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Orksvent Day 14 - Orkbardment Rokkit

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Orkbardment Rokkit


Ork Rokks are the tried and true method of Ork transport from space to planet-side.  They not only are capable of delivering thousands of Orks into battle, but also serve as a ready-made base of operations.

Sometimes, however, Ork commanders need to make a more surgical strike in order to either distract an enemy from their main force or to take out specific targets which threaten a regular advance such as bombardment batteries.

Unit Type:
Vehicle (Transport).

Unit Composition:
1 Orkbardment Rokkit

Transport Capacity:  Thirty models
Dedicated Transport:  Any unit which is allowed to take a Trukk as a Dedicated Transport may also take an Orkbardment Rokkit.

Special Rules:  Deepstrike, Okrbardment!

Orkbardment!  An Orkbardment Rokkit must be deployed via Deepstrike.  When the Orkbardment Rokkit arrives via Deepstrike, place a Large Blast Marker where you want the Orks to be deployed and scatter it as normal.  Place the Large Blast Marker on the table where it scattered to, placing any models under it, on it..  Before deploying the Orks, deal a strength 8 AP 1 hit to all models under the center hole of the template.

If the template is not under any enemy models, deploy the embarked Orks either on the Blast Marker or within 6” of the Blast Marker as if deploying from a transport.

If the template is under any enemy models, deploy the embarked Orks into close combat with any enemy models (including vehicles) on the Blast Marker or within 6” of the Blast Marker.  These Orks and their engaged unit(s) will fight in the next Assault Phase as if they were involved with an ongoing combat.

In either case, after deploying the embarked Orks, the Rokkit explodes!  The radius of the Str 4 AP - blast is 6+1d3” emanating from the center hole of the Blast Marker.  The Blast Marker remains on the table as a crater.

Note that the destruction of the Orkbardment Rokkit does count as a unit destroyed for the purposes of victory conditions.

Note:   These rules are experimental. Please report any possible issues including abusive applications to  This is a work for the purpose of fan enjoyment and is not intended to make money or to infringe on Games Workshop’s copyrights.  All symbology and terminology is Copyright Games Workshop LLC.  This has been created with Games Workshop’s fair use policy (available on their website) in mind.

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