Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kanz in the Can!

These Killa Kanz represent (almost) the last of my Orks. I do still have about 15 Nobz (in addition to the 30 or more I already have in the army already), but those will remain in the bitz box for now in the event that I need some seargents kitted up with something else or some other Characters. I actually would like to make a quartet of Shokk Attack Gun Big Meks on bikes at some point. For now, we're leaving it be. That'll do, pig. That'll do. I'll be making a huge post with pics of everything tomorrow. For now, here are my Kanz. Thanks to Skip for being so kind as to supply me with the project.

Gee, these guys were fun to put together. As usual, the red-on-yellow scheme is sometimes hit or miss. This project is no different. Some of these models look great, others not so much. But I'm happy with them as they are. They are extremely rough in harsh light like the rest of my models painted like this, but that's fine.

I gave them all Big Shootas. I figured that this was a good choice, representing the kind of cowardly nature of Grots. I like the idea of them slowly clanking forward, shooting at infantry, then charging into combat when they can, using Smash against anything tough enough to make their str 6 ineffective.

Painted:Purchased ratio is now 49:19

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