Friday, January 17, 2014

Grim Dark of January Tournament Narrative Terrain Tables

It's only a few hours until our club's first tournament and I'm pretty excited. Unfortunately, unless we get a lot of walk-ins, we'll only need a maximum of eight tables. However, I think we're going to have a really good time just the same.  There's nothing wrong with everybody getting together, throwing some dice, and pushing models around all day.

With this tournament, I chose to use the Narrative Terrain Setup option for our games.  Players will, however, have to remove one piece of terrain which is completely on their half of the board to place a fortification (and three pieces for the Fortress of Redemption).  Also, players will be allowed to move one piece of terrain which is completely on their half of the table to another legal location.  I am hoping that these rules will give us the best of both worlds: speedy setup, nice narrative tables, and some tactical flexibility.

Each table has been set up with all of the missions and deployments in mind, including The Relic. Hopefully people will enjoy them.

Oddly enough, regardless of the name of our tournament, I didn't do a winter table.  I'll bring my extra winter trees with me tomorrow in case we have a ton of walk-ins and do a quick 5th table in a winter theme.

These images were taken with my phone and are not the best. I'll be sure to take some in-game shots with my good camera and tripod tomorrow!

Be sure to CLICK on the images to zoom in.

Sector Mechanicum

This table gathers all of the club's and my Mechanicum terrain on one table.  We also have a ton of old Armorcast pipelines, but I figured I'd save those for another time as they still need some paint.  This table should provide a great deal of line-of-sight-blocking terrain and also some interesting lines of fire. I especially like the big ruined fuel tanks I constructed which will count as ruins.

This is my favorite table.

Abandoned Imperial Settlement

With a combination of rolling hills, woods, wreckage, and ruins, this table should offer a good mix of environments on which to do battle.  This table best represents a very standard mix of Warhammer 40,000 terrain.  The difference here is that all of the terrain really seems to fit together rather nicely to give the board the appearance of a long-abandoned Imperial settlement which has become almost verdant.

The giant hill with the woods on it in the corner will have some special rules assigned to it.  Players are allowed to replace the woods or the hill with their fortification and they are allowed to put their fortification on the hill.  They may even move the hill around with the woods or fortification on top of it.

Autumn on the World of a Forgotten Species

These are the remains of a long-dead race which was cleansed by the blight of Humanity.  This table shall also provide a good mixture of terrain for players to enjoy.  This table also has an intriguing piece of terrain which I thought would be fun to use.  There is a thatch of extremely heavy vegetation which will be used as a "heavy woods" which is impassible and uses true line of sight to provide cover instead of the regular means of determining cover saves through woods.

This board features a "wooded hill" as well.  We like to do this from time to time.  We put down a hill and add woods to it.  The hill provides a 4+ cover save when obscuring, but also has the same rules as a normal woods.

Bombed-Out Administratum

This table represents a massive structure which has been destroyed by heavy artillery.  There's naught left but the structure's bones.  The table doesn't look extremely serviceable, but with the players' ability to move one piece of terrain, they should be able to get at least one of the ruins turned around and facing inward to make use of the upper levels.  Otherwise, this table is a death trap.  There are, indeed, lots of places to hide, but there are also huge open spaces.  Fast armies will probably do well here.

Note that we did add two lines of barricades to this table after this photo was taken in order to break up those huge open spaces a little bit.

Hopefully, the Magic players will be kind to the tables tonight.

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