Saturday, April 2, 2016


The Meks of WAAGH! Tuska have not been idle in their time on the Blood Prince's world. They have labored to graft Ork know-how with the wonders of Daemonforging. The Helkannon is one such machine. The Orks of WAAGH! Tuska have improved upon Daemon teknology... it is much louder than a similar design normally fielded in Khorne's arsenal, and that's really what matters, isn't it?

~ * ~

I must admit that this model lacks a bit of imagination from a kitbashing standpoint. I simply glued the tracks from a Battlewagon on, replaced the pilots with an Ork pilot (using a Biker arm), stuck some gubbinz on, and added some unfortunate grots. The kannon is extended to a blunderbus-style business end which is simply a repurposed golf tee.