Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Diggaz of Ghorok Cleanse Shadrac

Back in the Fold

The Ordo Xenos has kept extremely close tabs on the Diggaz of Ghorok, known more recently as the Shatara 1st Regiment. The humans of that distant world had spent decades fighting the greenskins while not only surviving but thriving in opposition to the Xenos. 

Under the command of Commissar Moira Wrathberg, the Regiment had been stress tested against several Xenos threats since their re-indoctrination into the Astra Militarum. They had excelled at every engagement. As such, the Regiment's strength had been bolstered from other populations with similar experiences from throughout the Imperium. 

In the past, humans living under brutal Orkoid regimes are found in such wretched states of madness that they had to be given the Emperor's Mercy, but under the guidance of those who had been through it and come out the other side, these people learned to harness their experiences into rage against their former oppressors. This was enough for the Ordo Xenos and the Administratum to accept the Shatara 1st as a legitimate force under the banner of the Imperium.

Purging an Insidious Threat

The Shatara 1st earned the trust of the regional commanders of the Somnium Stars during the Shadrac Campaign. The world was beset by internal strife -- a terrible uprising of Genestealers. The population was so downtrodden and miserable that it was impossible to notice the signs of infestation until it was far too late. The Imperium attempted to purge the threat first with the local PDF, then with off-world reinforcements. The cancer of cultists continued to infect the world's underhives.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Jaen Park came across the reports of this conflict in her usual debreif cycle and considered it a perfect opportunity for the Shatara 1st to show their quality. The Regiment was shoved into harm's way with a hasty deployment into one of Shadrac's hottest combat zones. Their heavy troop transport made a successful landing, but it was little more than a smoking ruin whence it did so. 

When the assault ramp dropped, the Diggaz of Ghorok spilled forth into what they expected to be the thick of battle. Instead, silence greeted them. Commissar Wrathberg was not fooled. She ordered her teams to move forward through the hive, taking defensive positions as they did, leapfrogging from one hab-block to the next. It was tiring and boring for the hot-headed regiment, but necessary.

An unexpected blast of weapons fire from out of nowhere pinned them down followed by the revving of industrial engines. Growling transports full of Neophytes and a horde of Purestrain Genestealers surged toward the Shataran position. The guardsmen's machine pistols roared in their hands while Commissar Wrathberg screamed vile oaths at her soldiers. Lascannons lanced out into the haze, torching enemy machines and gun emplacements alike. 

Although the enemy laid in wait with deadly breaching charges and powerful alien physiologies, the Diggaz did not balk at the challenge. They drove head-first into the fray, their heavy blades hacking at the enemy with impunity. Backed up by a squadron of Leman Russ and Hellhounds, the Shataran 1st was able to blunt the enemy's assault.

Sensing an inevitable defeat, the Patriarch who had been watching nearby, joined in the battle, rending into infantry and vehicle alike. Commissar Wrathberg was not one to balk at such a brash challenge. She jumped from her vantage point, ordering her command squad and Company Commander (Digganob) Manos to assault the vile creature. The plucky guarsmen and their Commissar dragged the Patriarch down and chopped his massive form to bits, after which he dissolved into a boiling miasma of acidic slurry.

The Diggaz of Ghorok had won the day on Shatara and eliminated a dangerous threat. Their chests full with pride, the guardsmen pressed on into the city's depths in search of more prey. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

WAAAGH! Tuska on Parade - 5000 Points

It's been a while since I've had this entire army arrayed in a photo, but a lot of models have been added since then. This army is extremely spiky and prone to damage, so it's good to get it out now and again simply to repair it.

WAAAGH! Drillteef on Parade - 23,000 points

With the coming of the new codex, WAAAGH! Drillteef's points level dropped dramatically and I've been playing catch-up ever since. Also, I have decided to separate WAAAGH! Tuska from the points total; I really feel like that's a totally different army and it's disingenuous to include it.

So, as such, we have 7000 points to crawl back to 30k. This is fine.

