Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Electrork Mayhem Project Begins

A while back, my buddy, Pat bought me a Warbus from Puppetswar.  Everybody in the world loves this model.  I've wanted to do something special with it from the start.  Now is the time.  I've decided to do it in the style of the bus belonging to The Electric Mayhem in the Muppet Movie.

As you may know, the leader of The Electric Mayhem is Dr.Teeth. This is unbelievably appropriate, I think.

The symbol for DrTeeth is AMAZING. I'd never noticed it before.  It's a tooth with wings and lightningbolts shooting out the sides.  Seriously, I may have to add this iconography throughout my army.

Anyways, here's the bus with a basecoat of white.  The deffrolla is the standard kit from Games Workshop.  I can't lie, the Battlewagon Upgrade Kit is an ace product.  The fact that it comes with a cool, little Grot Rigger and a Lobba is icing on the cake.

As usual, I am extremely pleased with my airbrush.  It makes my life so much easier. Here's the bus with some rusty red on it.

And here it is with a brighter red, some brown blended near the ground, and the blue/purple faded on the top.

I've got a bunch of housework tonight so this is it for now.  Tomorrow I'm going to look for other basecoating/airbrushing opportunities, then I'm going to give it a seal.  This model is extremely heavy, so it dings rather easily.  A good seal will assure I don't have to go back and paint dings a million times.  It also makes it easier to use my "erasing" technique.

In case you didn't see my video about painting Orks faster, erasing is a simple process. If you've done a clearcoat on your model before doing details (preferably a gloss or semigloss varnish), you can make mistakes without worry.  When you make a mistake, simply wash away the paint with an extremely wet brush, then take a dry brush and soak up all the paint-infused water. Repeat if necessary.

Okay, until next time!

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