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Orksvent 2016 Part 7: Krork Blood Magic

Krork Blood Magic is a new psychic discipline that can be chosen for any Ork psykers selected with the Detachments and Formations in this supplement.

Primaris: Blood of the WAAGH! - Warp Charge 1

Ork physiology is designed to embody the power of the Warp. It courses through every Ork and becomes even stronger as the Ork fights. The more desperate the battle, the more pronounced this is.

Blood of the WAAGH! is a Blessing which targets the psyker manifesting the power. Remove from play d6 models of the controlling player's choice in the unit the Psyker has joined. For however many models were removed in this way, add that many Warp Charge points to your Warp Charge pool. In addition, the Psyker harnesses Warp Charges on a 3+ instead of a 4+ until the end of the phase. The unit is also Fearless for the duration of the Blessing.

1. Anuvver Go - Warp Charge 2

In the presence of a Weirdboy flogging them into a frothing frenzy, Orks become insatiable for battle, persisting even unto death.

Annuver Go is a Blessing which targets the Psyker and the unit he has joined. If any models in the unit were killed during the assault phase, those models may attack at Initiative 0 whether they already got their attacks that phase or not. If the Psyker's unit charged that turn, then these models count as having charged as well.

2. Krumpin Time - Warp Charge 2

Even a group of Madboyz want nothing more than to crush their foes in battle. A huge gang of Orks revels in the brazen assault of many foes in one go. This kind of disordered charge tends to reduce their impact upon the enemy. That is, of course, unless there's a Weirdboy in the mob.

Krumpin Time is a Blessing which targets the Psyker and the unit he has joined. All models in the unit gain the Hammer of Wrath special rule and +2 Strength. In this case, the Strength is conferred to the Hammer of Wrath hits.

3. Inhuman Bellow - Warp Charge 1

An Ork Weirdboy is the embodiment of the Orks' presence in the Warp. Some say they directly channel Mork (or possibly Gork) himself. When a Weirdboy is at the crescendo of his power, he is a terrifying sight on the battlefield and morale tends to crumble before his advance.

Inhuman Bellow is a Malediction with a range of 24". The targeted unit must make an immediate morale check. If the Weirdboy harnessed at least 2 Warp Charges, then the morale check is made at a -1. If the Weirdboy harnessed at least 3 Warp Charges, then the morale check is made at a -2 instead.

4. Moar Dakka - Warp Charge 2

An Ork's connection to the warp extends to their technology. Indeed, some equipment doesn't work in the hands of other species. Indeed, much of it shouldn't even work at all.

Moar Dakka is a blessing that targets a friendly Orks unit within 18". All of that unit's ranged weapons may fire twice that turn. Resolve all of the unit's weapons once, then resolve all of them again. The second group of weapons fire may target a different unit than the first.

5. Stuck In -  Warp Charge 1

An army facing any Ork force can feel very much on their back foot as they mash on the triggers of their weapons in an effort to thin the ranks of the enemy as they approach. In the presence of a Weirdboy, however, becoming overwhelmed is inevitable.

Stuck In is a power with two different profiles. The controlling player must choose one before manifesting it, though they may do a different version in their subsequent Psychic phase if they wish.

Blessing: Stuck In targets a friendly Orks unit within 18". Models may not fire Overwatch against this unit. In addition, instead of making the normal charge moves, simply check to see if the unit is within range of the unit(s) they are assaulting. If they are, the controlling player may move all of the models in the charging unit into base contact with any models in the unit(s) they are assaulting. The assaulting models must still maintain unit coherency. If the controlling player can't fit more models in base contact but still has more models to move, then the models are simply placed in base contact with another model in their unit. The unit still counts as having charged that turn.

Malediction: In this case, Stuck In targets a single friendly unit of Gretchin. These models are removed from play. Then, resolve a ranged attack from the Psyker against any enemy unit using the Shokk Attack Gun profile and rules. A Psyker which harnesses 2 Warp Charge may roll 3 dice for the weapon's strength instead of 2 and keep whichever 2 dice they want for the result. A Psyker which harnesses 3 Warp Charge may roll 4 dice instead. If the unit of Gretchin had 20 or more models in it, replace the Large Blast with an Apocalyptic Blast.

6. Da Big Boss - Warp Charge 3

When it comes to victory, Orks inherently know it can all hang on the guile, strength, and endurance of their warlord. Without him, the WAAGH! can devolve into bitter squabbling. This is something which the Weirdboyz and other Oddboyz in a Paragon WAAGH! tend to understand from a somewhat logical perspective.

Da Big Boss is a Blessing which targets any friendly Ork Character within 18". The Character gains Eternal Warrior special rule, a 4+ invulnerable save, and may re-roll their attacks in close combat that turn. In addition, all successful saves made against wounds or hull point damage caused by this Character must re-roll all successful saves.

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