Monday, February 24, 2020

Fading Sun, Rising Star

Vandyr Starmantle,
Autarch of the Lugganath,
Dearest Brother,

I hope this note is delivered to you in a timely manner and its courier remains unmolested by the bullies in your employ.

I cannot imagine that you were as surprised to see me as I you in our recent engagement. Your full armour and Swooping Hawk getup did not fool me. I could sense you behind the mask. Also, your body language was reminiscent of the boy I knew from before the universe collapsed around our people and threatened to swallow us whole. Still, I was surprised to see you.

I must admit that when I saw your force of naive puritans arrayed against my own, we were caught off-guard. This is a rare occurrence, I assure you, therefore I am certain our encounter was not by chance. Moreover, many of your number had more than ample opportunity to end the lives of many of our number as they lay wounded and out of reach from aid. They did not -- rather, you and your forces faded back into the sky and the hidden paths from whence you came.

Your own fallen soldiers who you were forced to leave behind on the battlefield have been well looked-after, at least to the best of my ability. I cannot vouch for every soul, of course. I'm sure you understand the needs of my people and how difficult it is to curtail their satiating of these needs. Still, several are still enjoying my personal hospitality, though few of them are very thrilled to be here with us on the Shard of Twilight.

As such, I would like to propose a meeting. We shall bring along our guests and you can provide me with some information. Why have you revealed yourself to me after all these years? What do you hope to gain for antagonizing me? Who was that vile creature with the Grynnix that you were travelling and fighting with? I have heard rumors of this individual and none of them are good.

Nostalgia and curiosity will only temper my fury for so long, Vandyr. My patience is limited.

I expect and look forward to the return of my courier with your response to my invitation.

Your sister,
Erdeil Shadownova,
Archon, Kabal of the Dying Sun

Note: although both Drahzar and Jain Zar were used in this game, they will not feature in the lore of this engagement.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Clearing the Urillian Beach-head

A small raiding party of Death Guard, bent on securing a secret beach-head against Imperial forces on Urillia, assaulted and took an Ork way-station. Unbeknownst to the Death Guard, the Orks they had cleared out were only a fraction of the greenskins who lived there. Speedboss Vrunzogga and his boyz returned from wide patrol before the Death Guard could harden their position or burn away the spores. In the harsh Urillian dawn, the Orks struck at the interlopers. When dawn finally broke, all that remained was the roar of engines and the stink of burning promethium as the remnants of the Death Guard were pushed back into the wastes.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Goldensprue Cup GT 2020 Post-Tournament Report

This year’s Goldensprue Cup once again showed that the Northeast continues to have an incredible community willing to support our hobby and the establishments which make it all possible. This was our fourth year as a proper 40k GT and our second year as an Age of Sigmar GT. While we were bigger than ever (51 players for 40k and 26 players for AoS), the event ran smoother than ever. This is a testament to the group’s experience and how well the games themselves have evolved.

Note that lists for our events can be found on the Best Coast Pairings app.

From a game-play perspective, the 40k GT saw the surge of Space Marines in the meta reach its crest. Five of the top eight players brought a Space Marines list, however the Chapters represented were not strictly Iron Hands, but also Ravenguard and White Scars. Of course, the successor Chapter Tactics, Long Range Marksmen, Stealthy, and Master Artisans were featured heavily in these lists. Also in the top 8 were a mixed Astra Militarum force, Grey Knights, and Sautekh Necrons. Judging by the models I saw at the event, Thunderfire Cannons and Invictor Warsuits were an extremely popular choice for players this year.

In the end, Alex Fennel with his Ravenguard successor took the top spot, battling Tyranids, Necrons, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, and finally another Ravenguard successor to win the day. Honorable mention should go to Jared Friedman who also went 5-0-0 for the event with his brigade of Iron Hands successors.

In the hobby, David Koszka took top spot with his gorgeous Adeptus Mechanicus army which never fails to please the attendees. Matt Aaron impressed everyone with his Chaos force and their incredible vertical display board. Finally, Bill Ill’s Aeldari were unorthodox, but told a beautiful story on the tabletop. The average Hobby Track score on the 40k side was over 16 which warms the cockles of my heart.

Best Sportsmanship went to Kyle Steimle who managed to get either a Favorite Opponent or Second Favorite Opponent rating from every person who played against him. Special mention should also go to Daniel Wohlmuth who represented the whole hobby in such a way that he won Best Overall, scoring high on Battle, Appearance, and Sportsmanship scores.

For Age of Sigmar, the top field was unsurprisingly diverse. Among the top eight were Slaves ot Darkness, two Ossiarch Bonereapers, Daughters of Khaine, two Blades of Khorne, Seraphon, and Ogor Mawtribes. Sam Gould would end up taking the day with his Slaves to Darkness army, beating out another Slaves to Darkness player, Seraphon, Blades of Khorne, Ossiarch Bonereapers, and finally Daughters of Khaine.

The Hobby on the Age of Sigmar side of things was also extremely well-represented with an average Hobby Track score of over 15. Special mention should go to Anthony Trentanelli’s Daughters of Khaine and Michael Fox’s Skaven which left us all breathless, but best appearance went to our own Benjamin Mininberg with his gorgeous Gloomspite Gitz army featuring more fungi than you can shake a stick at.

However, in the end, the thing that really stuck out was the overall positivity and comeraderie represented by the Age of Sigmar community who attended our event. If we could give out a Best Sportsmanship award to every player, we would.

Most importantly of all, we had a hell of a lot of fun. The venue has made it easy, of course. The food and drink at the Melvin Roads American Legion is always a major draw considering nobody really has to go anywhere during the event. Also, the prize support is incredible thanks to our club’s FLGS, Flipside Gaming in East Greenbush.

We are all overjoyed that so many players tell us that they’re excited to come back year in and year out. This year was no exception in that we had a lot of familiar faces from years past and many others who expressed a desire to return again next year. We absolutely hope they do because the quality of individuals who played with us this year was exemplary.

Good luck to everyone at the LVO.

Note that army shots and other photos of the event can, for the time being, be found at the following Google Photos location: