Sunday, May 8, 2016

Shazzo Blitzklawz Adds a Few Ladz

Shazzo Blitzklawz is a privateer who has been working with WAAGH! Drillteef for years, ever since the beginning. The Shazzo is self-named, having been highly impressed by the speed, maneuverability, and discipline of the Tau Battle-suit Commanders. He has sought to emulate these old enemies ever since, but in his own way.

~ * ~

I can now officially run a fairly large-sized Vulcha Skwad which, I believe, with the right HQs attached, could be the new Green Tide, particularly since it may be possible to do a build capable of first turn assaults. Also, they're awesome. Our painted to purchased kits ratio is now 21:5 and I have broken the 17 thousand point mark in painted Ork models at 17,161 pts.


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