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WAAGH! Batrep - Adepticon Test Versus Tyranids

Tonight, as I drove past the burnt-out McDonald's wishing that it wasn't burnt down, I realized that I think I'd better lose some weight before Adepticon.   I'm feeling particularly unhealthy right now and I'd like to have the stamina for four straight days of gaming.  So, I'm glad that the McDonald's burnt down.  Unfortunately, not every fast food restaurant in the Capital Region is going to burn to the ground, so I'll have to exercise self-control instead.

Bloody inconvenience, that.

Anyways, tonight I played against one of our semi-regular players who's a 'Nid player through and through.  He'd just gotten his models back from the painters and they were looking great.  I really appreciate it when people who have a difficult time with painting actually make an effort to have them done up.  I think that's pretty classy, actually, because they don't really have to do that.

I'm unsure of his exact list, but I can give it a try.  I know there were 2x Tervigons, the Doom in a Spore, two Tyrannofexes (one with a str 10 direct fire weapon and one with two template weapons), a squad of Hive Guard, a squad of Biovores, a big squad of Hormagaunts and a little squad of Hormagaunts.  There was another large creature which I think was a Hive Tyrant with a Lash Whip and a large blast weapon, but I forget what else.

1850 Pts - Codex: Orks Roster - Adepticon 2014 01

1 Mad Doc Drillteef DDS, 160 pts (Warlord)
18 'Ard Boyz, 230 pts
   1 'Ard Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)
1 Orktimus, 105 pts (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Big Shoota x1)

18 Boyz, 159 pts (Shootas)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw; Big Shoota)
1 Fat Pig, 110 pts (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Stikkbomb Chukka; Big Shoota x1)

3 Meganobz, 180 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Cybork Body)
   1 Trukk (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram)

11 Boyz, 132 pts (Shootas)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Big Shoota)
   1 Trukk (Reinforced Ram)

15 Lootas, 225 pts
1 Mega-armoured Warboss, 110 pts (Bosspole; Cybork Body)
1 Da Steamrolla, 130 pts (Deff Rolla; Stikkbomb Chukka; Big Shoota x3)

7 Stormboyz, 169 pts
   1 Shazzo Blitzklaws

4 Warbikers, 140 pts
   1 Biker Nob (Bosspole)

Unfortunatley, I forgot to take photos of the battle, so I'll have to rely on a text-only account of the events.  Since we had the missions from Da Boyz handy, we just decided to use those.

Game:  Da Boyz GT Mission 3
Primary Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Secondary Mission: The Scouring
Objectives:  6
Deployment: Hammer & Anvil
Night Fight:  None occurred
Initiative:  Orks
First Turn:  Tyranids
Seize the Initiative:  Waived


The Tyranids deployed along a standard advance line with the two Tervigons and the blast Tyrannofex  intermixed with the large squad of 'Gaunts.  The Hive Guard strode behind and the other Tyrannofex sat near one of the Tyranids' rear objectives.  The small squad of 'Gaunts screened the Biovores in a ruin along his back board edge in a ruin.

I deployed my forces as spread out as possible to mitigate damage from the blast weapons and The Doom in case Battlewagons were cracked.  I did favor the left side a bit with the majority of my forces which was fine since I had 24" in which to deploy and placed the Lootaz in a battlewagon on the right side in the hopes that the Tyranids would devote some units to that side.

Turn 1:

The Tyranids moved up and shot with everything, getting nothing to show for it.  One of the Tervigons Birthed five 'Gaunts (crapping out with a pair of twos) who moved onto the Dakkafex's objective.

I moved most of my units forward to take pot-shots with my Shootas.  I flanked to the left with both Trukks.  I managed to throw some wounds on a Tervigon and kill a few 'Gaunts.  I moved the bikes to the right to make that side more appealing.

Turn 2:  

The Tyranids refused to take the bait and dropped the Doom amidst my Battlewagons and hid in a ruin.  The direct fire Tyrannofex immobilized the Battlewagon with my Shoota Boyz in it.  The Biovores managed to kill half of my Bike squad who promptly broke and ran.  One of the Tervigons attempted to assault Mad Doc's Battlewagon, but failed.

Shazzo Blitzklaws (Zagstruck) refused to come in.  I disembarked Mad Doc's squad and went after the Tervigon.  I also disembarked the Meganobz and went after the Doom.  I didn't realize no saves were allowed against the Doom, so two Meganobz died and the remaining one broke and ran.  I did get some more wounds on one Tervigon with the Lootaz and assaulted the other with Mad Doc.  They became mired in combat because, of course, I feared the Smash attacks and thus denied the challenge.  The Nob did manage to bring the Tervigon down to two wounds.

Turn 3:

The unengaged Tervigon also crapped out on five.  A lot of shooting occurred again, but very little died.  The big squad of 'Gaunts assaulted into the scrum in the middle.  The important difference this turn was the fact that Mad Doc's squad was Enfeebled.

I hate Enfeeble.

Shazzo Blitzklaws again refused to come in.  At any rate, on my turn, I rallied the Meganob and drove his Trukk back over to him.  I shot the Doom down to two wounds and killed the unengaged Tervigon.  The scrum in the middle continued endlessly.  The Tervigon would spend the rest of the game at one wound.

