Monday, October 28, 2013


So, I've got a conundrum going on about my list for Da Boyz GT.  I'm still 50-50 on whether I'm going yet and need to make a decision soon.  Update: I'm going! That's beside the point, though, because I have no idea how to handle the comp at that event.  Dedicated Transports for units that are not exclusively troops are a 0-2 choice meaning I can only take two Battlewagons total.  I almost don't even know what a list such as this looks like let alone how it plays. 

In a tizzy over this, I sent a message to the fellas over at Imperial VoxCast whose opinion I respect. Not only did they get back to me, but they discussed it in the show and had some rather flattering things to say about my army.  Thanks, guys!

At any rate, here's the list that Dawson hammered together for me:

Mad Doc Drillteef, D.D.S. - 160  
23 'Ard Boyz - Nob, Powerklaw, 2x Big Shoota, all with Shootas - 275 

5 Meganobz - Cyb'ork Bodies - 225 
Trukk - Red Paint Job - 40 

Dakkajet - 3x Supashoota, Flyboss - 130 
Dakkajet - 3x Supashoota, Flyboss - 130 

Battlewagon - Red Paint Job, Deffrolla - 115 

20 Boyz - Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole - 160 

Battlewagon - Red Paint Job, Deffrolla - 115 

20 Boyz - Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole - 160 

Warboss - MegaArmor, Bosspole, Cyb'ork Body - 115
10 Lootaz - 150 
Skyshield Landing Pad - 75 

This seems like a solid list and the only thing I'd have to do is build an Orky Skyshield Landing Pad which, let's be honest, sounds like one hell of a lot of fun. There are options to put Doc and/or the boss alternatively with the Meganobz, Boyz on foot, or the Lootaz.  I wanted to try to fit in Da Yeller Klaw, but I want to do well AND look good, so I think I'll stick with Dawson's suggestions.

I could even start all my bagglywagglins ON the Skyshield.  Which sounds really really unfriendly, but hey... there's only TWO of them! 

I've put together an alternative, though, because I like the option of putting the doc and his Boyz in a Battlewagon if I need to.  It's still mostly the same.  I'll let you all know how the list works in a practice game tonight. I also left the option open for the Warboss to go in with one of the Boyz squads.  Just doing a little bit of juggling.  If it does badly, I'll switch things back.

Mad Doc Drillteef, D.D.S.- 160 
19 'Ard Boyz - Nob, Powerklaw  - 225 

Battlewagon - Red Paint Job, Deffrolla, Stikkbomm Chukka - 120 
Warboss - MegaArmor, Bosspole, Cyb'ork Body - 115 
18 Boyz - Nob, Powerklaw, Bosspole - 148 

Battlewagon - Red Paint Job, Deffrolla, Stikkbomm Chukka, Big Shoota - 125
20 Boyz - Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole, 2 big shootas, Shootas - 165 

5 Meganobz - Cyb'ork Bodies - 225
Trukk - Red Paint Job, Ram - 45

Dakkajet - 3x Supashoota, Flyboss - 130 
Dakkajet - 3x Supashoota, Flyboss - 130 

12 Lootaz - 180 
Skyshield Landing Pad - 75 

Thanks again, fellas.  I think this looks like the kind of list I can have fun with.


  1. "Dedicated Transports for units that are not exclusively troops are a 0-2 choice meaning I can only take two Battlewagons"
    Don't see how this limits you to two battle wagons when they're taken as a heavy support choice.

    1. Here are the full rules:

      __________________________________________________________DaBoyz GT 2013
      2013 Army Restrictions

      DaBoyz has long supported promotion of the idea of Tournament composition. Our group has reflected on this topic, and we feel this continues to be part of the tournament’s identity. As such, we will be using the following guidelines:

      1) All unit selections will be 0-2 with the exception of those from the TROOP category. If a unit has the ability to be taken from both Troops AND another category (i.e. Tervigons, Mega Nobz, etc.) then the 0-2 restriction would apply regardless of what category these units are selected from. Please note that if a unit selection merely “shifts” it to the troop category and it may no longer be purchased outside of the troop category, then the 0-2 restriction would not apply.

      Dedicated transports that could also be selected in another category (i.e. Land Raiders, Battlewagons, etc.) will also fall under the 0-2 restriction. All other dedicated transports will be 0-4 regardless of which category they are selected from.

      2) Total number of flyers/flying monstrous creatures will be limited to 4.

      3) Special or unique named characters may only be selected from either the primary or allied codex, but NOT Both.

      Clarifications/Update on army restrictions:

      ‐ The 0-2 limitation applies to both the primary and any allied detachment together even if there are variations in the rules. As an example, if 2 Space Marine Predators were selected, then an additional Predator from Codex Blood Angels could not be selected. Similarly, if 2 Daemon Princes are selected from Codex Daemons (either as HQ and/or heavy support), then no additional Daemon Prince may be selected from Codex Chaos Space Marines.

      ‐ Daemonic Heralds will be limited to 0-2 per Chaos god entity (i.e. the limit on Heralds is 2 of Tzeench, 2 of Khorne, 2 of Nurgle and 2 of Slaanesh).

      ‐ Space Marine bikes chosen as part of a White Scars chapter tactics detachment will count will be selected as troops and not as fast attack (similar to the rules for Ravenwing).

      ‐ The 0-4 limitation for dedicated transport applies to the selection type. There is no maximum number of dedicated transports. For example, assuming you had the points, you could take 4 Drop Pods, 4 Razorbacks, and 2 Land Raiders as dedicated transports (provided there were no other Land Raiders selected as heavy support) in a Space Marine army. Like wise, you could take 4 Ork Trukks and 2 Battlewagon dedicated transports (provided there were no other Battlewagons selected as heavy support) in an Ork army.