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The Fall of Haven - New York Edition

A couple of weeks ago, a few of the fellas from the club came out on a Saturday to run a narrative event for the Pakeshi Sector storyline we're taking part in with the Overlords in London.  We had a great time throwing dice with narrative missions and painted armies.  Thanks to James, Jason, Phil, and John for making it out to the store.

The forces of Chaos have been marching on the world of Haven, intent on spoiling the world's rich collection of Ecclesiarchial relics and holy places.  Haven City was the center of the world's holy places and also the epicenter of the battle which took place on the tabletops of London with the Overlords.  Our battles were waged over Haven's Manufactorum district where holy promethium and other materiel are produced.

Army Construciton

All armies will be constructed at the 750 point level for the first game.  For the second game, all units from the first game will be used and add an additional 250 points.  For the third game, all units from the second game will be used and add an additional 500 points.   All option upgrades must be on a model by model basis and be more costly than the option previously selected.  For example a 5-man Tactical Squad with a meltagun may not simply be upgraded to a Tactical Squad with a Power Fist on the Seargent.  However, that same unit may upgrade its meltagun to a Plasmagun and simply add a Power Fist to the Sergeant.

There are no limitations on your army list, however the friendliness and narrative strength of your list will be cleared by the organizer.  Chaos and Imperial forces are encouraged.

The Hero

Before the first game begins, designate one Sergeant upgrade as The Hero.  The Hero is a Character who stands above the rest… the cream of the crop.  It is up to you to tell your Hero’s story. This model receives +1 wound and enjoys the Eternal Warrior special rule.  This Character will receive special abilities throughout the game.  If you do not have a sergeant upgrade or your Hero already has the abilities listed, then you do not benefit.


All Objectives are pieces of manufactorum terrain.  Units must touch the terrain to hold or contest it.


All pipes are Promethium Relays as per the Stronghold Assault rulebook.  Some terrain are Fog Bank Nodes which generate Fog Banks.

I set up a two 4'x4' tables filled with Mechanicum terrain.  After each game, I moved the terrain.  Also Fog Banks were used in all the missions.  Check out our On Your Tabletop for Masters of the Forge Episode 10 to get rules for the Fog Ban terrain feature.

Scenario 1:  Lightning Raid

Your objective is to hit the enemy fast and hard at the break of dawn, taking whatever resources are lying about as you do.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Primary Mission: Purge the Alien (11pts)
Secondary Mission:  Cleanse and Control (7pts)
Tertiary Missions: Linebreaker (2pts), Slay the Warlord (3pts), Slay the Hero (1pt), First Blood (1pt)
Objectives: 4 (Re-draw any TacO greater than 4)
Special rules:  Night fight on the first turn.
Heroic Qualities:  Your hero either has Infiltrate or Fleet during this mission, your choice.

The Thousand Sons fade into reality amidst the fog of morning.

Their ancient enemy, and possibly former brothers, the Blood Ravens lie in wait, their Librarians having foreseen the enemy's coming.

The darkling morning and fog make the acquisition of targets spotty at best, but a few wounds are exchanged across the yard.

The Sorcerer orders his men to advance from cover to cover and take shots as they go.
The Warp Spirits who have been known to provide backup to this Company of Blood Ravens once again comes to their aid.

An assault squad threatens the Thousand Sons' back lines.

The Blood Ravens hero orders his men to feats of heroism in the open field.  It's easy to be brave when you have a Vindicator backing you up.

A blast rings out through the crisp morning air...

...and a handful of Thousand Sons are vaporized.
Then, the venerable machine lines up a shot to avenge the Hero's squad...

... and claims more of their vile former Brothers.

The Blood Ravens gain a bit of ground while the Thousand Sons fade into the roiling mist.

Meanwhile, the Grey Knights maneuver into position with a deep desire to bring justice to the traitors among the guardsmen holding the Manufactorum.

Sick of their ceaseless toil at the pleasure of the Ecclesiarchy, the Guardsmen fight for their freedom against the Grey-clad monsters.

Some of the run-down equipment and machinery made for perfect emplacement points.

The implacable Grey Knights march through the mist.

A venerable Brother lines up an overkill shot against a guardsman.

The Grey Knights roll through the Imperial lines with impunity, filling the minds of the living with deep regrets.

The Traitor Guard commander inspires his troops with a few lines from his slightly edited Primer.

