Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summoning Daemons Thematically

Hey, folks. I know there has been a lot of hullabaloo about the ability of many different forces to summon Daemons.  I'm not going to go into the balance aspects of this because, to be honest, I'm not qualified to comment on it at this point. However, I do have something to say about it from a fluff perspective.

I do understand the argument that, even in his darkest hour, a Space Marine Librarian probably ought not be summoning Daemons.  However, the ability for it does exist in the rules.

Let's make some lemonade, shall we?

Forces of the Imperium

There has been a lot of speculation about the Emperor as a warp being. Indeed, some argue that he is a God, much to his chagrin.  Perhaps you are not summoning Chaos Daemons and are, instead, other-worldly beings which are attuned to the holy power of the Emperor?

Model some shining angel Space Marines for the Daemons you summon.  Paint them shining silver and gold with blazing eyes with weapon and wargear loadouts which match the Daemon you are summoning... perhaps power swords for Bloodletters or outstretched hands crackling with power for Pink Horrors.  Perhaps find some models of armored knights mounted upon mighty steeds for your Bloodcrushers.  And for your apotheosis from the Possession power, I guess you've figured out what you're finally gonna use that Primarch model for, haven't you?

Other ideas include the use of Legion of the Damned and Mordrek.


I plan on starting a new phase of my Tuska project.  I do plan on doing a full Tuska Daemon army someday and this is a great way to get started and use the models before I have a full army to play with.  I'll start with some pink-skinned Ork Boyz built from the Fantasy range and a big ol' Tuska model for my Possession model.


Forgeworld has everything you need to make counts-as Eldar Daemons.  Seriously, if you're not inspired by the Eldar section on the Forgeworld site, I don't think I can help you.  The Avatar model is simply amazing and Shadow Spectres are absolutely perfect for this task.

Any Other Ideas?

If folks have any other thoughts, I am all ears because I'm sure this can be a win/win situation.  It'll create some great variety on the tabletop and allow you to feel good about what's happening in the story you're telling.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Long Weekend

Hello, readers! I had an extremely busy weekend full awesome.

After having a date night with the wife, I proceeded to stay up way the hell too late playing Hearthstone  and painting my Star Trek Attack Wing minis (3am).  May I present the USS Tyson (NCC-1958) (Named after the ineffable Neil Degrasse Tyson), the USS Republic (NCC-1371-A), and the USS Saratoga (NCC-1887)

I woke up at 7am to record the intro for Episode 4 of the Masters of the Forge with Snorre and Kamil. This week's episode (releasing Wednesday)  is about hidden threats in the world of 40k.  Be sure to tune in.

After that I left to put my first commission for Frontline Gaming in the mailbox.  It's a level 1 Wave Serpent commission.  I hope the client likes it.  It looks good on the tabletop, but you can see the way I faded the sprays to create depth when you look close up and underneath the model.  Of course, that's what Level 1 is... tabletop quality.  I look forward to doing more commissions.

Then, I rushed off to the last 6th Edition singles tournament at Dirty Goblin Games.  The turn-out was light, I believe due to the fact that it was the end of the edition and  a holiday weekend.  I brought my Star Eagles.  I played against Grey Knights, Space Wolves, and Tyranids.  At the end of the day, I emerged the victor regardless of the fact that I had a tough (but fun) game against the Grey Knights and the WarpQuake messing up my drop pod assault.  It certainly did seem as if painted models had Favored Enemy against unpainted models on Saturday!

I plan on using the prize money to pick up the new Orks codex when it drops in a couple of weeks.

I promptly came home and, again, played Hearthstone way too late (2:30am).

I woke on Sunday at around 8:00 and took the scenic route by driving NY66 and NY22 to Austerlitz, NY where the wife and her family were camping.  We had a lovely time as usual.  I took the opportunity to laze about and read Chains of Golgotha by David Annandale.  It was a really good novella and I recommend it to any 40k fan, but Ork players especially.

I woke up late on Monday.  This much was to be expected.  I spent the little time I had remaining of the morning finally working on the breakdown of the costs and donations associated with the Carl Coin fundraiser.  Thanks again to all those who participated.  It was good fun, but It'll be a while before I do anything like that again... it's quite a bit of work!

I also made a meme to amuse myself...

