Saturday, February 28, 2015

The First of Tuska's Minions Breach Through to the Materium

There was fire in their bellies and pure adulation in their hearts as they tore across the flesh and blood battlefield for the ten thousandth time while an undulating rabble of frothing, red-skinned, fire-eyed foes rushed to meet them. Tuska, their great Warlord, ran at the head of the horde and a dozen Daemons ricocheted off his impact and another dozen fell to his massive klaw. The horde roared with approval and surged forward. The Orks hacked and slew their way through the gibbering phalanx. Gutteral cries of approval rang out on both sides of the battle.

Meanwhile, along the flanks, Orks pressed to join the fight and Daemons skirted the sparse, fleshy terrain of the blood world. A small band of choppa Boyz came upon one such lurking band of Bloodletters and fell upon them. These foes did not press back with a counter-offensive; instead they fell back in  defensive stance and parried the Boyz' attacks with their own Hel-seared swords.

Suddenly another small squad of Bloodletters joined the fight. They hurled themselves into some of the Orks and seemed to disappear in an acrid puff of ozone. The Orks were immediately staggered to their knees. The defending Daemons saw their chance and used the moment of surprise to also dive at the remaining Orks, disappearing.

An inner struggle began within each of the Orks. The Daemons will pressed against that of the Orks. The Orks could feel the Daemons' desire to overcome them and take over them, body and soul. They got more than they bargained for, however. That which these soldiers of Khorne desired most, the Orks' deep connection to the Warp, gave the Orks the willpower to fight their foe. Moreover, the Ork mentality is such that even insubstantial attacks such as these are viewed as a battle to be won and glory to be experienced at the fighting of it. The Orks' will overcame that of their attackers, even to the extent that the Daemons could not escape! 

Each Ork began roaring with pain and jubilation as their bodies were fused with the essence of the Bloodletters. Their skin took on a red tone and their bodies became infused with warp-spawned energies which manifested as a protective energy field and a deadly, hot energy coruscating through their simple choppas. 

Once this battle was done, so was the one happening around them. Ork and Daemon bodies were strewn as far as the eye could see. As one, they all chuckled. They all agreed that this was a new development that the boss should hear about when he woke up from being dead tomorrow.

~ * ~

My first commitment for the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2015 is a squad of Daemonic Orks in the service of the famed Warboss, Tuska. I had already started one squad, so I finished that one as well. These will be used in the Adepticon Combat Patrol as Kommandos as the Infiltrate can easily represent the appearance of Daemons.


  • Step 1 "Prime" Valspar Labrador Brown
  • Step 2: Basecoats
    • Skin: Mephiston Red
    • Metal: Apple Barrel Nutmeg Brown
    • Wood and Leather: Apple Barrel Nutmeg Brown
    • Lizard leathers: Caliban Green
    • Bone: Ushabti Bone
  • Step 3: Drybrush
    • Metal: Leadbelcher
    • Wood and furs: Administratum Gray
  • Step 4: Krylon Flat Clear Coat 
  • Step 5: Wash entire model: 
    • 1 part Abaddon Black
    • 3 parts Nutmeg Brown
    • Varying amounts of alcohol or other thinner of your choice
  • Step 6: Selective Washes
    • Black on Metal
    • 1 part Abaddon Black and 1 part Doombull Brown on wood and leather
  • Step 7: Layer Power Weapons
    • Evil Sunz Scarlet
    • Wild Rider Red
    • Troll Slayer Orange
    • Fire Dragon Bright
    • Yriel Yellow
    • Then, line the connection points of the weapons with Doombull Brown for contrast
  • Step 8: Highlights and details
    • Eyes: Fire Dragon Bright
    • Bone: Ushtabi Bone
    • Skin: Evil Sunz Scarlet
    • Lizard leathers: Warboss Green
    • Hair: Abaddon Black
    • Teeth: White Scar
    • Jewelry: Leadbelcher with a dark brown spot wash
    • Choppa wires: Yriel Yellow and Caliban Green
  • Step 9: Weathering
    • Dirt and rust: splotched Nutmeg Brown
    • Bloodstains: splotched Doombull Brown
  • Step 10: Bases Part 1
    • Undercoat: Emperor's Children
    • Overcoat: KislevFlesh
    • Skeletons: Ushabti Bone
    • Base Ring: Abaddon Black
  • Step 11: Clear Coats
    • Krylon Flat
    • Testors Dullkote
  • Step 11: Paint bases (skeletons and all) with generous amounts of Blood for the Blood God

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Combat Patrol Tournament at Dirty Goblin

Tonight was Valentine's Day, so Dirty Goblin threw a quick Combat Patrol Tournament to get us home in time for dinner with our significant others. It was a really good idea and gave me an opportunity to try out my Adepticon list.

