Tuesday, December 22, 2015

KR Customer for Life

I am now officially a KR Multicase customer for life. You might recall that last year at about this time I had a great experience with KR. The delivery person put my order in the garage and my wife backed over it with the truck. I mentioned it in passing to KR and they replaced the boxes even though the incident was no fault of their own. Also, at Adepticon, they were very attentive, approachable, and kind. Amazing service from people who really care about their customers.

This year I hemmed and hawed over my decisions as far as what foam to get. I loved KR's service, but I needed a full-height Heldrake foam. With KR, that meant a full $60+ purhcase since, no matter what foam you get, that's the price of a single regular card case full of "custom" foam. On another site, it would have only cost me $35 for a custom tray of the same size. I also am not a fan of pluck and I would have had to do a few pluck foam trays for some of my models.

In the end, I decided to go ahead and work out the order on the KR website and see if I could figure it out and get a good overall price. After measuring my models and referencing the tray print-outs, I actually came away with a great plan for most of my Daemon Orks and all of my Necrons for about $200 with free shipping. This is, overall, comprable to other companies. This combined with my experiences last year meant I was happy to pull the trigger and complete the order.

After reviewing my order, I realized that I'd made a mistake. I emailed Kath at their American division in Michigan and she got back to me immediately the next morning. She said that England had probably already filled out my order, but she'd send me the few pieces I'd screwed up on. Again, great service. She didn't have to do that.

Then, I got my original order last night and found that three of the troop foams were incorrect. I sent Kath a photo of the foam with my order slip to confirm it was incorrect. Again, Kath responded first thing this morning and said she would send me the proper foam today.

The customer appreciation displayed by KR time and again has sealed my loyalty as a customer. That kind of service is worth more than the pennies I could save, or convenience of custom cut foam I would get ordering from someone else.

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