Friday, July 25, 2014

Ork Boyz Rehab

So I got a little me-time in tonight hobby-wise.  These were the first two Boyz squads I painted when I started playing the game in 2010.  I'd already re-done their shirts, but their metal parts and skin have always bothered me.

Their barrels weren't even drilled out!

I also see myself running more 'Ard Boyz in the future, so I added some 'eavy armor to the Old Boyz squad, then drilled their barrels out.

As you can see, my 'Ard Boyz have all the armor plates you'd expect on them, but look at how clean the armor is.  Hardly a spot of rust!  I painted over the original 'Ard Boyz metal plates with brown and did another boltgun drybrush on them to create more of a rusted effect than just the bright boltgun-over-black that they were originally.

Then, I went through and did a highlight of my high-green mixture on all 62 Boyz.  They look much more vibrant now, though I don't think that really communicates through in the pictures as much as I'd hope.

The Old Boyz are a squad of Orks with a genetic defect that doesn't allow them to get bigger as they age.  Instead of killing these Orks, Mad Doc simply lumps them all together into one squad and throws them into the fray as his Vanguard.  Of late, many of the Old Boyz have actually managed to survive a few fights, so have collected enough teef to armor themselves in some beaten-up, old scrap metal.

Boss Wagonkrumpa's 'Ard Boyz are the cream of the crop within his warband.  Most of the Nobz in WAAGH! Drillteef have passed through service in this unit.  They are a hard-hitting and well-equipped honor guard of sorts which throw themselves at the enemy and keep them at bay long enough for Boss Wagonkrumpa or Big Mek Skar 'Ead to complete their mission.

It's 2am but I'm feeling okay about it.  It was nice to work on my own models even if it was only for an evening.

Tomorrow, we are recording Episode 9 of the Masters of the Forge and I'm going to a tournament. Wish me luck!

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