Saturday, April 27, 2019

Ynga Aetherwind's Marauders in The Month of Quinn

It's been some time since I've posted some hobby progress, but I've been busy! Fortunately, I've also had lots of help...

My son was born somewhat prematurely, so although I've been super run down, I've also had time to make plenty of headway on my Kharadron Overlords army for Age of Sigmar.

Behold, Ynga Aetherwind and her dastardly marauders...

Captain Ynga Aetherwind, Aetheric Navigator

Nelrik Blustergout, Aetherkhemist

Vengrand Stembolt, Endrinmaster

Bryngruff Ironjudge and his Reclaimers

Hekja Grudgemaker and her Trolljobbers

Zardunn Stouthull and his Stowaway Rats

Engyl Felspark and his Thunderheads

Frekka Grundluft and her Cloud Raiders

This is what I've got completed so far, but I still have two Gunhaulers and a Galleon to paint, so there's lots to do yet!