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Dirty Goblin Team Tournament - July

Okay, I have a few Battle Reports from last night's game to do before returning to the Titan Project.

As usual, I was glad to have had the opportunity to play in a Team Tournament at Dirty Goblin Games yesterday using my Orks.  My buddy, John was my team-mate and my mission to convert him to the ways of Gork (or possibly Mork) are beginning to bear fruit.

The format is old Bay Area Open style with 1200 points per player.  Mark, the store owner and Organizer said that the next Tournament will use the Maelstrom missions which will be really cool.

The rounds were 3 hours long and two of our games ended naturally even though we took the Tide, so that's super helpful.

Da Orks:

Skip's Detachment (Green Tide):
Warboss - 124pts (Da Big Bosspole, Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Eavy Armor)
Ard Boyz x10 - 140pts (Eavy Armor, Big Shoota, Nob, (Shoota, Power Klaw))
Ard Boyz x10 - 115pts (Eavy Armor, Big Shoota, Nob)
Ard Boyz x10 - 105pts (Eavy Armor, Big Shoota)
Skar Boyz x10 - 100pts (Rokkit Launcha, Nob (Power Klaw))
Skar Boyz x10 - 75pts (Rokkit Launcha, Nob)
Skar Boyz x10 - 65pts (Rokkit Launcha)
Wreckin Krew Boyz x10 - 100pts (Rokkit Launcha, Nob (Shoota, Power Klaw))
Wreckin Krew Boyz x10 - 75pts (Rokkit Launcha, Nob)
Wreckin Krew Boyz x10 - 65pts (Rokkit Launcha)
Yeller Shoota Boyz x30 - 256pts (Rokkit Launchax3, Shoota x26, Nob (Shoota, Power Klaw))

Adam's Detachment (Combined Arms):
Painboy - 50pts (Attached to the Green Tide)
Mek Gunz x5 - 154pts (Lobbas, Ammo Runts x5, Extra Gretchin x10)
Mek - 15pts
Mek Gunz x3 - 117pts (Traktor Kannon, Ammo Runts x3, Extra Gretchin x6)
Mek - 15pts
Warbuggies x5 - 125pts (Twin-linked Rokkits)
Burna Bommer -135pts
Stormboyz x20 -180pts
Boss Zagstruk - 65pts
Tankbustas x11 - 143pts (I only played with 10 of them - oops!)
Battlewagon - 125pts (Ram, Big Shoota)
Gretchin x10 - 35pts
Gretchin x10 - 35pts

I'll talk about the list a bit after describing the games.

Game 1

Primary Mission: Purge the Alien
Secondary Mission:  Emperor's Will
Deployment:  Vanguard Strike
Opponents: Grey Knights and Carcharodons

This was an enjoyable game.  We deployed how you'd expect with the Green Tide dead center, the Gunz on the rear, the Battlewagon with Tankbustas on the right flank, and the Buggies and Stormboyz in reserve.  The enemy suffered a bit due to Deep Strike mishaps and miscalculating the overwhelming force of the Green Tide, though the army performed quite well and we had a nice time.  The victory was ours.

The Green Tide was a swarm, moving from position to position and WAAGH!ing as it went.

So many dice...

Scrum against two Paladin squads.

Zagstruk's squad earned its keep in this game.

Game 2


Even with multi-assault, the Nobz and Warboss in the Green Tide can do some work.

Game 3

Primary Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Secondary Mission:  Marked for Death
Deployment:  Hammer & Anvil
Opponents: Grey Knights and Tau

Because of the nature of Hammer & Anvil we were forced to place our fast attack and Lobbas forward and on the flanks, causing the green tide to be deployed centrally with a deeper field.  Because of this, the front rank was always chewed up by the enemy fire and we never made it into assault with them. We had a really fun time hollering at each other and generally lamenting the losses of the poor Orks. This was a really good game and I learned a lot, but the enemy won handily.

Storm Boyz got way too close too soon.  Not just due to shooting but basically giving the enemy free shots in the psychic phase.  As Orks, you need to consider the Psychic phase just another shooting phase.

Randomizing Soul Blaze on the Green Tide is HILARIOUS!

This was the inevitable fate of the Green Tide against this shooting-heavy army where we couldn't spread out enough.

The Green Tide

Unlike a group of 30 Boyz, the huge blob has the distinction of not being as suceptible to front rank depletion unless you deploy them too narrowly.  Yes, a wide deployment can make it tough to concentrate boyz on a unit, but you generally won't have to worry about that because you pile in so much.  You need to make sure to disperse your Power Klaws appropriately and have a Painboy in the squad.  The Painboy makes all the difference in the world. Also, equipping some units with 'eavy armor was quite a boon.  There were several instances in our games when a few boyz would fall to weight of fire, but when the allocation came to the 'Ard Boyz, it stopped dead in its tracks thanks to the 4+ Armor and 5+ Feel No Pain.

Mek Gunz

Even without a Runtherd which would be a lot nicer to have than a Mek in these squads, the Gunz batteries are still really good.  I love the fact that you can now have 4 Gretchin per gun, which decreases the chances of having to make a morale check by quite a bit.  The Lobbas, of course, are fantastic, however the Traktor Kannon, since it snap shots against anything but flyers and skimmers, isn't all that great.  It's probably better to just take a squad of Lootaz or use Kannons instead.


It is really awesome to have these guys as HQs.  Again, a very good reason why Orks should be allowed to use multiple Detachments.  An Ork army with two HQs is a sad, sad thing.


I loved being able to start with these guys on the board when needed and just bring them off my board edge instead of deepstriking.  I think they really need a character with them to make them work, particularly Zagstruk or a Warboss on Bike.  I'm very tempted to paint up 10 more to make a unit of 30 to go screaming across the battlefield.

Just watch out for Nova powers. I made the mistake of getting too close to the Grey Knight Purifier squads on Turn 1.


The new Ork codex is awesome.  It is a lot of fun in a team environment, but I can't wait to start building my Battlewagon lists for 1v1 play.

But for now, time to get back to the grind-stone with these Titans!

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