Friday, December 23, 2016

Orksvent 2016 Part 10: Krork Tide Formation

When a Paragon WAAGH! thunders to war, it is the march of the Krork Brutes which strike a hopeless fear into their enemies. While a tide of Ork Boyz can be managed by a liberal application of lasgun fire, the Krork Brutes keep coming, shaking off wounds that would fell the average greenskin warrior. The Krork Tide often forms the vanguard of a Paragon WAAGH!, breaking through the enemy lines, disorganizing the enemy position, and allowing more fragile or slower Ork units to make their way into the fray unmolested.

Krork Tide Formation


  • 1 of the following:
    • Krork Megaboss
    • Warboss
    • Weirdboy
  • 5 units of Krork Brutes


Units in this Formation may not select a Dedicated Transport

Special Rules:

Tide of BrutesBrutal or Possibly Kunning, Hatred, Fearless

Mobbed Up: All the units from this Formation are deployed as a single unit. Only when every model in this unit has been destroyed will your opponent count as having killed these units for missions which count kill points.

Frenzy: Models in this formation enjoy a +1 to their Feel No Pain against wounds caused by Overwatch. In addition, on a turn in which this unit makes a successful charge, models enjoy a +1 to their Feel No Pain until the start of their next turn. Note: this means that, if under the effects of Brutality is a Kunning all its own special rule from the Kaptin's Banner Formation, these effects will stack against wounds caused by Overwatch.

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Note:   These rules are experimental. Please report any possible issues including abusive applications to  This is a work for the purpose of fan enjoyment and is not intended to make money or to infringe on Games Workshop’s copyrights.  All symbology and terminology is Copyright Games Workshop LLC.  This has been created with Games Workshop’s fair use policy (available on their website) in mind.

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