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Orksvent Day 9 - WAAGH! Drillteef Supplement Part 2 - Da Oddboyz' Loot

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Any Characters allowed to take Gifts of Gork & Mork in Detachments using the WAAGH! Drillteef Supplement or Formations which are a part of the WAAGH! Drillteef Supplement instead select options from Da Oddboyz’ Loot below.  In addition, they may choose from the following list from the Gifts of Gork & Mork:  Da Finkin Kap, Da Fixer Upperz, Da Dead Shiny Shoota, and the following list from Orkimedes’ Kustom Gubbinz: Da Supa Cybork, Da Killa Klaw, Mega Force Field.

In addition, any Oddboy with the Independent Character special rule may select any of these relics as an upgrade so long as other, specific rules for equipping the relic are followed and only one of each are taken per army.

Larfin Gas Tank - 25 pts

Mad Doc Drillteef never takes to the field of battle with his tank of Larfin Gas which gives him the “kurrij” to face down the mightiest of foes.

The Larfin Gas Tank may be equipped on the back of a Mad Doc, Painboss, or Painboy. When they do, the character provides a 4+ Feel No Pain instead of 5+.

Wagonkrumpa’s Redgas - 15 pts

Boss Wagonkrumpa lives for the acrid smell of exhaust and burning warmachines.  Long ago, he pressed Big Mek Skar ‘Ead into service and the old Ork Mek has developed many important inventions in that time. One of the more delightful of these, and easlily Wagonkrumpa’s favorite, has been Redgas.

When a character equipped with Redgas is embarked upon a Transport, the vehicle may add 2d6 inches to its movement.  If a “1” is rolled on either of the dice, the vehicle suffers 1 hull point damage for each “1” rolled.  If the dice come up Snakebite Eyes (both dice roll a “1”), then the vehicle suffers an “Immobilized” result as well as the 2 hull points.  If a Mek or Big Mek is embarked upon the transport, you may re-roll the entire result.  No matter what number is rolled, if models disembark from the Transport that turn, they must each make a Dangerous Terrain check as they launch themselves from the rocketing vehicle.

Big Mek Dreadnutz’ Dread Armor - 40pts

Sometimes Big Mek Dreadnutz feels inspired to personally operate the monstrous idols to Gork and Mork he creates.  For this, he has invented the Dread Armor.  This is a suit of Power Armor which allows him to mount and operate any of his creations, overriding the actions of the pilot inside.  Sometimes this even works on the enemy itself!

Big Mek Dreadnutz’ Dread Armor allows the wearer to embark upon any friendly walker as if it were an open-topped transport even if it doesn’t have transport capacity.  If it does have transport capacity, the wearer doesn’t take up space in the vehicle. Moreover, the wearer doesn’t count as having joined any unit(s) which are inside.

The model wearing this armor may, at the start of the combat sub-phase, target one enemy vehicle engaged in the same combat with a Template, covering as much of the targeted vehicle with the template as possible. Friendly models may be covered by this Template.  Roll a dice.  On a 4+, the enemy vehicle loses 1d6 attacks (minimum 0).  If this vehicle is a Superheavy Walker, it instead loses 1d3 attacks.  Additionally, whether a 4+ was rolled or not, any enemy vehicle touched by the Template suffers one single Haywire hit resolved at AP 2.  Any other unit (friend or foe) suffers a Str 4 AP- hit for every model in that unit under the template with hits originating from (but not allocated to) the wearer of the Dread Armor.

Big Mek Dreadnutz’ Dread Armor provides a 3+ armor save to the wearer and a 5+ invulnerable save to any Walker he is embarked upon.  This armor may not be equipped on a character with Mega Armor and it may only be equipped by a Mek or a Big Mek.

Tuska’s Toof - 25pts

In his travels, Mad Doc Drillteef has encountered many foes and collected many teef.  His most prized possession is a fang excised from the face of the great Tuska himself.  No fool ever knocked a toof from Tuska’s head, so they fell out naturally.  Long ago, a Painboy named Rorg was tasked with extracting a painful tooth from the legendary boss’s jaw.  While the procedure was successful, the Rorg lost an arm.  He bought a new arm with the Toof he extracted and it has passed hands many times over the years.

The wielder of Tuska’s Toof believes that it holds amazing powers of implacability, so they often wear it on a chain around their neck as a ward against danger. Whether this is true or not, the Toof provides a 5+ invulnerable save to those who wield it.

Additionally, an army with a character wielding Tuska’s Toof may choose to generate up to two additional Warp Charges in the psychic phase. If it does so, the Warp Charge may only be used for manifesting or denying Maelific Daemonology powers.  If the Warp Charge is left unused for this purpose, the wielder of Tuska’s Toof suffers Perils of the Warp.

Note that any Character allowed to take Gifts of Gork and Mork may possess this relic, it does not give the Character the ability to manifest powers himself.  Also, Weirdboys, Painbosses, and Painboys may take this relic as an upgrade.

Da Tellyporta of Pain

A joint effort between Big Mek Skar ‘Ead and Drillteef, Da Tellyporta of Pain is a cybork-netic device which is implanted in the brain-stem of an Ork commander, preferably a valuable Oddboy.  All pain felt by the commander is projected to a hapless nearby Ork’s brain instead. The duo hopes to, someday, come up with a way to make it transmit to other species’ brains instead.

A character with Da Tellyporta of Pain may activate it at the start of the Fight Subphase.  While Da Tellyporta of Pain is activated, models may Look Out, Sir! for the Character even if he is engaged in a Challenge.  These Look Out, Sir! rolls automatically pass.  At the end of the assault phase, roll a dice.  On a 4+, the Ork realizes how badly he’s wounded and is removed from play.  If the model has the Eternal Warrior special rule, then do 1 wound to him instead, no saves or Feel No Pain allowed.

Note:   These rules are experimental. Please report any possible issues including abusive applications to adam.fasoldt@gmail.com.  This is a work for the purpose of fan enjoyment and is not intended to make money or to infringe on Games Workshop’s copyrights.  All symbology and terminology is Copyright Games Workshop LLC.  This has been created with Games Workshop’s fair use policy (available on their website) in mind.

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