Herald of Tuska Combat Patrol List v2.1 - 400pts

  • 1 Warp Mek Sizzlegrub, 104 pts (Shokk Attack Gun; Ammo Runt x3; Gitfinda; Da Dead Shiny Shoota; Warlord)
  • 13 Boyz, 107 pts (Slugga)
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole; Big Choppa; Twin-linked Shoota)
  • 12 Kommandos, 150 pts
    • 1 Boss Nob (Bosspole; Big Choppa)
  • 1 Mek Gunz, 39 pts
    • 1 Mek Gun (Traktor Kannon; Ammo Runt)
    • 4 Gretchin

Adepticon released their updated rules for the Combat Patrol event and the rules will make it impossible for me to summon Bloodletters. This is a sensible move on their part, but it also means I had to come up with a new list.  Instead, I've added Kommandos and I'll be using my Orky Daemon models for them at the event. Today, I just used my regular Kommando models so that I could run fully painted.

Game 1

Tucker plays Orks.  I approve!

The primary objectives were to have units scoring Linebreaker and also holding 5 objectives.

I deploy Big Mek Sizzlegrub in a ruin with his Gunz unit.  The dice represent my Ammo Runts.

Sizzlegrub takes out a few Lootaz after they try to kill some of his Gretchin.

The Kommandos move into striking position after Infiltrating.

My Boyz try to cautiously make their way up the field, facing some very threatening 'Ard Boyz with Shootas!

The Boyz bravely move into charging position and promptly fail their charge after some deadly Overwatch... it was a long shot anyhow.

The Kommandos launch into the Lootaz...

...and make spore factories out of them.

The Shoota Boyz don't do much with their Shootaz...

...but prove that even Shoota Boyz are dangerous in assault!


Sizzlegrub's Warpgun takes out a chunk of Boyz...

...but that doesn't stop them from launching an assault against the Mek Gunz which broke away from the Mek that turn.

One last ditch effort results in an on-target Strength 5 shot!

The 'Ard Boyz decide they've had enough of that and make a break for it!  Game over! Thanks for the great game Tucker!

Game 2

Scotty is a favorite long-time opponent. His hat is pimp.

For this mission, we had The Relic and 2 other Objectives. This was an older mission, so we decided to run the Relic counting as one of the three Objectives.

I space myself out and Infiltrate my Kommandos wide, ready for the Drop Podding Flamer that's about to arrive.

Scotty's Devastator Squad guards his Objective.

The Pod and Tactical Squad with a Chaplain drops in...

...and does significant damage to the Boyz squad. 

The Boss has to knock a few heads in, but the Boyz manage to resist the urge to flee and, instead, form up for the assault.

The Kommandos grab The Relic.

Warp Mek Sizzlegrub blasts some Space Marines, but it is hard to get a bead on them through the ruins.  He leans against the wall, already exhausted from the day's work.

The Kommandos make  a move for the Space Marines' perch!

WARGH!  I do poorly in the assault, but Scotty's Marines are sad to still be in combat.

During Scotty's turn, he shoots at the Big Mek's unit one more time.  Also, much to my chagrin, one boy survives during my turn!

The Kommandos launch an impressive assault up the side of the building.  What can I say? Kommandos are great at monkeying up walls!

Scotty makes short work of my last Boy during my turn, and is able to get into assault position on his turn.


For three turns, the Kommandos fight valiantly against one Space Marine swinging his heavy weapon at their heads.

But they are eventually able to vanquish him and go back to grab The Relic which they had quite forgotten about in their haste to assault the enemy.  Great game, Scotty. Always a pleasure.

Game 3

Phil is a buddy from our home store in East Greenbush. He and Connor came up for some fun at the Goblin.

This mission featured 6 Objectives (wow!) and Kill Points

Phil filled the field with his 108 Gretchin and 3 Kustom Mega Kannons.

I nervously lined up the Boyz and Infiltrated the Kommandos.

After Phil's Kustom Mega Kannons fail to harm my Big Mek's unit, I move all of my Orks forward.  I know that if I can get into assault with a reasonable number of them, his lines will crumple like tissue.

Phil's Gretchin show no fear...

...and take out a few Orks, but not enough!

I push my Orks up...

....into assault position!

I multi-assault three units of Gretchin with my Kommandos and three with my Boyz for a total of 4 unique units of Gretchin. The Gretchin kill a few models in Overwatch, but I make it in without a problem.

He manages to kill zero Orks in close combat and I kill only seven Gretchin, but this is enough for all four squads to fail their Leadership tests and all four to be swept off the table with Initiative tests.

One Nob Bravely faces nearly 40 Gretchin after the Kustom Mega Kannons take out the rest of his unit!

He is not perturbed!  He sets himself up for another charge!

The Kommandos approach the Grots' hardened position...

...and make short work of it. Also, the Nob manages to kill the unit he assaulted with another Sweeping Advance and took but one wound in the Overwatch.  He falls back to an Objective.

Phil attempts to run his Warlord's squad down my right flank in order to try and score Linebreaker.  I line up a shot with my own Warlord and begin pouring Shokk Attack Gun shots into them.  I don't care about the danger... what else is the thing there for?

We squee with excitement every time I roll the strength on the Shokk Attack Gun.  I love this thing!

In the end, I am able to take out a great deal of the squad by turn 7 and its remains flee off the board.  Thanks for another great game, Phil!

At the end of the day, I score 76/90 points and win the tournament.  I excitedly purchased a real copy of Shield of Ba'al: Exterminatus for Brandon and me!

Ha! Winning!