Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Quarantine Roundup 4 - July 27 to October 20

It's been 214 days of COVID hobby progress. Although I've played few games in-person, I've still been able to find some motivation. Tabletop Simulator allows me to have contact with those near to me and also to play games with those I'd normally never be able to hang out with. Some maskhammer has been played with friends locally as well.

July 28: I started this period off with a bit of a palate cleanser, painting a mural on my son's wall using the original cover of the novel, Watership Down as a guide.

August 23: I did a lot of outdoors stuff between the last project and this one while also working on the Ghazghkull project. I needed something fun to do as a break. As such, I painted up a Haemonculus and some Wracks for my Alliance of Agony. This is a conversion including parts from the Wych, Wrack, and old Warrior kits. The wracks were fun to paint and have lots of bibs and bobs. These, I decided to magnetize because I have no idea what anything does.

September 5: For a game I played with Mark's Necrons, I decided to take a couple of days to build an incursion-sized Necron-themed battlefield from scrap wood.

September 15: I once again needed a break from the Ghazghkull project, so I painted up this Venom. I didn't look at the other Venom I had painted, so I made some color choice mistakes. The black part of the banner, the canopy frame, and the nose should all be cream colored. I fixed it later.

September 18: The Ghazghkull project was finally complete. I'm both very proud of this piece and also a bit disappointed. I have a very hard time summoning the kind of patience something like this requires, but the results make for a nice cabinet display.

September 21: I immediately started pouring motivation into the Drukhari after the diorama was complete. I really wanted more options for a Succubus, so I made this kitbash of a male with Agoniser. I also still forgot that the opposite color on the flags was supposed to be cream. I fixed this later.

September 23: My friend generously gave me his entire Drukhari collection which included loads of vehicles. The first one I painted up was this Ravager. It's the first one to make its way into my collection and I'm looking forward to fielding it.

September 26: Not long after the Ravager was complete, I tore through the Raiders. Here, you can see the first use of the decals I purchased for use in this army. Shortly after this, I went through and added more decals to sails and banners. For the white symbols, I painted over them with cream color. Also note the new, larger-sized MacroMat. I'm very glad they finally released one of these.

October 2: These nine Reaver jetbikes were a brutal project (as bikes often are), but very rewarding. I've now got fifteen I can use in my games. I'm proud to say they were featured on the Warhammer Community Hobby Roundup.

October 13: My friend originally intended these Corsairs conversions to be Trueborn. Although there is no longer a Trueborn unit allowed in Matched Play, and my entire Kabal is technically comprised of Trueborn, I figure these fellas and ladies are all higher-echelon nobility. I also worked on a new banner-bearer which I'll use as an Archon for now and some more special weapon folks.

October 19: I played a Crusade game with a buddy and I managed to kill his Death Guard Rhino. I added it to my Crusade Force so that I would have an excuse to re-visit one of my looted vehicles and give it a new turret. The old Supa Kannon turret is still usable as I've magnetized both of them.

October 20: My buddy gave me a buggy which he'd done 90% of the work on and I just finished it up to match my color scheme and painting style. Although I have custom ones I made from Landspeeders, I love the official model very much and am glad to have one for my collection.

Although it's still crazy out there, I still try to get out and do stuff. It's the only way to stay sane. I do hope the winter finds everyone in a better place, even though the cold is approaching. We'll all bundle up and get out whenever we can and when we can't, we can belly up to the hobby desk and get some more stuff painted.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Quarantine Roundup 3 - June 10 to July 26

As the summer moves apace, more opportunities for outside excursions have developed, so the progress has been somewhat lighter than in previous roundups, but I still have lots to report.

June 18: I volunteered more time to paint up three more marines for the 100-marine charity challenge on the 1 Hour a Night Facebook Group. We should be getting a lot more shipped in and then I can start putting together the display case for them.

June 25: I decided it was high time that I get the Mekboy Workshop painted up. This was gifted to me by my FLGS when the codex was released. What a delightful kit! I also added a few extra grots.

July 8: After a good week of hobby hiatus (though I was working diligently on researching and preparing podcast material for the 9th edition release) I finally completed the repaint of El Queso Grande. As usual, this involved replacing the red with blue and intensifying the yellow while making various other touch-ups here and there.

July 11: I spent this rainy Saturday updating Da Steemrolla. I thought it was high time for some more flames. Although this model was already yellow, the work was fairly significant. The deffrolla is from Puppetswar.

July 20: The repaint of the Flashy Ride was far more significant and included the removal of the original Zzapgun and shield on the front. I, then, created a custom deffrolla and set it up so I could magnetize either foredeck.

July 22: The Disciples of Purity (the fallen Black Dragons from Death of Antagonis) got a new Elites member.

Ongoing Projects: The two big projects in progress are the Gahzghkull Meets Gahzghkull diorama and the Looted Thunderhawk. These are quite daunting.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Emperor's Children for Sale!

Hello, all. I'm looking to sell my Emperor's Children army. Drop me a line if you're interested and we know each other, or you can visit the Ebay listing to make a bid: https://ebay.us/zpNjoS