Friday, July 1, 2016

WAAGH! Krakbone Emerges From the Ashes of Drillteef's Empire

Although Doc Drillteef was initially successful at securing a beach-head in the Pakeshi Sector, the numbers of his WAAGH! had diminished greatly and his power base died with a whimper. Several large Orks rose up and slaughtered many of the Oddboyz who had gained too much power for Orks their size in the Drillteef heirarchy. Finally, the biggest of them all, Boss Krakbone took a big gamble and made a play for the mighty Drillteef himself.

Witnessed by hundreds of Orks, Krakbone charged Doc Drillteef with a mighty roar, brought up his shoota, and fired a single shot. The bullet miraculously found its mark right between Drillteef's eyes. The warlord was on his back in a cloud of dust before Krakbone could swing a single blow with his Power Klaw.

The crowd of assembled Orks cheered while Krakbone raised his arms in triumph and the Doc's corpse was carried away by his swarm of orderlies. After this event, Krakbone immediately siezed control of the WAAGH!'s holdings, including Drillteef's massive hoard of teef and gold. From that day hence, Krakbone was called Big Boss Dicerolla Krakbone for his unbelievable luck and risk-taking. His followers began painting their armor blue and yellow to reflect the Boss's incredible wealth and good luck.

Big Mek Rustbolt is Da Dicerolla's close confidant. Rustbolt never liked Doc Drillteef's uplifting of the Oddboy class regardless of his own status. It was simply abhorrent to him that the natural order of things had been disrupted by the Doc's strange philosophies. Rustbolt still holds a grudge with Big Mek Skar'ead and has vowed to atomize his old adversary if they ever meet on the field of battle.

Sarge Irongutz leads a band of Nobz who supported Krakbone during his rise to power. For their loyalty, they have been gifted with enough teef to equip themselves with mighty suits of Mega Armour.

Big Mek Rustbolt is an expert at re-purposing technology for the benefit of his commander. He has built a massive defense network throughout the world of Ghorrok; it is multi-layered, dangerous, and highly resistant to focused fire. He accomplishes this by employing massive numbers of Gretchin who are capable of performing a number of tasks, thus leaving him free delegate the minutiae of the world's daily routine and manage the greater whole himself.

Rightennant Leddakka's krew also supported Krakbone's rise to power. Unlike Irongutz' boyz, Leddakka and his contemporaries spent their teef on shootier shootas and a Battlewagon. They are a terror in the scrapfields of Ghorrok, driving around with wild abandon and daring anyork to give them a reason the mash the triggers on their Snazzguns.

Kommissar Nela Holt may be masquerading as a proper Commissar (having found the uniform in an abandoned tank) but she has proven that she does have the leadership skills to pull the remaining Human population of Ghorrok into a cohesive group. The Diggaz have been able to survive thanks to their usefulness to the Ork Oddboyz. They have proven to be even more resourceful scrap hunters than the Gretchin and have been able to hold their own in the turf wars against all kinds of greenskin clans. This is due in no small part to Kommissar Holt's quick thinking and wisdom.


  1. Man... This Ork army is just oozing story and character! Have to check your blog in detail. Thanks for the inspiration — as I'm following a similar direction with my greenskins.