So, just after noon I drove down to Grimfoe Games and worked on the Gargant with Mike. Grimfoe does a really nice Memorial Day cookout which was super awesome.  John is a beast behind the grill. Here's a shot of Dan photobombing a portion of the spread and another of AJ's wife's contribution...

We made a hell of a lot of progress on the Gargant, but I didn't get home until 11:00 at night.

Suffice to say, I only got through the movement phase of the new rulebook before passing out.

Today is chores day at the house, I have a LOT of posting to do on the Hobby Progress Challenge, and I should be receiving the second commission soon.

No biggie.  There'll be plenty of time for sleep when I'm dead!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Allying With Myself

Sung to the tune of "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol, but with an Ork accent.

On the worlds of Ultramar
Or in the ghoul stars way out far, far
With the Mega Armor and the Power Klaw's clamour
I'm allyin' with myself

When there's no one else in sight
And da kommandos' sneakin right
Well, dey gonna snik ya in your softy bitz
And I'm allyin' with myself

Oh ally wiv myself
Oh ally wiv myself
We ain't gonna lose and ain't got nothing to prove
And I'm allyin with myself, oh

And I know dat boyz don't like
To get krumped when wagons fight
I'd get my mega-boss to take all the hits
I'd just ally with myself

So let's take another Mek
Cause he's got the bitz to think
And stop my Manz from runnin away
Dat's why I'm be allyin' with myself, oh

Oh ally wiv myself
Oh ally wiv myself
We ain't gonna lose and ain't got nothing to prove
And I'm allyin with myself, oh oh oh oh

I know ya want a wagon
And maybe anovva wagon
So take a wagon 'n a wagon 'n a wagon 'n a wagon
And ally wiv yourself

Dakka jetz iz da best
More dakka iz da cry-y
So make all da dakka wash over da 'umies
When you ally wiv yourself

Oh ally wiv yourself
Oh ally wiv yourself
If you want big gunz an' also some wagons...
If you want a boss fer yer Lootaz or Boyz...
If your seven Deff Dreads need to dreg some 'eads...

Ally wiv yourself
Ally wiv yourself
Ally wiv yourself
Ally wiv yourself

We've played dis game every way it's played
And we've played every army there is
But nothing compares to the glorious joy
Of an ork allying with himself

So let's krump some panzie git
Or bonk 'eads wiv a beakie boss
'Cause ain't noffin' stoppin our WAAGH dis time
Cuz we allyin wiv ourselves

Oh ally wiv ourselves
Oh ally wiv ourselves
Bringin' Mad Doc, Old Zogwort, and Gazzy's a joke...
We've got Triple Warboss wiv Bikes spouting smoke...
And four mobs of boyz in wagonz iz rollin on blokes...

Ally wiv ourselves...
Ally wiv ourselves...
Ally wiv ourselves...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Loopy's Ork Wishlist

A lot of folks have compiled their Ork Codex Wishlists including Severus from over on the Twenty-First Legion blog.  I've had a long time to think about it myself and with the new fast-release schedule of the White Dwarf magazines, the rumors have been few and unbelievable, so we're very much in the dark about things.

I won't let that stop me from speculating or wishing for things which I believe will make the army more fun to play.

Update:  Ork Boarding Torpedoes

This would basically be a vehicle for which there won't be a model.  It's a 35 point upgrade to an Ork unit and has a transport capacity of 20 boyz.  You take a large blast template and put it over a unit and resolve it as a Str 6 AP - barrage.  Then, when you're done, deal Str 6 AP- hits to the Ork unit inside the Boarding Torpedo equal to the number of Orks inside.  The surviving Orks are placed in close combat with any units which were hit by the blast.


An army is defined as much by its strengths as its weaknesses.  One of the weaknesses of Orks is their leadership.  They are only strong of heart when backed up by a mob of Boyz.  The army should certainly still be shaky when reduced to smaller numbers.  However, I also feel as if the Warbosses and Nobz don't have enough of an effect on Mob Rule as they ought to.  I'd love for a squad's Mob Rule to be equal to total wounds in the unit instead of models.  I think this would allow a squad of Boyz to hang on in assault that one more turn we often find ourselves in need of.

