Monday, December 19, 2016

Orksvent 2016 Part 6: Paragon Orks - Krorkanaut

The great Ork engineers of the Paragon Ork societies throughout the galaxy have understood the difficulties in combating very large foes. Stompas and Gargants are huge undertakings an difficult to build. However, vehicles such as the Deff Dread and Gorkanaut have long been considered too feeble and slow to take on larger and more terrifying foes such as Imperial Knights and the frustrating Eldar Wraithknight. Indeed, even the liberal application of Dakka and flooding the enemy with Boyz doesn't seem to work against such foes. The Krorkanaut is the Ork answer to this problem.

Hobby note: It's probably best to combine an Imperial Knight kit with a Gorkanaut kit to create your Krorkanaut.


Role:  Lord of War
Points: 310
Unit Type:  Vehicle (Superheavy Walker)
Unit Composition:  1 Krorkanaut

                  WS BS S  F  S  R  I A HP
Krorkanaut        5  2  10 13 12 10 2 4 6

  • Deffstorm Mega Shoota
  • Two Twin-Linked Big Shootas
  • Two Rokkit Launchas
  • Skorcha
  • Klaw of Deff
  • Stikkbombs
Transport Capacity:
  • 12 models
Special Rules:
  • Momentive Strike
  • May replace the Deffstorm Mega Shoota with another Klaw of Deff (Choppanaut) ... Free
  • May replace the Klaw of Deff with another Deffstorm Mega Shoota (Dakkanaut) ... Free
  • May replace the Deffstorm Mega Shoota and/or Klaw of Deff each with a Kustom Mega Kannon ... Free
  • May replace the either Rokkit Launcha with a Kill Kannon ... 15 pts each
  • Kustom Forcefield  ... 50 pts
  • Weirdboy Tower ... 35 pts
  • Gigarokkit Pack ... 25 pts
  • Grot Riggers ... 20 pts

Klaw of Deff:  This klaw produces a great deal of crushing power which carves through ceramite as well as it carves through flesh. The Krorkanaut also has a tendency to beat its enemies to death with their own wrecked vehicles.

                  Type  Range  Str  AP  Special Rules  
Klaw of Deff      Melee   -     D   2   Clubbin

Clubbin: If the Klaw of Deff destroys an enemy vehicle but it doesn't explode, it can immediately pick up the vehicle and make another attack with it. This attack is resolved at Str 10 AP 2. After this, the vehicle is removed from play.

Weirdboy Tower:  The Weirdboy Tower is a separate crew compartment with a carrying capacity of 1 Ork with the psyker special rule. From here, the Weirdboy may manifest any psychic power as if the Krorkanaut were the Weirdboy himself. In addition, any friendly Ork units within 12" of the Krorkanaut are treated as being a part of the Weirdboy's unit for the purposes of Deny the Witch.

Gigarokkit Pack:  The Krorkanaut may be equipped with a pair of gigarokkits on its back allowing the Krorkanaut to move as a Jump unit. Once per game, on any turn after the first, a Krorkanaut equipped with the Gigarokkit Pack may choose to use up all the rest of its fuel to make a jump move up to 12 + 4d6" away. If a Big Mek is embarked upon the Krorkanaut, all of the movement dice may be re-rolled, but you must accept the second roll even if it is worse. When the Krorkanaut lands, it sends a concussive wave out from the landing zone, causing d6 str 4 ap - hits to any unit, friend or foe, within 6". If any doubles are rolled on the movement dice, the Krorkanaut doesn't stick a perfect landing and takes 1 Hull Point of damage. If double 1s are rolled, it takes 2 Hull Points of Damage. If triples are rolled, something goes horribly wrong in transit and the Krorkanaut suffers a catastrophic explosion where it lands (Fortunately, the controlling player still gets to decide where it goes!). If quadruples are rolled, then the Krorkanaut suffers a catastrophic explosion where it began its move. In any case, after using up all of its fuel, the Krorkanaut treats the Gigarokkit Pack as having been destroyed.

Momentive Strike: On the turn the Krorkanaut successfully completes a charge move, if the Krorkanaut is destroyed, it is not destroyed until after initiative step 1. 

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Note:   These rules are experimental. Please report any possible issues including abusive applications to  This is a work for the purpose of fan enjoyment and is not intended to make money or to infringe on Games Workshop’s copyrights.  All symbology and terminology is Copyright Games Workshop LLC.  This has been created with Games Workshop’s fair use policy (available on their website) in mind.

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