Sunday, June 22, 2014

Loopy Paints Unto Others - Space Marines (Brown)

I've completed another commission for Frontline Gaming.  For this one, the customer chose a brown scheme using the Ravenwing iconography for a generic chapter or chapter of his own devising.  This was a LEVEL 1 commission which means just one highlight.

This was the first time I'd ever done Edge Highlighting which is the preferred method for doing this level of commission.  I know it may seem strange that someone doing commission work hasn't done edge highlighting, but it's just not my preferred method.  I prefer to wet blend everything or just do blocked highlights over darker colors and washes.

The first go-around they looked terrible.  I tried really hard to keep the edge highlights thin and vague, but instead they came out kind of sloppy.  Because of that, I had to spend an additional 4 hours on making the highlight heavier and more pronounced.  The good thing is, I know what I'm doing now and won't make the same mistake again; therefore an army like this will take less time.  In all 40 hours isn't terrible, but I think I can cut it down to 35 without sacrificing quality (which, of course, is the most important thing).

Edge highlighting on the Dreadnought before and after fixing it.  I honestly think it looks pretty great especially considering it's a Level 1 job.
My favorite model is the Captain.  He was painted at a Level 2 standard and I wanted to keep him for myself!  I truly hope the client enjoys fielding these models in battle!

I'm looking forward to my next commission.  Thanks to Wendy who's been taking on extra responsibilities so that I may work at this new part-time job!


  1. First time I've ever seen Brown marines, and it works pretty well. Good job with the commission and the captain looks particularly good :)