Painboy gives the Green Tide Feel No Pain which is pretty incredible.  It is important to make sure he is protected by bodies and also isolated to protect him from barrage.  He must have a lot of empty space around him with one boy attaching him to the horde.  Placing him on a board edge is a good spot for him.

The Meganobz either zoom forward and kill prime targets, or, if the enemy is fast, they stay in reserve to harry enemies coming into my backfield.  They also as kind of a high-speed honor guard to the Tankbustas.  This group of Trukks will seek and destroy any high-profile vehicle or monstrous creature threat as soon as possible.

The Tide itself acts as a massive hammer unit, multi-assaulting as much as possible with Klaws spread out enough to focus on vehicle threats.  'Eavy armor boyz are sprinkled throughout the unit of 100, creating roadblocks of wound allocation where 4+/5+ has a great chance of stopping small arms fire and barrage.

The main trick of the list that makes it work is the Big Mek with the Lukky Stikk.  He has four chances on the Strategic Warlord Traits table to score Master of Ambush.  This allows me to Infiltrate with the Green Tide which is phenomenal and, I believe, better than extra WAAGH!s provided by the formation.

The cons to this list are that it will be exhausting to play and that I will have to ask my opponents to help me move models.  Most people at tournaments have been cool people and I don't think they will mind.

Warbike Gang

This would be a much smaller and faster army made up of a fun "who's who" of the Orks Fast Attack section.

1850 Pts - Codex: Orks Roster - Da Boyz 006
"Vrunzogga's Smog Belchas"

Combined Arms Detachment (76#, 1850 pts)

  • Warboss Zhadsnark Da Rippa (IA), 150 pts (Warlord)
  • Painboy, 85 pts (Grot Orderly; Bosspole; Warbike)
  • 11 Warbikers, 256 pts
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)
  • 11 Warbikers, 256 pts
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)
  • 11 Warbikers, 231 pts
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole)
  • Nobz, 350 pts (Warbike; Waaagh! Banner)
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole; Warbike; Power Klaw)
    • 1 Nobz (Warbike; Power Klaw)
    • 3 Nobz (Warbike)
    • 1 Nobz (Warbike; Big Choppa)
  • 9 Tankbustas, 180 pts
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole)
    • 1 Trukk (Rokkit Launcha; Reinforced Ram)
  • 3x Warbuggies, 75 pts (Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha x3)
  • 3x Warbuggies, 75 pts (Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha x3)
  • 2 Deffkoptas, 60 pts (Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha x2)
  • 1 Looted Wagon, 92 pts (Killkannon; Rokkit Launcha x1; Reinforced Ram; 'Ard Case)
  • 10 Gretchin, 40 pts
    • 1 Runtherd (Squig Hound x1)

It will strike quickly and strike hard, however, it will fall very fast to heavy fire from Tau and Eldar, even with the comp restrictions.  However, with several minor and two major painting adjustments, I think this one will be the most visually striking.  If I can manage to get an Orky biker bar modeled up, it might even win an award of some kind.

I mean, let's be honest... this list is pretty freakin rad.

I haven't yet gotten word back from Da Boyz whether or not Zhadsnark Da Ripper will be an allowed unit.  If not, I guess the choice is easy.

What do y'all think?  I'm a little torn on this one!

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  1. I like the bike list. I'm not really a fan of the Killkannon on the looted wagon. A large blast is nice, but with only 24' range and BS 2 I would rather just go with 3x Rokkitz, Reinforced ram, 'Ard case. That saves you 20 points that can upgrade the rest of the Nobz fo Big Choppas.