Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adepticon 2014 - Part 4: Game With Aaron, Ruminations, and Eye Candy

The Battle of Con Refuse Plain!

At some point, Aaron suggested that we have a nice pick-up game before the weekend was out.  I concurred and, so, on Sunday after the prize drawings were over, we slogged over to the side hall and took a table.

Of course, even before the awards had been handed out, the hotel had quickly wrapped itself in its chrysalis and was beginning its transformation back into a safe haven for normal people.  I had no terrain with me this year, which is strange because I usually bring at least a table's worth for just such an occasion, but I'd forgotten.

We were not about to let that stop us!

White Dwarf Handshake FAIL.

We rolled The Relic with Dawn of War deployment.

The Gretchin advance past the stage towards Codex Hill with the Nob Bikerz and Flash Gitz in a support position.

The Electrork Mayhem is annihilated by the Doomscythe and the Nob Bikerz lose a few orks to another.  The Gretchin set themselves up for a ruinous charge!

And  by "ruinous", of course, I mean ruinous for them.The Flash Gitz can only watch in horror from their position inside Waterbottle Woods.

The Wraiths assault the Meganobz and Big Mek through the Cola Spiceufactorum.

The Bikerz and the Flash Gitz make quck (and by "quick", of course, I mean "slow") work of the center unit of Wraiths and Destroyer Lord.

The boss finally arrives from Outflank thanks to his Warlord Trait.

This was the last picture I took because the hotel staff had to finally clear away our area, but I am certain that, in the end, the day belonged to Aaron... he did hold the Relic very far from my units by the end of the game, after all.

Ruminations of the Con

I had a wonderful time at Adepticon as always.  I did feel a bit older this year, as I do every year, though I'm sure I still have a lot of piss and vinegar left in me for many years to come. I am a bit concerned about the possibility of an earlier date for 2015 since my vacation accrues in April and I don't think I can hold on to that much time for that long.  I'll have to wait and see because I'd really hate to miss the excitement, the fun, and all the great people I've gotten to know.

For next year?  More time with friends across the board.  Perhaps WAAGH! Tuska! for either the Friendly or, even quite possibly, the Team Tournament.  That seems like a lot of work, though, considering I still have a Sisters of Battle list, a Necrons list, and two Titans to complete.

Oh, right.  And a forthcoming 6th Edition Orks codex.

Thanks so much for following along.  Also, a big thanks to my wife, Wendy for making this all happen for me. You rock.

Eye Candy

Here's the photo dump of all the armies I captured with my phone throughout the weekend.  If any of these armies belong to you, please contact me and I will give you the due credit.

To save everyone's load times, I set the images to small.  Please feel free to >CLICK< the images to see the larger versions.

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