Thursday, November 6, 2014

Painting Unto Others: Kevin's Sisters of Battle

I am in a cavalcade of projects right now.  I hate to enumerate, but I think the impact will be greater with the use of bullet points.
  • Continued work on Frontline Gaming projects (right now some Scouts and an Inquisitor)
  • Da Boyz GT prep work, planning, and test games
  • Kevin's Sisters of Battle (on my plate for about a year and a half)
  • John's Titans (on my plate for just over a Year)
  • Continued involvement in the Masters of the Forge Podcast
  • ICs forums
  • Adepticon planning
  • Necron Warriors army (Swamp-themed RustyCrons)
  • Game club involvement
  • All manner of Ork projects (Meganobz, 2x Trukks, Big Mek, Land Raider Battlewagon Rogue Trader Slugga Boyz, Rogue Trader Shoota Boyz, Big Mek with KFF, 2 Warboss, Flash Gitz, Gretchin Tokens, Mek Gunz, Boyz, Deffkoptas, Nobz, Gretchin, and basing improvements for everyone.
  • WAAGH! Tuska army.... I really want to do this army!
  • Diggaz army... allied contingent of Astra Militarum
  • Daughters of the Final Autumn Sisters of Battle project (I have all the models and no time)
  • Several terrain projects
  • Star Trek Attack Wing repaints
  • Blood Bowl
  • Pillar World Zone Mortalis board (half complete)
  • Update Star Eagles to something I'm proud of (far future planning stages)
And with it all, trying very hard to maintain focus on my family, career, and friends.

So, it gives me great pleasure to say that I have been able to move a major item to the "Completed" column of my Kanban board.  This takes a great weight off my shoulders.  I can only hope that I can complete the Titans soon and have the same feeling except magnified.

The more things I cross off, I think the more I will feel free to give other things time.  I want to be more involved in the ICs forums that I am at the moment and I want to devote more time and effort in the podcast.  I'm proud of the work we do, but I feel like I could do better.

For now, I'll have to focus for a bit on my current FLG project, but next week I have the holiday off and will be taking that day to do my hobby prep for Da Boyz GT.  My Biker Boyz need a little TLC and I'm hoping to get some work done on my display board.

Anyways, on to the Sisters!

So, first a little history.  The original Sisters of Battle were an old Blue Table Painting project my buddy picked up on Ebay for a song.  The colors were a bit different back then, but I think I've got it close enough for government work.  The bases were really weird too... they look to be green paint dipped in sand.  That's what I did for the new models, but just because I wanted them to match as much as possible.  See below for a comparison.

The BTP model is on the left and mine is on the right.  Apologies for the over-exposed photos.  My white seems like a blob of white, but I prefer to do a light gray base with a highlight of white.  In person it has far more definition.

I'll have to do a bit of clean-up on the edge highlighting as usual. LOL.

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  1. Pillar World Zone Mortalis board (half complete)

    I'm intrigued! I didn't know you were working on a ZM board. 4X4?