Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kanban 2015 Status is Level: Sleepy Puppy

So, going into 2015, the ol' Kanban board is looking rather amusing. Thought I'd share.  This post is what constitutes my hobby commitments for 2015. Wish me luck, because all of this needs to be done in addition to trying to lose weight, working, doing the podcast, and having a life!

Paint Work

The main drive right now is to finish the two projects I have for Frontline Gaming. One is of 55 scouts and the other is a Space Marines project with some Legion of the Damned and some vehicles.  I hope to have them finished soon.


Also on the docket are the John's Titans.  I want these done by January.  I really, really do.  I think it's possible, but I just need to keep my greedy mitts off the Orks in order to accomplish it! I have several stages to complete:

Cut body base
Re-position legs
Missile podsArms
Trim - in progress
Fill gapsSand
Fill gaps
Secure to a base for balance purposes

Mephirit Dynasty Formation

My reward, as it has always been, for completing the Titans is to build and paint my Necron army. Some new rules have come out which will take this huge, Warrior-Heavy army I'm building and make it a bit more competitive to play. The new Detachment allows you to take up to 8 Troops and allows you to re-roll your Reanimation rolls of a 1. The idea is to build all 155 Warriors and their Overlord over the course of a week, then paint them in one long weekend.


I have so so so many Orks to work on, including models for the Tuska Project.  I need to do a Combat Patrol for Adepticon, otherwise, the Orks will be an on-again off-again project for a few months.  In addition to the Tuska project, I have some Nobz, Meganobz, Mek Gunz, Deffkoptas, a Runtbot, some Looted vehicles (for a future Diggaz project), several ICs, and much, much more.

Daughters of the Final Autumn

This was to be the great project of 2014 before I got very, very busy.  Between Adepticon prep and working on the Titans all before starting to work for Frontline, this just didn't happen.  The level of detail required to make these ladies the way I want them means I think this will be last on my priorities list for the time being.


I want to be done with the paint work and Titans by the end of January, but I think realistically, I can expect to be done by early February.  I really need to work on a dinner party game of Dark Heresy which I'll be running at Adepticon as well as the Star Trek Attack Wing tournament I'm running at that convention. This will slow me down considerably and I think it's best to focus on those tasks as well as the Orks I need for that tournament.


  • Paint Commissions
  • Promote STAW Tournament
  • Plan Dark Heresy game
  • Work on Titans


  • Finish Titans
  • Necron Project
  • Playtest Dark Heresy game


  • Paint Orky Daemons for Tuska project (30x Bloodletters, a Bloodreaper, and a Herald of Khorne).  
  • Adepticon!
  • Orks!

That's as far as I can plan ahead.  I'll see y'all on the other side!


  1. Sounds like a good year in the making! What are your thoughts on the formation for monoliths/warriors/immortals? It seems to me like monoliths are underappreciated and this formation just adds yet another cool rule to what they do already.

    1. I am not going that deep into the codex. I'll die. LOL. But I love these neat formations... I hope they add more variety on the tabletop.