Sunday, April 16, 2017

Forge World Gomesama - Maniple Rho Pollonium Skitarii Fusiliers

The factory world of Gomesama is undergoing a great deal of growing pains. The Mechanicus has expressed a keen interest in taking over operations on the planet and the local government has done all they can to appeal to Sector Command on Yanchi to halt their takeover.

In the mean-time, the Star Eagles Space Marines have done all they can to squash rebellion on the world. Several governors have been censured and a shaky compromise is in place. For the time being, the planet's four major continents have been split between the two factions with the ocean rights split right down the middle.

Magos Dominus Tokud Kheberas has ramped up production on Gomesama to twice their levels before their occupation began and the world has slowly grown in importance. For this reason, it was only logical to begin establishing a militia to protect one of the sector's most vital worlds. The Skitarii Fusileers of Gomesama represent the fledgling military of the growing Mechanicus presence in the sector.

Alpha Secundus Polonium-27 is equipped for close-quarters fighting. She is currently deployed on Xorn IV with her small kill team in defense of Mechanicus interests on that world.

Fresh-Forged Polonium-93 was once a manufactorum director and governor on Gomesama. When he was found to be guilty of several grievous (and likely purposeful) clerical errors, he was sentenced to a life of servitude as a Skitarii Ranger. 

Polonium-82 and Polonium-77 line up shots while Polonium-64 sends a message to the Alpha Secundus.

Weapons specialist Polonium-37 lines up a shot with his baroque Transuranic Arquebus. He is flanked by Polonium-29 and Polonium-33 in case any enemy dares to draw near.

Tactical Specialist Polonium-29 signals to the Alpha Secundus that an enemy is near.

Alpha Secundus Polonium-22 has not yet been deployed to Xorn IV, but he is en route along with additional support teams and will hopefully make it in time, by the grace of the Omnissiah.

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