Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Orksvent Day 10 - WAAGH! Drillteef Supplement Part 3 - Spanner Boyz Formation

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Spanner Boyz Formation

Mad Doc Drillteef’s long game is rooted firmly in his Big Meks.  For this reason, the Big Meks of WAAGH! Drillteef rarely venture out of camp without a strong coterie of bodyguards to protect them and do the dirty work. Indeed, they stick by his side until he’s returned safely… unless, of course, it becomes be necessary to send the Boyz forward to sacrifice themselves in order to buy time for his escape!  Until then, the Spanner Boyz are especially good at securing mechanical objectives of importance.


1 Big Mek
1 unit of Boyz
2 Meks


If no Dedicated Transport is selected for the Boyz unit in this Formation, then the Big Mek may not select the Mega Armor upgrade.

Special Rules:

Special Kunning, Da Best Inventions

Strict Orders:  Both the Big Mek and the Meks in this Formation must join the unit of Boyz in this Formation at the start of the game.  The Big Mek may only leave the unit after the end of Turn 4.

All Deez Wonderful Toyz:   One model in the Boyz unit plus one for every 15 models in the unit may replace their shoota or slugga with one of the following for 15 points each:  Deffgun, Burna, or Grotzooka.  This is in addition to any Rokkit Launchas or Big Shootas they purchase.  The Spanner Boyz may also elect to take a Battlewagon or Looted Wagon as a Dedicated Transport instead of a Trukk.

Lootin’ Skillz:  While the Big Mek from this Formation is attached to the Boyz squad in this Formation, the unit enjoys the Objective Secured special rule.  Note that this does not grant Objective Secured to the unit's Dedicated Transport.

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