Monday, May 28, 2018

New Blood for Da Krumpin Squad

Warboss Thudguts pledged himself and his warband, Da Krumpin Squad, to Drillteef after the Painboss brought him back from the brink of death on the killing fields of Torgazond. Although the Warboss came out of the operation with a belly full of kustom organs, he could still fight and lead his Boyz to victory.

Da Krumpin Squad served at Drillteef's pleasure for years. The crew was always known as the "Goff-iest" of all the warbands in the WAAGH! They were known for collecting the most esoteric (and functionally overcomplicated) close combat weaponry based solely on the shape of the dent it would leave in an adversary's skull.

Recent years have been trying for WAAGH! Drillteef, but Thudguts has remained loyal to the cause throughout. Such was his loyalty that Thudguts, with the assistance of his closest adviser, Weird Zagwarp, who helped Drillteef wrest control of his WAAGH! back from Boss Krakbone despite the Painboss's recent failures. This is fortunate since Da Krumpin Squad's method of warfare has become more and more necessary since the galaxy has become even more unforgiving and brutal.

Da Krumpin Squad has never been the biggest or most influential warband to march under Drillteef's banner, but the Boyz who follow Big Boss Thudguts are always willing to take the vanguard and crack some heads in the warlord's name.