Sunday, November 27, 2016

Orksvent 2016 Part 1: Paragon Orks - Special Rules

The Orks of a Paragon WAAGH!'s armies are bigger and meaner than your average Ork. They are Orks at the pinnacle of their cultural evolution. The savagery, cunning, and endurance of Paragon Orks is reminiscent of the halcyon days of Ullanor and The Beast.

These special rules represent the fighting style and natural abilties of The Beast's WAAGH! If you use Formations or Detachments from this supplement (more to follow), the following special rules apply to all units they contain.

Tide of Brutes:  Paragon Orks gain strength in numbers more than any other galactic threat. Their blood courses with the power of the WAAGH! All models with the Mob Rule special rule replace that rule with this one instead. A unit of Orks adds +2" to its charge distance (to a maximum of 12") and +2 to its Leadership (to a maximum of 10) for every 10 models with this special rule it has. Although the maximum Leadership for the unit is still 10, this is calculated after penalties such as those for having lost combat. For example, if a unit of 9 Boyz joined by a Warboss loses combat by 1, their Leadership for the Morale Check is equal to 9 (the Warboss's Leadership) +2 (for having 10 models with the Tide of Brutes special rule in the unit) -1 (for losing combat by 1) for a total of Leadership 10.

Brutal or Possibly Kunning: All models with the 'Ere We Go special rule replace that rule with this one instead. Paragon Orks have learned to embody the traits of their powerful gods, Gork and Mork. At the end of the controlling player's movement phase, the army may choose to be either Brutal or Kunning. When the army chooses to be Brutal, models with this special rule enjoy Feel no Pain 6+ until the end of their next movement phase. If a model already has Feel No Pain (such as with the use of a 'Urty Syrringe or Cybork Bodies), they get a +1 to their Feel No Pain instead. When an army chooses to be Kunning, models with this special rule add +1 to their cover save and ballistic skill until the end of their next movement phase.

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Note:   These rules are experimental. Please report any possible issues including abusive applications to  This is a work for the purpose of fan enjoyment and is not intended to make money or to infringe on Games Workshop’s copyrights.  All symbology and terminology is Copyright Games Workshop LLC.  This has been created with Games Workshop’s fair use policy (available on their website) in mind.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Orksvent 2016 - Paragon Orks

It's that time of year again: Orksvent! This year I'll be doing a tribute to the halcyon years of Ullanor and The Beast. Indeed, it seems as if the forces of Ghazghkull are ramping up to match or even rival these powerful Warbosses.

I do know that other folks have tried to tackle this subject in the past, but I very much want to put my own spin on it. In the following weeks, you'll see an Ork army develop which I would consider a "paragon" of the species. This is what I would like to see from Orks to fully embrace the feel of the army as it is portrayed in the novels.

The big difference here is that I see each army as a protagonist in its own eyes. I want this supplement to portray the Orks in that light. They are not meant as fodder for Space Marines. They were engineered by the Great Old Ones to dominate the galaxy through a tide of green flesh, brutality, and cunning. I feel that's just how they should be portrayed on the tabletop.

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25 Dec - Combined Paragon Ork Supplement