Friday, May 8, 2015

The Spoils of Shatara

The Meks of WAAGH! Drillteef had a field day after the sacking of Shatara. No Imperial vehicle was safe from their cunning tinkering. Many Meks, under the direction of Big Mek Skar 'Ead, took control of the world's manufacturing capabilities and pressed the 'umies into servitude. The factories began belching soot, misery, and massive war machines. The Grimdakka is one of those machines. It will soon begin the long journey to Pakeshi IV under the command of Big Mek Dreadnutz. The Meks hope she can withstand an unaided disembarkation from a fast-moving orbital transporter...
~ * ~

I fell in love with the Kill Blasta the moment I saw it. I've always wanted one. The rules are just incredible. I have no idea if it really is any good on the table or not, but we'll see. One thing's for sure is that it is SUPER Orky.

This is my first attempt at using weathering powders on a vehicle. I think I was mostly successful, at least for me, whose got very little in the way of patience. I think it could stand a bit of water marks dripping down from the rivets. Other than that, I'm calling her done.

In this pic, you can see on the top deck there's a little spot where a second sponson can go. I put a pice of plasticard, door scree, and tubing there to cover up the hole. I did put a magnet on the other side in case I ever want to put something there.

I think the weathering looks good from this angle. A good amount of the blue is still showing through. Also glad I did some boltgun metal here and there for spots that see regular wear.

Looks better than I was hoping. I think I need to add some gray dust to the stack streaks. Maybe try my hand at some heat-discolored metal at some point. Not today, though.

The worst shot of the bunch. I can see the un-finished-ness under the platform. I'll definitely be fixing that the moment I get a chance.


  1. Fancy. I like it a lot. All I could suggest as a maybe, definitely not a criticism, is maybe more smoke staining from the cannons and exhaust ports.

    Remarkably "mad max" though. Lol.

  2. Awesome job! That is like my favorite Ork vehicle. If you're looking for any feedback on it... I'd suggest some chipping. With that amount of wear and tear you'd expect the paint to be flaking and chipping off.

  3. Great work ... I've never used weathering powders, but it looks appropriately orky!

    Glad to see you added one to your Waaagh.