Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Orksvent Day 2 - Battle Report

The Zhadsnark List Evolves - 1500 Batrep

Hola!  I had a good game with Connor at club night at Grimfoe last night.  As most of you know, I had some ideas on how to improve my Zhadsnark list from Da Boyz.  We're having a 1500 point tournament this weekend and I wanted to help folks work on testing their lists.  I decided to try out some of the ideas I have to improve my Zhadsnark list at the same time.

One of the main problems I had during my games at Da Boyz was my inability to protect my backfield and almost no resilient counter-assault.  For this list, I added two squads of Boyz.

Combined Arms Detachment 1
Zhadsnark Da Rippa - 150
Painboy (warbike, grot orderly, bosspole) - 85
Bikes x12 (nob, bosspole) - 231
Bikes x12 (nob, power klaw, bosspole) - 256
Bikes x12 (nob, power klaw, bosspole) - 256

Combined Arms Detachment 2
Painboy (grot orderly) - 55
Painboy (grot orderly) - 55
Boyz x28 (nob, power klaw, bosspole) - 208
Boyz x27 (nob, power klaw, bosspole) - 202

Note that I had to proxy one Nob and my Painboy because I left them at home.

My opponent, Connor's list was a Khorne-themed army with Chosen, Raptors, Kharn, a Land Raider, and two Rhinos.

Our mission is trying out one of the Tournament missions. It is 6 tactical objectives (using Ace through 6 on a deck of playing cards) as our primary objective and Kill Points as secondary.

Connor is deploying and going first, so he deploys centrally in order to be able to strike anything that comes up the field.

Connor has started to add Dozer Blades to his tanks. This is a very good idea.

I group up with the Orks as I am unafraid of templates against this list.  For other armies, my deployment might be very different.  Against Wyverns and Thunderfire Cannons, I may not even deploy the Boyz, though with the Painboyz, this isn't out of the question.

Read to zoom up the flank and kill units or score Tactical Objectives.

After Connor zooms up to score a couple of TacOs, I move to flank and kill a Rhino for First Blood and to stop the Chosen inside from moving about.

I Turbo Boost forward with Zhadsnark's unit to score 3 TacOs.  The Chosen are able to shoot up my Boss's unit, but the 2+ cover save is amazing.The Raptors assault and get me stuck in.

Although Kharn's squad is able to assault and kill one of my Bike units, I call my WAAGH! and surge forward with the Boyz.  I'm actually not sure if Zhadsnark has a proper WAAGH! and plan on emailing Forgeworld about it as soon as I can.  Even without a WAAGH!, the Boyz on the left roll Boxcars thanks to their Ere We Go roll and actually almost block the bikes from being able to assault because of it!

The Boyz are iminent.

Kharn is amused.

Everybody on the Chaos side dies except Kharn, who takes one wound. Later, the Nurgle-Marked Chosen will assault in and kill some bikes with their power mauls.

The one squad of Boyz continues to score TacOs.

The Warboss's squad finally breaks free and heads for the other Chosen squad.

The Chosen in the Rhino back off away from the Boss's unit.  

The boss's unit assaults and kills the Chosen they shot out of the Rhino while the remaining Bikes and Boyz at the center do some work on the Nurgle-Marked Chosen.

All that's left is a Land Raider and Connor concedes the game.

I think this list is good, though I think Connor ought to have sent Kharn after my boss instead and also shot me up a bit more at range before assaulting so close to my Boyz.  I think he's got an interesting list with some good stuff in it and he did exhibit some pretty good decision-making skills otherwise.  These are all very tough decisions to make with TacO missions.

I think 2 big blobs of Boyz is a bit much for this points level.  I would find it very hard to take down a Knight list with this. I do think a squad of Meganobz or Tankbustas in a Trukk would be better.  At 1850, I think this would do nicely...

1850 Rippin & Tearin

Combined Arms Detachment 1
Zhadsnark Da Rippa - 150
Painboy (warbike, grot orderly, bosspole) - 85
Bikes x12 (nob, bosspole) - 231
Bikes x12 (nob, power klaw, bosspole) - 256
Bikes x12 (nob, power klaw, bosspole) - 256

Combined Arms Detachment 2
Painboy (grot orderly) - 55
Boyz x30 (nob, power klaw, bosspole) - 220
Tankbustas x10 (nob, bosspole, big choppa, trukk (reinforced ram, rokkit)) - 185
Tankbustas x10 (nob, bosspole, big choppa, trukk (reinforced ram, rokkit)) - 185
Gretchin x10 (squig hound) - 40
Mek (killsaw) - 45
Trukk (reinforced ram, rokkit) - 35

Unspent points: 107

This list has 107 points remaining.  I may buy some more bikes to add to my collection and fill out those squads a bit more.  Or, I might do a 4th, smaller unit of bikes.  In a recent article, Reece was talking about MSUing the bike squads into groups of 6 and it might be nice to have 3 smaller units replace one of my big units.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice batrep, thanks for posting it. The second-to-last photo is absolutely epic! I do have a criticism, however. Rhinos moving ON TOP of other vehicles, even if they are destroyed, is, to put it as politely as possible, less than admirable gameplay, imho. If the destroyed rhino hasn't been removed from play as a catastrophic explosion, you should go around it.

    1. Interesting thought, Talarius. It is always neat to hear about what other folks do in their groups. For example, I know some groups don't like it when models go through the walls of ruins. I've never heard of not going on top of wrecked vehicles. They are considered Dangerous Terrain by the rules, but I would never tell anyone how they should play their game. :)

    2. Very true. There's no one "right" way to play the game, so don't take my criticism too seriously. It's just the kind of thing I wouldn't do and most of the folks I've played with wouldn't either. To me, it completely breaks the aesthetic of the game. The reason we play is to have fun, but it's also to recreate the story of a sci-fi battle in our minds. Tanks don't typically drive on top of other recently destroyed tanks... at least not in my imagination. ;-) Regardless, thanks for posting the batrep and as I said, there are some great shots in there. Keep up the good work in 2015 and Happy New Year!