Friday, July 28, 2017

Star Eagles II Company Mganga - Vurugu

The Star Eagles call their Librarians "Mganga" which loosely translates to "Savior of Souls". The term is not limited to Astartes Librarians alone, however. Many individuals from the Star Eagles' Chapter World are skilled at the capturing of a soul, or Masheha, at the moment of its body's death. However, the responsibility of an Astartes Mganga is greater than that of any common mortal, for the Star Eagles are the brave defenders of the long histories and traditions of the Yanchi.

Unfortunately for Mganga Vurugu, he has been assigned to II Company, the public face of the Star Eagles. None of the Astartes assigned to the 2nd Company are aware that the Masheha tradition even exists except for Vurugu. The Company exists simply to keep up appearances for the rest of the Imperium. With the emergence of the Cicatrix Maledictum, however, the 2nd Company has been completely shut off from the rest of the Chapter.

As the decades have passed, Mganga Vurugu has grown more and more despondent. No Mganga should have to suffer the 2nd Company posting for more than a few months or years at a time. After a century of service, he has all but given up hope of ever seeing his home again or fulfilling his true purpose as a shepherd of Masheha.

In recent years, he has accepted gene enhancement and grown strong thanks to Primaris enhancement. Meanwhile, he has honed the most destructive of psychic powers, delighting in unraveling the minds of heretics and traitors with his sheer force of will. With each enemy he slays thusly, his mood grows ever darker.

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