Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hot WAAGH! on WAAGH! Action!

On the Monday before Christmas, my buddy, Francis suggested that we celebrate WAAGH!mas and play a game with our entire collections.  Of course, I agreed.  We decided to just set it all up and smash each other with little to no real adherence to force composition.  For example, Francis used a unit of Stormboyz which boasted over thirty Orks and I gave my Sororkitas Kommandos a Looted Wagon as a Dedicated Transport.

We had a blast even though we only got two turns in.  We got to see our entire armies on the table and got several photos of the game.

We also got to use our Stompas and mine even made it into close combat to use STOMP on the Stormboyz, which was incredible.  I think I prefer the changes to the Stompa's gatler gun.  It may not have as insane a top end, but at least you get a full turn of shooting out of it before it craps out.

Sorry about the poor lighting.  Be sure to CLICK in order to ZOOM IN!

Deployment Video



After turn 1 
Zooming forward!


After turn 1

Who said you could bring these guys???????

I love this shot.

A clustermug of Stormboyz, Meganobz, and El Queso Grande!

The carnage at the end of turn 2.

WAAGH!mas was fun.  I'd love to try doing it the Saturday before Christmas in 2014.  Maybe mix things up and have people bring 3000 or 4000 points and have some prizes.  Maybe I'll have little, paper sacks, most of them with candy in them and others with models in them. Whenever you kill a unit, you pick a sack out of the mix to keep. That might be fun.

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