Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More Spawn of Bel'Ork'Kor Emerge From Pure WAAAGH! Energy!

"While it may be true that Orks are physiologically or psychically invulnerable to the corrupting presence of warp spawn, what evidence do we have that Daemon-kind is immune to the influence of the Orks' collective impression upon the Warp, which we know to be quite formidable indeed?"

- Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Borys Dunkast two weeks before his fateful voyage into the Eye of Terror

Bel'Ork'Kor is Warboss Tuska's chief Weirdboy and largely responsible for the WAAGH!'s eventual domination over the Blood Prince's hordes.

Through pure psychic domination, the psyches of Tuska's Orks had grown strong doing battle over time incalculable upon the world of flesh in the Eye of Terror. Bel'Ork'Kor, through typical Ork trial and error, devised a way to fuse the psyche of an Ork with the semi-real manifestation of a Bloodletter much the same way Demons usually inhabit other species.

Bel'Ork'Kor's experimentation came to a head during the WAAGH!'s last battle upon their world of flesh. During a particularly impressive duel between Tuska and the Blood Prince, the Weirdboy stepped forward as the Greater Daemon was about to, once again, land the killing blow. In a flash of green energy, both powerful beings were fused as one powerful force of rage and cunning. A scream escaped the Blood Prince's psyche, reverberating eddies of pain and hate throughout the empyrian. Tuska tamped the creature down, deep down, where it would forever more exist as little more than a whisper.

On that day, the WAAGH! took to their fleet, which was still orbiting the flesh world, seemingly untouched even after those many years, set forth into the universe once more.  Their first conquest was a neighboring system dominated by the forces of Tzeentch. The red tide of Bloodletter-fused Orks overwhelmed and decimated the Daemons of that world, though not before Bel'Ork'Kor, some of his Madboyz, and a horde Grot worshippers had dominated the chaotic psyches of some of that world's denizens as well.

~ * ~

I have added some "Blue Horrors" and "Brimstone Horrors" to my Codex: Chaos Daemons allies. The Blue-Robed Weird Grots are made from Night Goblins and the Mad Runts are made from some old Warhammer Fantasy runts which are just adorable. I'm hoping that most of my opponents will agree that I should just use powers from the Ork psychic powers list for this army. I think that makes the most sense.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

18 more Blood Boyz! RARGH!

I now have a total of 38 Blood Boyz. I did play a narrative game with a friend this week and used four units of Bloodletters. I really really liked it, actually. Looking forward to doing it more.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Anuvva Skull Kannon!

WAAGH! for the WAAAGH! God!

I've started another run of DOrks for my WAAGH! Tuska army. The first shot out of the barrel is my second Skull Kannon, this one on chicken legs!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Loopy Paints Unto Others - Nurgle Knight

I built and painted this model for a buddy who generously gifted me with a ton of Noize Muhreenz. It was a great deal of fun!