Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WAAGH! Tuska Complete (for Now)

Unfettered by any commitment to those who brought him into the Materium, the Ork Bloodthirster, Tuska of the Everlasting WAAGH! has begun his rampage across the cosmos. He has set his sights on territories beyond the Pakeshi Sector, towards the embattled worlds on the Spinward Front of the Eye of terror.

~ * ~

This army is complete for the time being. It was a lot of fun painting these 3500 or so points of daemonic pigs and Orks. I also had an amazing time showing them off at H.A.T.E. Club, The Overlords Club, and Warhammer World in the UK this past April. Thanks to all of those who made me feel welcome!

Tuska at H.A.T.E.

Tuska at The Overlords

Tuska at Warhammer World

Additional Shots

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