Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flash Gitz Test Part 3 - This Time With More Cheating

James was one of the first gentlemen to start giving me sound drubbing down at the FLGS when I first started venturing out into the wide 40k world to diversify my opponent base and make some new friends.  I'm still a bit shell shocked whenever I see little 5-man squads of Assault Squads and red-colored Vindicators.  So.... so FAST!

Anyways, last night, our club claimed territories in the Campaign, so we didn't have a ton of time for big games.  For this reason, James and I decided to do a nice 1500 point game.  I decided to grab a heap of stuff out of the foam that tickled my fancy and sealed it up nicely with some Boyz squads.

1572 Pts - Codex: Orks Roster - Cheating James Out of 72 Points

1 Old Greg (Zogwort), 145 pts (Warlord)

29 Boyz, 210 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x2)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Big Shoota)

29 Boyz, 210 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x2)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Big Shoota)

10 Tankbustas, 195 pts (Tankhammer x2)
   1 Tankbustas Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

1 Da Steemrolla (Battlewagon), 130 pts (Deff Rolla; Stikkbomb Chukka; Big Shoota x3)

1 The Electrork Mayhem (Battlewagon), 120 pts (Deff Rolla; Red Paint Job; Big Shoota x1)

11 Stormboyz, 217 pts
   1 Shazzo Blitzklaws

8 Flash Gitz, 345 pts (Ammo Runt x2; More Dakka; Shootier)
   1 Painboy

So, it seems that I've gotten to the bottom of the issue I had with my points during the last Team Tournament. Battlescribe's data files only charge you once for the Flash Gitz upgrades.  Unfortunately, that means during this game I completely cheated James out of 72 points which is a significant amount.

I'm sorry, James.  While, in the end it is up to the player to check their math, we were just trying to throw quick lists together which is what I used Battlescribe for. I think I'll just stop using Battlescribe at this point.  While Army Builder does sometimes have glitches, I can count on it being more accurate than I am.

Well, I'll still press on even though this is a categorical shit show because I think there was still some value in the game.  We did have a pretty good time because some crazy stuff happened.

James brought a Librarian, an Assault Squad with Brother Corbulo in a Rhino, an Assault Squad in a Las/Plas Razorback, a Tactical Squad in a Rhino, a 5-man Scout Squad, 2 Vindicators, an Assault Cannon Ba'al Predator, and a Stormraven with a Lascannon and Multimelta.

The mission is The Relic and the deployment type is Hammer & Anvil.

We get Night Fighting on turn 1.  James has me deploy first.

I hold my ground with the two boyz squads and deploy the Flash Gits with some cajones at dead center.  I think this is probably the best move considering their 24" range.

James makes his oldschool block of vehicles at the center with an infiltrating scout squad.  It's been a long time since I've seen this formation.  Those fast Vindicators are terrifying.

I make four scouts disappear with the Flash Gits and polish off the last guy with a Big Shoota.  The Steemrolla zooms around on his right flank.

James immobilizes one of his vindicators on the terrain and the other moves laterally.  Both inexplicably fail to destroy the Electrork Mayhem.  One fails to penetrate the front and I make my 5+ woods save from the other.  I return fire and destroy his Rhino with the Flash Gits rocking AP1 shots.

After another inexplicable turn of not destroying my Battlewagons, the Electrork Mayhem races forward and eats two tanks.  The Tankbustas boost out of the Steemrolla with Corbulo's squad looking really yummy while the Shazzo's squad makes a dubious deepstrike.

The Boyz advance.

Corbulo's squad makes quick work of the Tankbustas and the Stormboyz make quick work of the Predator.

The Electrork Mayhem is finally destroyed by the arriving Stormraven.  It came in late due to my Warlord Trait.

The Flash Gitz are pinned!

The Stormboyz are assaulted by Corbulo and his thugs.

What a travesty!

Brother Corbulo and his men do not appreciate Strength 10 hits.  The Librarian is killed under the crushing weight of the Deffrolla.  The Razorback is also annihilated.

The Boyz continue to advance, taking small arms fire as they approach.

Closer and closer....

Charge!  3 becomes 11!  Both ends of the spectrum!

Huzzah!  Poor that one guy.

The 5-man squad is destroyed in assault.

As is the single Tactical Marine at the center.

Corbulo assaults into my Boyz and tears into them with zeal.

The Vindicator finally scores a mighty shot, clearing the front of the Boyz' ranks.

The Flash Gitz shoot at the hovering Stormraven with 6s to glance.  This happens.

The Boyz tear apart the remaining tank with their bare hands.

The remains of Corbulo's squad attempt to save the day in one remaining effort, but the might of the Ork shooting proves too much for them.

Lessons Learned

When making a list on the fly for an actual game, use pen and paper.  Seriously, it is so embarrassing to have to eat crow after a battle.   I want to play a fair game.

Flash Gitz.  My God.  This game was fraught with amazing luck, but these guys are still making me want to play them at Adepticon.  I've been lamenting my distaste for games of attrition. Sure, it's nice to have a few squads in the back which camp for a bit, then move forward laying down fire, but I don't want to play an entire army of attrition.  I want an army full of multi-purpose tools which I can use to get the job done.  In a lot if ways, the Flash Gitz fit the bill.

Not only that, but they are actually capable of doing serious damage to most of the deathstars out there.  Not Screamerstar, but with good positioning, their possible AP 1 and 2 along with Ignores Cover is capable of decimating other units, forcing them to rely on 4+ re-rollable invulns or just base invuln saves.

I think I want to bring Old Greg (Zogwort) to Adepticon.  I think it's decided at this point.  I want to have that off-chance of turning someone's Tau Buff Commander or Farseer into a Squig.  I know that's really unlikely, especially for the Farseer, but it would be glorious.  I may, however, bury him in with Snikrot for reserve shenanigans. Besides, whenever he hits the table, hilarity, in some form, ensues.

I know that the Zogwort/Flash Gitz combo is a long shot, but to be honest, doing well with attrition is just as much of a crapshoot these days.  And this is far more exciting.


We're running a 40k campaign at our club.  I'm really excited about it.  Please check out the campaign blog if your interested in following our  exploits.

The campaign map with a wood and plexiglass frame.  I'll be drawing the Territories over it.

Until next time, faithful readers.  I'll be attending the singles tournament this weekend at one of my FLGS, Dirty Goblin Games this Saturday and hope to have a report for you the next day.

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