Saturday, June 13, 2020

Emperor's Children for Sale!

Hello, all. I'm looking to sell my Emperor's Children army. Drop me a line if you're interested and we know each other, or you can visit the Ebay listing to make a bid:

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Quarantine Roundup 2: April 27- June 10

In my last post, I talked about the four main things I have left to do from my backlog:

  • Blackstone Fortress
  • The Unmade
  • The Splintered Fang 
  • The Elucidian Starstriders
Although I did manage to get some interesting basing down on the Blackstone Fortress models, I didn't get any paint on these. I did still get a lot of stuff done.

May 6: I felt so daunted by all these projects that I pulled a lot of metal out of one of my storage boxes and painted it. I got into Warhammer, at first, through Battlefleet Gothic. It was a great game for its time and the models are great fun to paint. I re-painted WAAAGH! Drillteef's fleet in the colors of the warband. I didn't even really bother stripping them as most BFG models have very deep, overstated details that hold up even with multiple layers.

May 8: In the hopes that Wendy would want to play some Blood Bowl with me during the COVID shutdown, I finished painting her Dwarfs team. I love the scheme she chose and I had a hell of a lot of fun painting these up.

May 12: Of course, I wanted to wrap up all the Blood Bowl Orcs and Goblins I still had rolling around in my possession. It's a really simple scheme and a really quick paint job on them.

May 17: I have had the bug to paint an army of Aurora Chapter marines. I've always wanted to do a striking, in-your-face green scheme and I am fascinated by the various Predator variants. I love the idea of a mighty Space Marines spearhead, but I'm not sure what lies in the future for Primaris tanks. These test models feature a very interesting yellow glaze over the green.

May 20: For a nice palette cleanser, I wanted to push myself a bit more, so I put a lot of careful time into this Huron Blackheart. I do still have issues with impatience, however, and that's apparent in several spots.

May 25: I adore Victoria Miniatures and recently picked up Corporal Tucky the tanker. I had an imperial commander rolling around as well; she's a wonderful gender flip of Creed and I love her. My FLGS also sold me a Catachan exclusive model. All of these characters were painted to be included in my Ork/Human auxiliary army.

May 31: I managed to finally get my hands on the new Ork starter set which I split with a friend. The first thing I did was kitbash a pair of Flash Gitz to go with the eight I already have and a Big Mek with Kustom Forcefield. A lot of bitz went into making these: Nobz, Meganobz, Soulsnare Shackles, Thieving Grots, Scrapjet, Boyz, Burna Boyz, Warbikerz, Stormboyz, Mekboy, Cadian Platoon, and Flash Gitz. Not sure about the skull on chain.

June 2: With three new Meganobz in the new starter, I decided to simultaneously get my old Meganobz repainted in the new scheme. First, I did a cleanup run on the ones that were already blue. There were seven Meganobz in this batch.

June 3: I think this was a weekend job from the 2nd to the 3rd where I pushed on more repaints. The difference with these is they were all red and yellow rather than already being in the blue and yellow scheme. The first pic is of my Looted Paladins and the second is my Looted Terminators.

June 4: The next day (I assume a Sunday?), I painted up the three new Meganobz from the starter box and finally finished off the unit of five. These have most of their options painted for swapping out. I adore the modern Meganobz kit; it is phenomenal.

June 7: These Ork Boyz have been a part of almost every list I've played since 2011 and I felt as if it was high time they get spruced up. They had been painted with craft store paint, even the washes! The unit also needed a lot of repairs and replaced limbs. I am very excited about this repaint and I can't wait to get them on the battlefield again.

June 10: And over the past few days I've been working on the remaining Nobz from the new starter set. I didn't have anyone with killsaws, so I stuck on the Kromlech saw arms that my buddy bought me a while ago. These I did in my Gorkers scheme which puts them in with the warband allied with the WAAAGH!

Next: will be a rebuild and repaint of my Looted Thunderhawk. I've already pulled off most of the superfluous bitz...

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Quarantine Roundup 1: March 20 - April 26

So far, despite the hardships throughout the world, my own experiences with the Quarantine have been very productive. Painting miniatures is very therapeutic.  I painted a lot of characters that have been sitting on my shelf and they've been a great palate cleanser and also cleared some big wedges from my backlog.

April 1: This rad rocker is done in my pink Emperor's Children scheme except without the mad motley of other colors. The purple does such a better job that I am considering dragging out the rest of my Noise Marines to repaint them.

April 2: This Anvils of the Heldenhammer Leena Stormspire was another personal challenge to take time and have patience during the work. I almost succeeded. I mean, I was done in a day, so I clearly didn't truly give her the time she deserved.

April 4: My swamp-dwelling Defenders of S'val Necrons force have a new Cryptek, The Hag. She says "peace out!" This is another one thatd' been sitting around for some time.

April 5: I bought this fella with the intent of using him in Hero Quest, but we recently wrapped our game up. Still, I thought it'd be nice to give Slambo the paint job he deserves. This is also my go at Contrast over metallic.

April 12: I wrapped up these 56 old Saurus Warriors, a fun ebay find, in about a week. I am very excited to finally try out  two giant blocks of Saurus as these are in addition to forty others that I've already got.

April 16: I painted a fourth Weirdboy. Because sure, why not? And the "Red" Gobbo had to be added to my army!

April 16: I painted a couple of models for a charity auction that 1 Hour a Night is doing and they were a lovely palate cleanser. First, I did the Exorcist...

April 20: Then the Praetor of Orpheus.

April 25: I had a load of Gretchin in my backlog because my friends are jackasses.

April 26: After painting the Gretchin, I took the squad of 19 I already had done with blue guns and repainting them, turning their white clothes yellow and highlighting up their skin a bit.

After all that, this is what remains of my Warhammer hobby -- 3 Titanicus Knights, Tech Priest Grombrindal, two Squigs, old Ghazghkull & Makari, the Unmade Warband, the Splintered Fang Warband, the Elucidian Starstriders, the original Blackstone Fortress models, two Inquisitors, a couple of Victoria Miniatures models, Huron Blackheart, and a giant turtle dude.