Friday, May 12, 2017

Pugnantes Draco

House Draco is said to be bound by honour with a mysterious group of Astartes clad in black MkVI armour. Arriving in times of dire need, they apparate onto the battlefield, seemingly out of nothingness. Their bolters, melta, and plasma weapons belch death immediately upon their arrival, felling great swaths of the enemy.

These Angels of Death are known as the Pugantes Draco. Only the closest allies of House Draco can guess at their origin.  Whoever they are, the Pugantes Draco  share a mutual debt of honour with the Knights of the house. Neither party suffers the other to be abandoned on the battlefield, both willing to risk forfeiting their own lives in order to guarantee the survival of the other.

Three squads of the Pugnantes Draco led by Master Darksky.

Master Darksky carries himself with an air of sombre contemplation. He is rarely seen far from the Knight Gallant, Tiamat, piloted by Seneschal Michelle Vaughn.  Their decades of experience with one-another has helped secure victory on countless battlefields.

The Guardianis of Melificent are sworn to ensure the young noble's survival.

The Guardianis of The Jabberwock often act as backup for the other Pugnantes Draco since their ward rarely takes to the battlefield. 

The King's ancient Cerastus Knight armour is defended by a deadly bodyguard capable of carving other enemy walkers and Daemons to ribbons with molten beams of energy.

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