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On the Verge of Da Boyz GT 2013

Next week is Da Boyz GT.  This is the first time I've attended the event, so I'm not really sure what to expect from it.  What I want from it is a lot of really fun games and to meet a bunch of cool people.  I'm sure I'll get that, so it's really already a win for me.  I want a good challenge, too, as usual.  I think this will be a huge challenge for me as the comp system really narrows the field of competitive netlists to a few nasty ones which I think will be made all the tougher with the WAAGH! I've put together.

I'm also looking forward to playing with the folks who regularly use this system to play their games.  I think these players are going to be very good at the game and able to worm themselves out of the situations in which I put them.  I really do think it's going to be a very tough weekend and I'm really looking forward to it.

So, the list I'm bringing is almost as eclectic as I can get while still being competitive.  I didn't go one hundred percent with Dawson's advice because there are some models that I just wanted to see on the table.  I thought that Da Boyz' comp system gave me a great opportunity to bring out some models I've not really brought into my games in quite some time.  I did, however, maintain some of the themes he'd touched upon and does answer some of the issues I was having in my comped lists to date.

The idea is to bring some of my prettiest models to the tournament while remaining at least somewhat competitive.  I have submitted the army already, so there's no going back.  If anyone has any feedback on strategy, please feel free to comment.

WAAGH! Drillteef - Da Boyz GT 2013 - 1850

Mad Doc Drillteef, D.D.S., 160 pts (Warlord)

I have to bring Mad Doc.  I'm never going to attend a tournament without him.  Also, he's always going to be my Warlord, even if there's a much more sturdy and reliable Mega-Armored Warboss in the WAAGH!   It's just how it's gotta be.  

10 'Ard Boyz, 180 pts
   Leonard - Ard Boyz Nob (Power Klaw)
   1 Trukk

For a while, I was putting Mad Doc in with Meganobz, making them fearless.  This was a cool hammer unit and all, but whenever I would be inevitably hit by a Monstrous Creature, they would challenge out Mad Doc and kill all of the Meganobz.  Then, recently, I started putting him in a battlewagon with 'Ard Boyz.  This was a really nasty unit which could take a lot of punishment.  It had the advantage of having two characters with Power Klaws in the unit which gave me something of a chance against Monstrous Creatures. The thing is, it was really quite a lot of points sticking 19 'Ard Boyz and Mad Doc into a Battlewagon and hoping they didn't get kited around the board.  Putting them in a Trukk made a whole lot more sense.  Additionally, in situations where I go second, I can put them in reserve and then zoom them on, pointing them in whatever direction I please.

Big Chef Grubzog - Big Mek, 40 pts (Bosspole)

Doc's 'Ardcases - 3 Meganobz, 170 pts (Cybork Body)
   1 Trukk

This headhunting unit has been a great way to field Meganobz.  They get the shooting attention they so richly deserve or they are ignored to the detriment of my opponents.  Adding the Big Mek with a Bosspole really helps to deaden some of the leadership issues this unit has, particularly in regards to pinning checks when their Trukk gets krumped.  The longer it stays on the board, the more threat they pull, which is very important to my Battlewagons.

Da Brute Squad - 19 Boyz, 160 pts
    Kaptin Kroolsnik - Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

The Fat Pig - Battlewagon
, 110 pts (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Stikkbomb Chukka; Big Shoota x1)

Da Brute Squad is a full unit of 20 Choppa/Slugga Boyz inside a battlewagon.  These guys are really great models to bring to the tournament because they've all got the coolest close-combat weapons that I could reasonably find for Orks.  The unit has lots of chains and maces and other crazy, brutal nonsense.  I know some folks swear by Shoota Boyz, but sometimes you absolutely need to overkill something in assault.  The stikkbomm Chucka on the Fat Pig has actually saved my bacon on many occasions against the likes of Necrons and Tau, so it's not a bad 5 point upgrade.

19 Boyz, 145 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x1)
   Sarge Gitbonka - Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Big Shoota)

Orktimus Prime - Battlewagon, 105 pts (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Big Shoota x1)

20 Shoota Boyz in a Battlewagon is a great method for deleting other hordes.  It's easy to maneuver the battlewagon around and focus-fire upon large groups of models to negate their cover saves.  It's also great for keeping one Battlewagon out of arm's reach of Melta and facing the enemy with the front armor. Having said that, these Boyz usually end up in assault as well.

Da Yeller Klaw - Deff Dread, 105 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Dreadnought CCW x2)

I know that Da Yeller Klaw will be dead in turn 1 of most games. Better him than a Battlewagon.  Against most gunline lists, I'll hide him behind the Bastion for a 3+ cover save and just hope to be able to use him for counter-assault.  I made him a troop to avoid him being a kill point in Big Guns Never Tire.

Da Skyhamma Boyz - Stormboyz, 145 pts
   Shazzo Blitzklawz (Boss Zagstruk)

This unit is a lot better than people give it credit for.  I can drop him in, point the boyz at whatever Interceptor remains in my opponent's army, then assault something to death.  Great for either popping something early in the game or clearing off a weakened backfield unit in turn 4.  They will also be a great, hideable scoring unit in The Scouring.

Da Rokkit Ship - Dakkajet, 130 pts (TL Supa Shoota x3; Flyboss)

Da Red Barork - Dakkajet, 130 pts (TL Supa Shoota x3; Flyboss)

What can I say about Dakkajets that hasn't already been said before.  They are amazing.  A true equalizer for the Orks. I just have to try and take out some of the enemy's Interceptor units on turn 1.  This is quite a tall order for Orks against Tau, but to be honest, against Tau, I'll just fly the damn things right up to their biggest clump of Troops and dare them to blow it up.

WAAGH! Tower - Imperial Bastion, 125 pts (Emplaced Heavy Bolters x4)
   1 Gun Emplacement (Quad-gun)

The Big Dakka Boyz - 6 Lootas, 105 pts
   1 Mekboy

The bastion is basically my replacement for a Battlewagon where I'd normally put my Lootaz.  By putting 6 Lootaz inside and giving it a quadgun, one might argue that it's even better than a Battlewagon considering it's AV14 all around and not a kill point.

Da Lucky Gits - Gretchin, 40 pts
   Zorn Da Kunnin - Runtherd

Of course there's 10 Gretchin.  Who else would man the Quadgun, but the WAAGH!'s crack gunners? On turn 5, they climb in and out of the Bastion and camp the objective I've placed behind the Bastion.

I have a lot of possible bad match-ups, but I think that my skill will allow me to ride the surfboard of mid-table obscurity throughout the tournament.  In particular, if I don't go first Tau and Eldar are just going to burn my list to the ground.  I think my realistic goal is to win half of my games and to enjoy all of them.  I don't think this is out of the question.

Remaining To Do:
  • Paint and glue some mushrooms which a buddy gave me to my bases and my display board,
  • Patch up flock on bases and display board,
  • Add some more wreckage to the bases of my newer models,
  • Clear coat the Stormboyz,
  • Put together an army hand-out for my army,
  • Print and bind copies of my hand-out,
  • Brainstorm additional theme ideas for my army,
  • Buy supplies (additional glue, magnets, deodorant).
  • Magnetize the bases of newer models and more heavily magnetize the bases of some already magnetized.

I'm sure I'll post again before I leave, but wish me luck anyways. 


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