Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Possessed of Tuska and their Followers

Completed the commitment for September... all the remaining "Daemony" guys and Cultists.

Tuska himself, ready to put a whomp on with his 'uge klaw...

The Possessed Nobz. Hopefully they look like they have a 3+ save!

The ventriloquist is my favorite...

The Orks aren't the first to arrive and fight on the Blood World. Many Human warriors have stepped forward to fight and die here. These Cultists have risen to fight for the glory of Khorne once more!

Everything I've completed so far. A little over 1500pts worth...

What remains are the vehicles and piggy stuff. I'm still in the process of purchasing more pigs, so I'm moving on to the Heldrake now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WAAGH! Tuska's Gorepack Grows!

It's been quite an eventful month full of a lot of building. I really ought to post some tutorials on some of the builds I have been doing. For now, here is my latest completed project.

They are very fast, and very very angry at Psykers. It's Tuska's Murderpack! The formation requires two squads of CSM on bikes, so these models represent what I believe to be probably the most heinous counts-as in the entire army. I hope they at least look like they've got a 3+ armor save.

Since they aren't Daemons, I did not give them the red skin that my Bloodletters and most of the rest of the army are going to have. Instead, they got normal Orky green skin. The Bikes were originally acquired in a trade and they were actually almost painted to where I needed them, just about a level 1 standard. I added a ton of armor bitz, including Chaos Space Marine backpacks supplied by my buddy, Pat. I also added a Zzapgun to the side of each bike in place of the normal weapon. This is to represent the Plasmagun on each bike save the Sergeant. After that, it was a matter of painting the new bitz and improving the painting standard by about a level.

Here you can see the models as they were before I applied any paint.

All that's left of the Murderpack are 20 or 30 more boars, 10 of which I have and the rest I still need to acquire.

Here are some pics of the models left to paint:

And some old pics of the models already completed for the Tuska project in case you haven't seen them yet: