Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Beaten by Orks - The 5 Stages of Greif

I wonder people are always so surprised when they get beaten by Orks? I feel as if every opponent goes through the traditional stages of greif.

Denial — Uh, let's re-count those victory points again.

Anger — This is BULL****! How is it that you get an AV14 vehicle for 90 points!??!?!? My ****ing Land Raider is 250 points! 250 ****ing points! This is BULL****!

Bargaining — Are you SURE you're right about those 18 shots your Dakkajets get? Let me see your rulebook.

Depression — I have over 8000 points of space marines. God help me.

Acceptance — Well, there's no way I'm winning this tournament now. Not with 8 battle points for the round. I may as well go have a few shots while we wait for the next one to start...

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