Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ordo Draconis Armies on Parade

As I finish up models that have been sitting in my queue, I've been doing army shots including them. Last week, I finished up the knight models I had lying around.

The lore for Knight House Draco has advanced in the Era Indomitus. The house's pencheant for daemon fighting has caught the eye of the Ordo Malleus and they have been brought into the fold. Their worlds have been put under communications blackout and household forces sworn to the crusade against the Ruinous Powers. They are now known as the Ordo Draconis and even Greater Daemons tremble at the mere mention of their name.









The Eye Stalkers

Dacla Experimentation

Dacla was once a glittering pleasure world, but with the emergence of the Cicatrix Maledictum, now you can't throw a rock anywhere on the planet without hitting a prefabricated fortification. An entire battlefleet's worth in bastions, defense lines, and fortresses have been dropped or erected in order to bolster Dacla as a burgeoning Fortress World. What's more, the planet is a staging ground for some of the Imperium's most elite units. As such, this makes Dacla rather difficult to ignore by the Orks.

Big Mek Sizzlegrub has been working tirelessly with all the insights he's gained from his adventures in the Somnium Stars, so his time is spread thin. As such, he has equipped many of his generals with various ingenius experiments and sent them off to test against appropriate targets. Chief among these inventions have been improvements to the Shokk Attack Gun design and Traktor Kannons. What better way to test these devices than against the formidable Deathwing?

Sizzlegrub despatched one of his best pupils (and chief rivals), Big Mek Fratzblast to the Fortress World armed with a souped-up version of his Sizzlekannon backed up by a battery of Traktor Kannons and a mob of Boyz. The tide of Boyz managed to pull apart dozens of the bone-colored tin-heads, of course and the Traktor Kannons crumpled the ancient warriors into tiny balls of dense ceramite and flesh. Unfortunately, the Sizzlekannon was a disappointment. Although the invention cycled up to greater power and strength under the light of the Cicatrix Maledictum than it ever had, when the blast struck Belial, the Captain of the deathwing, it merely burned away the burnished affectations on his shoulderpads and singed his banner. 

At great length, the Ork experimentation force was decimated by what remained of the Deathwing command structure. Fortunately, Sizzlegrub's grot salvage crews were able to retreive the engagement data from Fratzblast's cybork thinky bits, thus allowing the Mek Boss to further perfect his designs.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In Defense of Ragnarork

After over-extending his resources throughout the sector, Big Mek Sizzlegrub fell back to his palatial holdings on Ragnarork in order to refit and refuel his war machine. A pair of Evil Sunz Weirdboyz dwelled in that place, working with Sizzlegrub's meks to devise wily methods of transporting their forces throughout the sector. The ancient reliquary had been home to many ancient relics which the greenskins had either cast aside or used in the construction of Sizzlegrub's more esoteric projects.

It was during this time that the Custodes came to reclaim these relics. Even though many golden-clad warriors gave their lives under the swarming tide of muscle and teeth, their Captain's heroic charge could not be turned by the Orks, no matter how much pressure they put on him. In the end, Sizzlegrub was forced to fall back and lick his wounds, allowing the Custodes to sieze the Reliquary and tend to their casualties unmolested.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Cleansing of Shadrac

Between the insidious corruption of Chaos and the epidemic levels of infestation by the Hive Mind, portions of Shadrac have slipped completely from the Imperium's grip. The Emperor's finest have done their best to halt the advance and purge whatever large populations of the enemy they can find, but their efforts are doing little to quell the surge of enemy presence.

As such, the Ordo Xenos conveniently leaked knowledge of a hidden Vortex ICBM to the Diggaz of Ghorok. Having recently fallen back from the city centers of Hive Shelob where the enemy presence is thickest, Commissar Wrathberg didn't need instruction as to how the missile should be implemented.

Unfortunately, the Ultramarines caught wind of the Diggaz' plans thanks to the prescience of their Chief Librarian. Guilliman was content to allow the Genestealer Cult and Chaos Cult fight amongst themselves in Hive Shelob while containing them there. Moreover, there were still loyal Imperial citizens stranded in pockets of resistance throughout the city. He was loathe to incinerate them all in a desparate attempt to pacify the Cults.

At first, the Diggaz assumed their attackers were Chaos Space Marines. The transhuman warriors boldly marched forward and blasted the hardened missile silo while spraying the defending Diggaz with mass reactive shells. The Diggaz, of course, fought back and moved to keep the Space Marines at bay while their mechanics got the missile ready for launch.

When her transport was destroyed, Commissar Wrathberg herself crawled out of the burning wreckage flanked by an Ogryn bodyguard to face the enemy's hulking captain. When she stood before him, brandishing her power-infused cutlass, she saw that she faced none other than Roubutte Guilliman himself.

The Emperor's sword cut her deep with a slash that cauterized her flesh instantly, cauterizing. Despite the intense pain, she was able to deflect the Primarch's other blows. Her sword rang with his mighty strength, her muscles straining and her right arm breaking in several places. Her Officio Prefectus-issued power field sizzled and sparked before sputtering out completely.

"What the Throne is wrong with you?" she screamed at the Primarch, her fear and confusion manifesting as rage.

Before he could answer, a blast of sound and light erupted from behind them as the Vortex Missile launched on a pillar of billowing flame. Tonight, Hive Shelob would die, and with it, Xenos, Heretics, and Loyalists alike.