Thursday, December 1, 2016

Orksvent 2016 Part 2: Paragon Orks - Warlord Traits

From the mightiest Warboss, to the most kunning Freebooter Kaptin, to the lowliest Big Mek, Paragon Orks still adhere to the concept that might makes right. Might comes in many forms, so sometimes that does mean the Ork who's the biggest and the baddest rules over all the others. Other times, that means the Ork who wins the most fights regardless of his size has earned the right to dominate the rest of the warband. Other times, it's the Ork with the most teef to spread around who has the advantage.

These Warlord Traits are meant to represent these different leadership qualities. You are encouraged to hand-select them when you forge the narrative with friends. You can also roll them randomly as you normally would for other kinds of games. In either case, these Warlord Traits are meant to be taken if you select your Warlord from the Detachments and Formations in this supplement.

  1. Bone and Sinew: Your Warlord is da biggest and da baddest greenskin around. Nothing can stop him. He gains the Eternal Warrior special rule.
  2. Unparalleled Kunning: Your Warlord has earned a great deal of respect due to his tactical acumen. Randomly roll for two Strategic Warlord Traits from Warhammer 40,000: the Rules. these traits may not be re-rolled (such as with those often granted by Detachment special rules).
  3. Fistful of Teef: Your Warlord is unbelievably rich. Before the battle, you may add any single wargear upgrade to a unit in your army for free. This upgrade may not be valued greater than 50pts. Of course, you must possess the appropriate model to represent this upgrade in order to use it.
  4. Brainboyz Legacy: The ancient ways of the Brainboyz still course through your Warlord's thinky bitz and he has left his mark on the equipment throughout your army. Any Ork weapon in your army with a random strength component (such as that of Deffguns, Bubble Chuckas, and Shokk Attack Guns) roll two sets of dice instead of one for determining their strength. You may pick which one you use. In addition, your Warlord has a +1 on rolls to repair vehicles if he has Mek's Tools.
  5. Unfettered Temper: Your Warlord isn't the methodical sort. He balks at the more civilized nature of past Paragon Ork WAAGH!s. He has the Rage, Shred, and Armourbane special rules in close combat. In addition, your Warlord's attacks are unaffected by a Titan's Towering Monstrosity special rule.
  6. Blunt Negotiator: Sometimes a WAAGH! of Paragon Orks will offer their enemies a chance to surrender before attacking. Of course, this usually leaves their enemy a bit put off and confused. You enjoy a +2 to Seize the Initiative and Reserves rolls.
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Note:   These rules are experimental. Please report any possible issues including abusive applications to  This is a work for the purpose of fan enjoyment and is not intended to make money or to infringe on Games Workshop’s copyrights.  All symbology and terminology is Copyright Games Workshop LLC.  This has been created with Games Workshop’s fair use policy (available on their website) in mind.

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