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Morker Repaints

Throughout 2021, I've been really stepping up the repaint work on the Morker side of my army. My Orks army has been a weird mix of colors that I originally did for unit designation, however the army didn't look very cohesive on the battlefield. There are better ways to do unit designation while maintaining a nice scheme, so I decided to make this big push to get everything repainted in a cohesive scheme and to my current skill level.

Since most of the models already had yellow as one of their colors, the steps usually included:

  • Re-color the red or orange as blue
  • Add 2 highlights to the yellow
  • Add 1 highlight to the green skin
  • Reikland Flesh Shade on models that had originally been washed with a bad mix of craft paints
  • Replace old basing style with new
  • Re-ring the bases
  • Clear coat

I usually run these models as Deathskulls since my army's warlord uses Mad Doc Grotsnick's rules for Dok Drillteef. Also, the theme of the Deathskulls make sense for the lore of the army.

I don't have a full army shot as of yet. I'll do that later this year, perhaps around the winter holidays. I still need to run repaints on the Gorker side of the army.


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