The Grey Knights wipe out every man on their part of the field and they charge forward in search of more prey.

Scenario 2:  Capture Resources

Now that you are established in the sector, gain ground and capture Objectives.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Primary Mission: Tactical Escalation (11pts)
Secondary Mission:  Purge the Alien (9pts)
Tertiary Missions: Linebreaker (1pt per unit, maximum of 5)
Objectives: 4 (Re-draw any TacO greater than 4)
Special rules:  You may re-roll Mysterious Objectives.
Heroic Qualities:  Your hero either has the Objective Secured special rule or the Ignores Cover special rule.

The Thousand Sons await the Grey Knights to fall into their trap.  A large, damaged fuel tank leaks a thick vapor.

Ahirman has finally arrived on the planet and he seizes control of the force.

A noble Dreadknight jumps behind enemy lines and seizes control of the Warp...

....and a resonance feedback caused by the presence of Ahriman destroys the Dreadknight and it is vaporized in a puff of atoms.  With this 

The Librarian commander bravely seeks out the enemy...

...throws himself at the enemy...

...and while locked in combat, also reaches into the warp and finds, instead of power, a Daemon Prince awaiting him.

The Blood Ravens set up a quick defensive position when they see resistance in this sector where it was unexpected.

The Fallen Imperial Guard find places to hide, as usual.

The Blood Ravens' Techmarines are prepared, though.

Although the Blood Ravens put up an honorable fight, the guardsmen seem to be acting as men possessed.  They rush headlong into danger and it pays off. 

The Librarian commander points into the distance where reinforcements seem to be approaching.

Scenario 3:  Hold Your Ground!

Do not let the enemy take what your men have bled and died for!

Deployment: Dawn of War
Objectives: 4
Primary Mission: Emperor’s Will (10pts)
Secondary Mission:  Contact Lost (10pts)
Tertiary Missions:  Slay the Warlord (2pts), Slay the Hero (3pts)
Special rules:  Promethium Relays have been shut down for this scenario.  Also, night fight is in effect on turns 5+.  Additionally, all Imperial Flamers and Melta enjoy +1 str vs Chaos forces.

Heroic Qualities:  Your Hero has one more additional wound and the Fearless special rule.  They also enjoy one other Special Rule you desire from the Core Rulebook; you may even choose Independent Character.  Please alert the organizer to any strange rules collisions you may be concerned about.

If your Hero survives this Scenario, and you manage to keep and record his abilities, you may use him in the next Narrative event we hold at the store, for a nominal points cost.

Note:  Instead of running two games, we decide to make this one a 1500+1500 team game.  I also instruct the Imperial Guard player to infiltrate his models in order to speed up the game and create an interesting narrative element, almost as if we are continuing from the previous mission.

After Haven City was smashed and burned, some reinforcements made their way to the Manufactorum, keen on wreaking further havoc.

The Thousand Sons are unfazed by the presence of the Plague Tower, but the Guardsmen are fairly perturbed.

The Grey Knights advance without fear.

More daemons begin warping into the area. 

The trap is sprung and the forces of Chaos are almost upon their enemies, appearing through the fog before they even know it.

The Grey Knights commit yet more resources to the effort after detecting the presence of the fiend, Ahriman on the field.

A Pink Horror points out the fact that the previous occupants have left a booby trap in their ruin!

On orders from the Inquisition, a Star Eagles Shadow Barge responds to the threat, sending some 1st Company into the fray.

A small squad of 10th Company in their Stormraven screams onto the field with Talon support.

The fallen guardsmen advance, the choir of Tzeench screaming in their frail minds.

Ahriman and his fearless, ghostly warriors slowly wear down the Star Eagles.

No one is safe from the power of Ahriman.  The Grey Knights fall one irreplaceable Brother at a time...

After their Librarian commander's brain is burned to dust by the Perils of the Warp, the Scouts slam into the guardsmen and are backed up by the Grey Knights.

The Blood Ravens and Guardsmen are locked in brutal, bloody combat.

Wreckage is strewn across the landscape.  The Grey Knights beat a hasty tactical retreat back to their Strike Cruiser after gunning down the remaining Star Eagle Scouts.

The traitor guard Hero tosses a Vortex Grenade (a gift from his new master) into the Blood Ravens and they fight fearlessly.

The result is a clear victory for the forces of chaos.  Haven's manufactorum burns...

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