Saturday, February 15, 2014

Reward Project - Lord Nenmw of the Novokh Dynasty

As many of you know, I'm working on a commission which is taking quite some time.  I've been trying to come up with some strategies to get the work done.  I have a ton of projects on my plate right now and need some breathing room.

I've been collecting a Necron list since last year.  I've always wanted to run a Necron horde army, so I started collecting it a little at a time.  Now, I finally have enough models in order to field the list.  I also have a Ghost Ark which I may be using for the display board.  Thanks to Curtis for the Battleforce, Dan for the loose Warriors you see, Wendy for the Codex and some boxes that I got for Christmas, and Grimfoe Games & Dirty Goblin Games for their great prices.

The idea is that the Necron project will be my reward for finishing the first half of the commission.  I probably won't be able to work on the project until after Adepticon, but I figured I would make the commitment now.

Hem'fin Innef Nenmw

The story of this army is of Hem'fin Innef Nenmw, the King Who Brings the Waters.  He is a Necron Overlord who mastered the art of dowsing which served him well both to keep his flesh-cursed working class alive and on the field of battle.  His Crypteks devised a way of summoning forth muddy waters to slow their enemies and even swallow them whole.

Many years ago, Nenmw suffered a great catastrophe due to the hazardous nature of the Dynasty's experimentations.  Their entire surface of their world, W'aw, subliminated into thick, grasping muds, sucking the entire Dynasty under its surface.

Until now.

A fortunate rumbling of tectonic activity shook the Overlord's temple free of the mud, thus re-activating Nenmw and his court.  Although all of their machines are destroyed, the rusted remnants of Hem'fin Innef Nenmw's infantry are still largely operational and he will not stop until he's freed them all.  At that time, they will build a makeshift Tombship and rejoin the Necrontyr.

The List

1850 Pts - Codex: Necrons Roster

1 Hem'fin Innef Nenmw, 135 pts (Warscythe; Mindshackle Scarabs; Tesseract Labyrinth)

1 Royal Court, 155 pts
   1 Harbinger of Transmogrification (Harbinger of Transmogrification; Tremorstave; Harp of Dissonance)
   1 Harbinger of Transmogrification (Harbinger of Transmogrification; Tremorstave; Seismic Crucible)
   1 Harbinger of Transmogrification (Harbinger of Transmogrification; Tremorstave)
   1 Harbinger of Transmogrification (Harbinger of Transmogrification; Tremorstave)

20 Warriors, 260 pts

20 Warriors, 260 pts

20 Warriors, 260 pts

20 Warriors, 260 pts

20 Warriors, 260 pts

20 Warriors, 260 pts

The Project

My plan is to build all of the models over time and then paint and base everything in a weekend.  I think people have done this challenge before, but I'm hoping to take it to the next level.

I'll be doing them rusty and tarnished as they've been buried in a swamp for thousands of years.

Before Paint Challenge:
Trim a bunch of plastic fish tank plantsGreenstuff mounds on bases, pressing a hole in some for fish tank plants later
Cut display board

Base krylon brown
Drybrush Leadbelcher
Wash black
Heavy wash Apple Barrel Labrador brown

Spot drybrush some Ironbreaker
Stipple some red and brown - somewhat but not completely mixed
Paint bases black with the raised parts dark brown
Start eye and gun glow

Finish eye and gun glow
Rim base with black
Clear coat
Glue on fish tank plants
Brush-on gloss for "water" portion of bases
Check for more details

Extra Credit:
Paint fish tank plants with washes and highlights
Tremorstave templates - swampy small blast templates
Display Board

This should be fun. I can't wait.  Hopefully, it will be a motivator to work on my commissions!

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  1. Genius sir, genius. Can't wait to see how these turn out!