Mekboyz Similar to Crypteks

I'd love to be able to take squads of Mekboyz in groups of 5 and distribute them as Sergeants throughout my army.  This would lead to many great fluff and tactical possibilities.  If you add to this the ability for the Mekboy to take a Bosspole, you now have a Character who can wield a power weapon/flamer and grant re-rolls on Morale checks as well as repair vehicles.  This, of course, comes at the cost of strength and wounds in close combat.

Random By Choice and With Value

The 4th Edition Ork Codex does have a lot of randomness in a lot of the units.  The cool thing is that you can play a perfectly reasonable and reliable Ork army without so much as touching a lot of the crazy stuff.  Having said that, a lot of folks, myself included, go ahead and dabble in the stuff anyways because it's rad.  I'd love for this tradition to continue as long as the crazy random units have a points value to reflect their odd nature.  Much of the time, it's important to assign a points value for a unit based on the worst case scenario for your opponent.  Unfortunately, when the result of a random roll is very binary, the risk begins to outweigh the reward.  Instead, each result should portray a give and take between each other.  For example, with the Shokk Attack Gun, it would be more appropriate, in my opinion, if the "2" and "12" results were combined into one effect; the gun sucks all the nearby Orks into the Warp and spits them out inside the targeted enemy, destroying everyone.


I really am not sure what to say here.  I think Boyz are fine as they are.  We don't want them to be too good or else they'll go up in points and I'm not sure they're worth less than 6 points.  Right now, in a 6th Edition environment, I'd go with 5 points per boy, but charge 1 point for the shoota upgrade and 3 points for 'eavy armor on any squad.

I'd love to see Battlewagons as Dedicated Transports expanded to include Boyz.  This would allow an Ork player to run the awesome-sauce Konvoy list they've always wanted... without taking Nobz!  It would also free up our much-needed heavy slots for Big Gunz or whatever else we may want.  I'd also settle for an update to the Looted Wagon; then we can just take that instead.

Updated Looted Wagon

Oh yeah.  Without a doubt one of the biggest wants of a lot of Ork players is an update to the Looted Wagon.  I have an old Ork Codex which talks about taking any other tank from certain Codices, Orkifying it, and running it in your list.  That sounds really rad and really Orky.  There would certainly have to be some very strict guidelines on something like this, but it would mean that Games Workshop could really save themselves a lot of grief and just tell Ork players to buy vehicles from other armies to fill their Heavy slots.  Basically, just strip out all the equipment except the weapons, set the Ballistic Skill to 2, and allow the addition of Ork vehicle upgrades and you're really cooking with fire.

General Points Adjustment or even Odd Points

Of course, an across-the-board adjustment is required for many of the other Ork units, particularly anything with a Nob stat line except Meganobz.  This would never happen, but I love the idea of doing odd points for Orks instead of divisors of 5.  That would be very Orky and also help balance some things a bit closer while allowing for  a bunch of fun, little upgrades.

More Grots and Squigs

Because reasons.


The most difficult thing (for me anyways) with the Ork codex right now are challenges.  An Ork unit really relies on the Nob to do a lot of the work in an Ork unit and with challenges, it's almost impossible to bring a Power Klaw to bear on anything these days.  Even when you have an HQ and a Nob in the unit and you deny the challenge, often times, your opponent can crush the remaining Character with precision shots.  I would love for Mob Rule to allow for any model to accept a challenge.  This seems quite the pipe dream, though.

In closing

As much as I do love rumors, I am quite liking the fact that I'll be surprised up until a few weeks before the release.  Though I'm not really sure what to expect.  Obviously, some metal kits will become plastic and others will simply disappear.  We may lose a few superfluous entries in the codex, but at the end of the day, I think we'll still have a reliable and mobile Codex which can both shoot and assault with great numbers and win through attrition and board domination.

Oh! And don't forget to tune in to Episode 3 of Masters of the Forge!  I'm having great fun working with Snorre and Kamil on this podcast and I think we're really putting out some good stuff.

Albany Exterminatus 2014

One of my FLGS are running a big Apocalypse event at the end of the month.  It's a 2-day event, but could be doable for some of you in the region.  The event does have a cost associated, but there will also be a comparable amount of prize support.  It should be a great time, but please call ahead.

