Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Forges of Ghorok Sponsored by Tablewar

I wanted to once again thank the fine folks over at Tablewar for sponsoring the Forges of Ghorok campaign. We love the new FaT Mats and will certainly be featuring them again in the future. Here's a list of all the content we produced during this event.

On Your Tabletop: Episodes 54, 63, and 64 of Masters of the Forge

In the Lore: Forges of Ghorok Narrative

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Daughters of the Final Autumn Kill Team

Having finished with Orks for a while, my mind was in a quandary about whether to tackle the Seraphon or the Imperial Knights next. When the new 40k Radio crew put forth a Kill Team contest, I decided to paint some of the few Sisters of Battle I had remaining. These are the Daughters of the Final Autumn for whom I have only painted one Retributor Squad in the past.

This army features Characters who are named after all the important mothers in my life as I grew up.

Battle Sister Squad Nancy

Seraphim Squad Jill

The army so far.

Monday, October 10, 2016

20,740 Points of Orks

I began collecting and painting Orks in late 2010. Six years and many great, new friends later, I now have over twenty thousand points. 2016 was a huge push and I'm now down to only a smattering of Nobz and other minor models which now hide in my bitz box.

I will move from project to project, but Orks will always be my first love and I'm looking forward to doing some repaints and perhaps adding more kits next year. For now, however, I want to move on to some new projects. First, I'm doing a Sisters of Battle Kill Team list this October, then I will try to get my Seraphon assembled.  Once winter has really set in, I will start putting together my Imperial Knights.

If you want more detailed pictures of the individual units, just look back through the Blog history.

Here's a video and some individual Warband photos:

Da Krumpin Krew

Wagonkrumpa's Horde

Tuska's Incursion

Vrunzogga's Speed Freakz

Big Mek Dreadnutz' Stompin Krew

Diggaz of Ghorok

Krakbone's Freebooters

Drillteef's Inner Council