Turn 4:

My opponent forgot to cast Enfeeble.  The Tyranids were finally able to kill my battlewagon with the Shoota Boyz in it and they were unceremoniously Barraged with the Biovores and burned with the Burnafex down to about seven models remaining.  I'd really hoped that Shazzo Blitzklaws would have taken care of those Biovores by then.  The close combat continued and only 'Gaunts or Boyz died.

Shazzo Blitzklaws promptly and frustratingly mishapped back into Reserve.  I got the Meganob back into his Trukk and moved him into position near the rear objective.   The remaining Shoota Boyz from the Battlewagon moved onto my rear objective.  I shot and assaulted the Doom with my squad of Shoota Boyz in the Trukk, killing it.  The Lootaz shot uselessly at the Burnafex.

Turn 5:

The Hive Tyrant assaulted into the close combat with Mad Doc and killed him out in a challenge thanks to Enfeeble.  The Boyz, miraculously, pass their Leadership and stick, but only because the 'Gaunts remained to soak wounds.  The Biovores attempted to remove my remaining Battlewagon Boyz, but I went to ground and made a ton of 3+ saves.  The Mycetic Spore lashed out at my Trukk Boyz squad and made them run.

I deepstruck the Stormboyz next to the five 'Gaunts on the Objective about 7" away from the Dakkafex.  I knew it was a suicide run for Turn 6, but a Turn 5 win if I could clear off those gaunts or even just contest.

I scattered 12" away.

At that point, I was resigned to the battle, but continued on.  I moved the two remaining Battlewagons onto objectives for the primary.  Oddly enough, with just two Boyz left in combat with the Tervigon, they still managed to pass their Leadership and stick.  The Meganob lost a wound to overwatch from the Mycetic Spore (which was contesting my back objective) and the two models mutually killed each other in close combat.  Of course, I failed my charge against the Gaunts with my Stormboyz.

The game ended.


Primary Mission:  Tyranids 10, Orks 9
Secondary Mission:  Tyranids 4, Orks 2
Secondary Objectives:  Tyranids 2, Orks 1


After practicing so long for Da Boyz GT, it was really nice to have three Battlewagons again.  Had the Stormboyz actually made it into the Biovores soon enough, my transports really would have earned their keep.  If my target priority had been better, I'd have focused more on the Burnafex as well.

I absolutely need more redundancy for targeting far-away units.  the Stormboyz worked well for me at Da Boyz, but I can't rely on just them alone.  I need more.  I'm not sure if the answer to that is Lobbas or Snikrot.  Snikrot is really expensive and begs for the addition of another HQ which I honestly don't have unless I want to take Mad Doc out of the 'Ard Boyz squad.  However, the Lobbas are not very reliable and would eat into my Battlewagons, forcing me to take more Nobz.

The Trukk Boyz were once again largely ignored.  When there are three Battlewagons on the table and I'm maneuvering for cover saves, this happens a lot.  Much of the time, when I'm really pressing my opponent, Trukks even live until the end of the game.  I couldn't be more pleased with their performance and will have to remember to be more aggressive with them in the future.  I probably should have left the Doom alone and went after the Troops on the other side of the board, especially with the Stormboyz failing so very hard.

I know that a bad light can be cast on the first unit which dies, but the Biker boys were completely useless. They are so expensive and bring absolutely nothing to the table in those numbers.  Bikes need to be brought en masse and at 25 points, the Ork Warbiker just doesn't cut the mustard.

I'm also not sure about the single unit of 15 Lootaz.  I wish I could split them into two squads, but with all the Ignores Cover out there, I really don't have a choice at the moment.  They need to be in a battlewagon and I just don't have the points for another one, unless I were to bite the bullet and take out the Mega-Armored Warboss.  That is an option, actually.

I'm looking forward to the next game.  I hope to get a couple of friendly games in soon using some weird choices like Old Zogwort in with Snikrot and Flash Gits.  I think these units deserve some attention.

Here's my next test list:

1850 Pts - Codex: Orks Roster - Adepticon 2014 02

1 Mad Doc Drillteef, DDS, 160 pts (Warlord)

4 Meganobz, 285 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Cybork Body)
   1 The Electrork Mayhem (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Big Shoota x1)

18 Boyz, 159 pts (Shootas)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw; Big Shoota)
1 The Orktimus Prime, 110 pts (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Stikkbomb Chukka; Big Shoota x1)

11 Boyz, 132 pts (Shootas)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Big Shoota)
   1 Trukk (Reinforced Ram)

11 Boyz, 157 pts
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw; Big Shoota)
   1 Trukk (Reinforced Ram)

1 Mega-armoured Warboss, 105 pts (Bosspole)
15 Lootas, 225 pts
1 Fat Pig, 115 pts (Reinforced Ram; Stikkbomb Chukka; Big Shoota x3)

6 Stormboyz, 157 pts
   1 Shazzo Blitzklaws

13 Kommandos, 245 pts (Burna x2)
   1 Boss Snikrot

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