The Facebook Page Event

Our club's Facebook Page:

The flyer:

Grimfoe Games is pleased to announce Albany Exterminatus, a massive 40k Apocalypse game. A Game of Carnage and Destruction.


May 31st, continuing on June 1st


Grimfoe Games
598 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush, NY 12061



What you Need

  • Each player will choose between fighting for the imperium or the xeno faction, armies for these are listed below, you can bring any number of allies from your sides ally chart.
  • Each player is required to bring at least 2k worth of their primary force.
  • All models must be 3 colors and based.
  • What you see is what you get is in effect, with the sheer number of models and time restraint it’s becomes unmanageable without representation. (Custom super heavies’ exceptions listed below)
  • Printed army list or two for quick reference. Full disclosure for all armies lists.
  • Datasheets for all units in your force are needed. (List of acceptable content found below)
  • This is Apocalypse bring plenty of dice and due to time be prepared to roll a lot of dice at once.
  • Please try to bring your own Templates/Counters

Army Composition

  • All of the most current codicies for each army are allowed, including Forgeworld, GW core and supplement books, and datasheets.  In addition, please reach out to the below organizers with custom or unmentioned datasheets. We will review all datasheets and army lists prior to event.
  • Primary force must be the largest of the forces you bring to the event.
  • No FOC, so go crazy!
  • Super heavies can be purchased or constructed. Constructed super heavies should do their best to represent each weapon system they have on their model to the best of their ability


The Imperium

  • Space Marines - All Chapters
  • Astra Militarum - All AM supplements (IG supplement allowed)
  • Adepta Soroitas
  • Imperal Knights


  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Necrons
  • Tyranids
  • Orks
  • Dark Eldar
  • Chaos Demons

To be determined once attendance and signup is complete to help balance sides

  • Tau
  • Eldar

The Game

  • The game will be a 5 round match, with set 45 min per side per turn (hour and half total turn)
  • The game will not use the strategems found in the 40k apocalypse book. However formations and given strategems from formations allowed.
  • Scheduled “breaks” after turn 2 and turn 4.
  • Winning side determined by Points.
  • Objectives will be placed on each board in addition these are worth 1 pt.
    • Super heavies are worth 1 pt
    • Gigantic heavies are worth 2-3 pts (determined prior to game)
  • Tables will be point based and not player based (i.e. 10k pts on one side, so some players may take up a board or two to fill up)
  • Unlimited Range weapons have a set distance of 10 feet.
  • You may help move your team’s models, but only the owner of the model can roll dice for that model (this includes movement dice for difficult terrain).
  • First turn is decided by set up time. This work by each team discussing a time frame from 5mins – 30 mins to set up all models they will start the game with. The team with the lower number will go first but be subject to the time they gave.
  • All super heavies must be deployed on first turn and cannot be held in reserves unless legitimately was unable to deploy due to time restrains (see above) (flyer exceptions)
  • Units not fully deployed are removed and placed in reserves at start time.


Apocalypse is less about which side wins and more about the destruction that occurs, prizes will focus on best super heavy, best painted army.


12:00 -1:00 Sign in/table assignment
1:00 - 2:00 Setup
2:00 - 3:30 Turn 1
3:30 - 5:00 Turn 2
5:00 - 6:00 Break 1
6:00 - 7:30 Turn 3
7:30 - 9:00 Turn 4

12:00 - 1:30 Turn 4
1:30 - 2:00 Break 2
2:00-3:30 Turn 5
3:30 - 5:00 Points/cleanup/prizes

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gene's Basement - Pick-Up Game List Development

It's been an aufully long time since I've posted  a battle report here since a lot of my recent reports have been of campaign games and they're posted over at the Campaign Blog.  It was great to have a proper game with Gene after a long hiatus.

WAAGH! Drillteef brought Mad Doc, Warboss Grimblitz (mega-armored warboss with bosspole and attack squig), 11 boyz (trukk, red, ram, power klaw, bosspole), battlewagon (red, ram, big shoota) with 20 shoota boyz inside (nob, power klaw, bosspole, 2 big shootas), Warkopta (skorcha, rattler kannon), 10 boyz (nob, rokkit launcha, power klaw, bosspole), 6 tankbustas, battlewagon (ram, big shoota) with 13 Lootaz, 3 Zzapgun artillery (3 ammo runts, 9 grots and a runtherd), Dakkajet (extra supa shoota, flyboss), 7 Stormboyz (Shazzo Blitzklawz), 15 Gretchin, Bastion with Comms Relay.

