Friday, December 2, 2016

Orksvent 2016 Part 3: Paragon Orks - Wargear

A WAAGH!band of Paragon Orks have survived and succeeded on countless battlefields. As their heaps of treasure and experience build, so do their innovations. When a piece of wargear can be added to the list of traditional Ork units, it will be mentioned here. Otherwise, the remaining upgrades are available to other units in this supplement.

Boosta Pack

This piece of equipment works exactly like a Rokkit Pack except that the model moves 3d6" in the movement phase instead of 12". A Big Mek may equip himself with a Boosta Pack instead of a Warbike for 15 pts.


If a unit of Orks with the Brutal or Possibly Kunning special rule has a bosspole in it, then it must re-roll any failed morale or pinning checks.

Deff Armour

Deff Armour is as much of a status symbol of Ork warlords and their lieutenants as they are protective wargear. It is often made from the equipment of fallen enemies such as Space Marines. Deff Armour provides a 3+ armour save. It may be selected by a Warboss instead of 'Eavy Armour for 15 pts.

Deff Trophies

Many Krork units possess a bravado that belies their hubris... and it is well-deserved! They tend to decorate their armour with trophies of past conquests. This reminds them to have no fear in the face of even the most formidable of opponents.

A unit comprised entirely of models with Deff Trophies has the Stubborn special rule.


A Big Mek may equip himself with a Deffkopta instead of a Warbike for 35 pts.

Mekka-Naught Armour

Many Big Meks aspire to greatness, but are often left in the shadow of greater Orks. The Mekka-Naught Armour is often the result of these delusions of grandeur which culminate in a final mad grab for power, thus allowing the Big Mek his chance in the sun. Unfortunately, the surgical upgrades required to equip a suit of armour of such girth can be problematic for the aspiring warlord.

Mekka-Naught Armour provides a 3+ armour save, a 5++ invulnerable save, +2 Wounds, and the Eternal Warrior special rule. Mekka-Naught Armour comes equipped with a Buzz Saw.

After the Big Mek has taken 2 unsaved wounds, the Mekka-Naught Armour is destroyed and the Big Mek loses all its benefits except the additional wounds. Having said that, after the armour is destroyed, roll a dice. On a 1 or a 2, the Big Mek takes an additional Str 5 AP - hit as the armour's power plant explodes.

Mekka-Naught Armour is 50 pts and can be equipped on a Big Mek instead of a Kustom Forcefield and has the same equipping restrictions.

Personal Tellyporta

One of the hallmarks of a blossoming Paragon Ork kultur is the advent of Tellyporta technology. Some Big Meks even develop portable versions designed to take them and a squad of brave souls to the heart of the enemy.

A model equipped with a Personal Tellyporta and any unit he joins gains the Deep Strike special rule. If the unit would normally suffer a deepstrike mishap due to proximity to enemy units, they are placed in close combat with those units instead. They do not count as having charged and Overwatch may not be taken against them.

In addition, the unit gains the Hit & Run special rule and adds 1d6" to their movement in the movement phase.

The Personal Tellyporta is 50 pts and can be equipped on a Big Mek instead of a Kustom Forcefield and has the same equipping restrictions.

Supa Choppa Weapons

The Supa Choppa is a bigger, meaner, and often brightly-painted version of a Big Choppa. Most Orks are far too weedy to wield such a weapon, even your average Nob. Supa Choppas count as "Choppa Weapons".

                           Range  Strength  AP  Type
Supa choppa                  -       +2     5   Melee, Two-handed, Grinding
Double-Headed Supa Choppa    -       +2     5   Melee, Two-handed, Grinding, Double

Grinding: Successful saving throws made against wounds caused by a weapon with this special rule must be re-rolled. Any saving throw which already allows for a failed result to be re-rolled instead is not re-rolled at all.

Double: This weapon counts as two weapons for the purpose of calculating extra attacks.

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