Sunday, March 16, 2014

Flash Gitz Rock Band - TUSKA!

Many in Ork society have heard the tales of the Warlord Tuska and his exploits into the Eye of Terror. In some circles he is not only revered, but even worshipped.  There have been many whispers about whether he may, someday, return from the Eye of Terror to bring the knowledge of what he learned there to the Orks of the Materium.

The Ork Rocker band, "Tuska!" has, therefore, become quite popular among the fringes of Ultima Segmentum.  The Orks there flock by the millions to watch them perform on Ork-controlled worlds and Space Hulks.  Through this band, the Orks can one day dream of a Galaxy of perpetual warfare.

There is something more devious at foot within the band's ranks, however.  Their manager, a red-skinned Grot named Toofgrubba is not what he appears to be.  Toofgrubba is, in reality, a Daemon in disguise who has aspirations for Princehood.  His plan is to get the band hooked on Warp Dust and bill them as an opening act for Slaaneshi metal bands as a precursor to a WAAGH!  His hope is that this will fuel a blood sacrifice with a great enough scale to summon forth the real Tuska and his daemonically-infused horde of Boyz... a force so great and powerful that it rampages across the Galaxy in an unstoppable blood frenzy!

~ * ~

Ever since I heard about Tuska I've wanted to make a Daemon army using Fantasy Savage Orks.  I've never really had the time, but I may do it in 2015.  I figured it'd be fun to do a little story based on how this happens, so I'm bringing a Flash Gitz Rock Band to the Adepticon Team Tournament this year. Along with the team captain's Slaaneshi Noise Marines, we've got both an opening act and a headliner. The headlining Noise Marines are Ciaran's Lord Nils Verboten and The Cult of the Sonic Temple! We shall be joined by Adan taking an Ork Biker gang and Matt bringing along some additional Chaos CotST fans!

With any luck, The Metal will be rocked and much blood will be spilled!

Below, enjoy the individual shots of the band members and their wardrobe changes!

Green Floyd, Front Man
He's a bit of a primadonna and is not well-liked by the rest of the band members.  Sadly, Green Floyd is deeply addicted to Warp Dust.

Nigel Jamhamma, Lead Guitar
Poor Nigel has a bit of a receding hairline and must use Squig Hair Replacement Teknology.  Nigel is a brutal Ork who loves getting the fans riled up.

Snazz Ledmetal, Backup Guitars
Snazz is a strange bird.  He leads an alternative lifestyle... as a peace-loving Ork!  The other boyz would have shunned him long ago if he weren't such a damn good guitarist.  The group mainly just keeps Snazz's lifestyle on the down-low.  Besides, if a fight does break out, Snazz won't leave the band hangin'.

Droog Thundachug, Bassist and Backup Vocals
Droog is even more under Toofgrubba's influence than Green Floyd.  His wardrobe change almost invariably includes a good snort of Warp Dust.

Kaptin Doomthudda, Drummer
The Kaptin is the only member of the band who's not so easily tricked by Toofgrubba.  Fortunately for the Daemon in disguise, the Kaptin absolutely loves the idea of summoning forth Tuska and his menagerie!

Toofgrubba, Band Manager, Sandman, and Daemon in Disguise
Toofgrubba's goal is to use the band and the rampaging WAAGH! which they cause as a blood sacrifice to summon forth the real Tuska and his horde.

Da Roadies
These Gretchin are some of the many roadies the band has on hand.

Heavy Support: Flash Gitz (6#, 240 pts)
5 Flash Gitz (More Dakka, Shootier) + Ammo Runt x2
   1 Painboy

I also just picked this up on Ebay for our display board!  You can actually hook up your device to it and play music...

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