Many other collectors are happy to include titans and such at this point and I think it's high time I did so. This army does not yet have a Battle Fortress or a Gargant. I think I should do both very soon. The Battle Fortress has rules, but there is, as yet, no Gargant. I will likely just use an Imperial counterpart to build something similar and just give it the Ork keyword and drop its BS to 5+. I aso want to do a proper Stompa Mob, so I'll need a few of those.

Da Krumpin Squad

Special forces

Grot bombards and Stormboyz

Tuska!, heralds of the Aporkalypse

The WAAAGH!'s heavy infantry

The expanded speed-mob

Drillteef's Command

Diggaz of Ghorok

Yellow and red boyz will switch to yellow and blue when I have time.

Wagonkrumpa's Mob

Big Mek Dreadnutz' creations

Da Red Barork and his wingman

The armour spearhead

Superheavy assets

Mek Gun Battery and Big Mek Sizzlegrub

Big Mek Skar 'Ead and his Burna Boyz

Looted Thunderhawk Transporter, the Spork

Friday, July 5, 2019

Beach-Head Clash on Desparation (New Apocalypse Rules)

The small world of Desparation had long been exploited for its many resources by the Aeldari, but both the Ork and Imperium coveted what remained of the planet's bounty. Both forces held mediocre beach-heads among the primary continent's expansive peat bogs which were rich with natural gas. Although the two armies had traded minor blows throughout the occupation, the arrival of Big Mek Sizzlegrub ended the stalemate. 

The Astra Militarum had been taking advantage of the world's remote location to muster forces for a more important offensive. No fewer than three superheavy Baneblade chassis were on-planet undergoing maintenance and engaging in training exersises alongside and an entire Leman Russ tank Company. The regimental commander scoffed at the suggestion of any army being mad enough to assault their heavily-guarded and well-supplied beach-head reinforced with prefabricated bastions.

He did not count on the avarice of Mek Boss Sizzlegrub's avarice. The Big Mek warmaster had somehow gotten wind of the many toys the Imperium had at hand on Desparatioin and he coveted the opportunity for salvage of unparalelled quality.

The Cadians were not caught unawares. Their hardened position was defended with a prefabricated orbital defense lance platform. Two ork scout vessels were incinerated as they approached the planet, but several still managed to land nearby. As Sizzlegrub's massive horde approached, chunks of the doomed vessels rained down onto the battlefield.

Sizzlegrub's horde approaches the Imperial strongpoint.

The Cadians, having recieved advance warning of the impending attack, are arrayed in a defensive stance.

The regimental commander stands proudly under his banners.

Sizzlegrub has committed a massive spearhead of his best tanks in this engagement, hoping they give better than they  get.

As usual, the Mek's force is accompaned by a fist of 'Nauts who enter the fray from the army's flanks.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Orks launch a furious barrage into the enemy position.

A mob of Blood Axe Kommandos and their Kaptin, hired by Sizzlegrub, leap from the cargo containers they had stowed away on weeks ago.
The Cadian air cavalry pour fire into the greenskins and slaughter them by the dozens.

The fist of Naughts attempts to push forward with haste, swinging around the flank. The Shadowswords make quick work of one Gorkanaut.

A great scrum of Kommandos and guardsmen erupts on the Cadian lines. The Cadians are mired in place.
The grind continues...

Dozens more Orks perish as the disciplined Cadians fall back on the orders of ther Commissar, leaving the Orks exposed to the reckless Astra Militarum infantry.

The air wing have lost one member, but their firepower is still incredibly effective.

The tanks blast through the Kommandos that were bogging them down.

The carnage continues as the Orks press the attack with some assistance from the Weirdboy',

Artillery rains down on both sides of the conflict

Soon, much of the Ork army is engaged with the opposite flnk.

The two spearheads rain death on their respective enemies, obliterting tanks and mulching greenskins. The Orks claim the upper hand, however,  as they push back the remnants of the Cadian tank company.

Another Vulture is yanked from the sky during a final fly-by.
In the end, Sizzlegrub's green tide broke over the enemy artillery while their own tanks hammered the enemy's armour assets. The guardsmen drowned in sweaty Ork flesh while the tanks they were charged with protecting were pulled apart by the zealous Deffskullz.