The Eldar brought The Avatar, a Wraithknight, 2 squads of Guardians, 1 squad of Dark Reapers, 3 Guardian Jetbikes, a Fire Prism, and 3 Wave Serpents.

Game:  Emperor's Will
Deployment:  Vanguard Strike
Night Fight:  No
Ork Warlord Trait:  Re-roll reserves (LOL)
Eldar Warlord Trait:  Outflank

We were fighting in a small, dilapidated village.

The Ors begin with their Battlewagons and Trukk in pouncing position.  The Tankbustas jump into the Warkopta.

The Eldar set up in a defensive position.

I choose to go first and get as much distance in as possible.

Mad Doc's Trukk takes heavy fire.

The flyers zoom in and do very little.  Shazzo Blitzklawz and his team mishap back into reserve.

The Tankbustas make an attempt at the Wraithknight, as is their job, but the Wraithknight is making saves like a demon!

Mad Doc Tries to charge into the distant Wave Serpent after an abysmal Move Through Cover.

And Fails.

Some disguised Wraith Guard (the real models fell of their bases) are killed by the burning wreckage of the Dakkajet, but they still make quick work of Mad Doc's unit.

The Warkopta wrecks the Wraith Guard while the Tankbustas inside put a hurt on the Wave Serpent that had it's butt poking out of the ruins.

RARGH!  The Boyz try their best to wrap the Wave Serpent on our left flank, but they are blocked by a building and the board edge.

Shazzo Blitzklawz and his Boyz assault the dangerous Fire Prism.

The Lootaz and Warboss Grimblitz are stuck in combat with the WraithKnight.  Thank goodness it's not a Character! 

Uh Oh.

The Fire Prism is destroyed! WAAGH!

Half of the Guardians can't dismbark.  Not bad!

The fight continues!

The Tankbustas take out the remaining Wave Serpent and face down the Dark Reapers while the Shoota Boyz start making their way for the enemy's Objective.

Somehow, what remains of Blitzklawz' squad wipes out the last squad of guardians after their shooting completely fails to wound and their overwatch fails to do a thing.  After this bit of extremely good luck, they hide.

The Avatar has, at this point, destroyed the Bastion and all the Grots inside while taking a couple of wounds from the Zzapguns.  The ten boyz who've been in a holding position in a nearby ruin decide to give it a shot.  They do have a power klaw, after all.  They are, unfortunately, unsuccessful and are swept to death!

Again, in another frustrating turn of events, the Jetbikes finally roll on and also fail to hurt Shazzo Blitzklawz' squad.  

The Tankbustas clean up the remaining Wraith Guard. 

Boss Grimblitz finally carves the last wounds into the Wraithknight.

The Dark Reapers focus their fire on their Ork contemporaries.

And wipe them off the table, Ork pieces splattering everywhere.

The Avatar decides that enough is enough regarding the Zzapguns.

He annihilates them, but Grimblitz and his Krew are rounding the corner!

On Turn 5, the Eldar would have victory, but the game continued to turn 6 and the Boyz get out to claim the enemy objective.

Blitzklawz decides his luck is on a roll so he may as well assault into the Dark Reapers.  The Stormboyz take no wounds and they annihilate all but the exarch.

In the subsequent turn, the Exarch kills the remaining Boy, but Blitzklawz' Choppa makes Elf Meat out of the Exarch.  Blitzklawz decides to sit the rest of the fight out.  He's freaking tired.

Grimblitz is aching for a fight with a monster and they fight for a full round, first taking each other down to a single wound in an epic battle where their modest 5++ invulnerable saves protect them from certain death.  In the end, Grimblitz is somehow victorious.  He's as surprised as I am.

The remaining Guardians were in position to make a last-ditch attempt at assaulting into scoring position, but it was too late.  The game ended on turn 7.
I was glad to have had a game with Gene again.  It was really fun to play this mixed list with some of my favorite stuff in it, though I think I could have chosen something cooler than the Bastion to use, though, so I'll try to think of something else for this fun pick-up game list.